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How to Email Photos to a Computer

Emailing photos to a computer is a quick and easy method of sharing photos with friends or of delivering them to your other computers. Perhaps you downloaded something from the Internet, or you have some new photos that you transferred from your digital camera. Emailing your photos to a computer is

How to Make Category 5E Cables

Ethernet Category 5 cable (also known as Category 5E) connects to each computer and terminal via its RJ-45 jack. Purchasing these cables contributes to a significant cost in network development and administration. Each cable can cost upwards of $1 per foot of cable if bought at a big-box store lik

How to Connect a VNC Viewer to a No Default Port

There is a practice for securing machines called security through obscurity that involves masking a service or system by putting it in a place other than the default or obvious one. Security researchers have claimed this an ineffective practice time and again, but many people still choose to run the

Define Color Scheme

A color scheme is a planned combination of colors. This color combination can be used in any kind of design or art, including interior design and web design. On the web, color schemes are used to design websites for increased usability as well as for user entertainment. Wherever they are applied, co

How Do I Change My Proxy?

Proxy settings tell your Internet browser the IP address of a proxy server, which is the go-between server placed between a browser and the World Wide Web. You may need to change your proxy in order to get around a particular firewall or security feature, or to mask your location. Another reason may

How to Implement SSL for WebLogic

WebLogic is a Java platform developed and distributed by Oracle. The software runs on your web server, so you can provide Java applications for Web visitors and other Web-based applications. You can add Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) to the server to provide encryption. Encryption protects your users'

The Legality of Spy Equipment

Obviously, a great deal of spy equipment is legal. It is used by private investigators and bounty hunters. Additionally, our federal government uses spy equipment, as do local law enforcement entities. So, with many people ...