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How do I Fix a 42 Inch JVC LCD Screen?

LCD televisions are prone to being scratched due to the lack of durability of the LCD's surface. You can fix a scratch on a 42-inch JVC LCD screen by diffusing, or "filling in" the scratch (as it might be more commonly called). This renders the scratch invisible to the naked eye. A few household sup

How to Monitor a Server's CPU Usage

Monitoring the usage of a server's Central Processing Unit (CPU) means programming a monitoring tool to log data such as cycles per second, percentage used and load. It is important for an I.T. administrator to monitor a server's CPU effectively, as failure to do so can mean system overload, and eve

The Pros and Cons of the Dell 1700 Printer

At around $200, the Dell 1700 printer is an affordable choice. It is a good device for a small business or home office. It is a plug and play device, which means you do not need a computer technician to set it up. The 15,000 monthly print limit is just enough for a small office. The print quality is

How to Fix a Pop-Up Virus

Viruses are malicious programs that can embark on a wave of destruction and install other malicious software into your system. One result of this is pop-up advertisements. There are several free programs that can free your computer of the unwanted pop-ups.

What Is 32Bit Vs. 64Bit?

Windows computer systems can run on either 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems. A 64-bit system can process a larger volume of RAM, or Random Access Memory, than a 32-bit system.

How to Make Text Wrap in HTML

Wrapping text around images on your webpages makes them stand out more and saves space on your page. You may wrap text around your images by using the "align" attribute for "img" tags in HTML. This attribute defines the vertical and horizontal alignment of the images on your pages and all major brow

Ways to Dry Out Your Phone if It Has Water Damage

One of the biggest problems cellphones suffer from is water damage, caused by dropping the phone in a puddle or swimming pool, or getting soaked in the rain, for example. If you act quickly, there is a good chance you can save your cellphone from permanent damage with the help of some ordinary uncoo

Java Games for the W660i

The Sony Ericsson W660i is a Walkman phone that you can use to load your favorite music. In addition to storing and playing music, the W660i allows you to download and play Java games. Java games are available for download online either for free or for a price of $5.99 and up (as of October 2009), d

How To Maximize Your Website-Exposure With Keywords

How to Maximize Your Website-Exposure With Keywords []…-with-keywords/ How To Maximize Your Website-Exposure with keywords is an essential skill to master. This skill will determine the success of everything you do onlin

Local Phone Companies Alternatives

If you're not happy with your local phone company, there are alternative options. Some people use their cable television providers or satellite TV companies as their phone company. And there are Internet phone companies that offer "Voice Over Internet Phones" for a fraction of what local telephone s

Offshore Web Development - 3 Obstacles and 3 Remedies

I've been looking into on the matter of offshore improvement to uncover out why numerous folks are skeptical about this product? Even just after substantial charge keeping why particular tiny and medium dimensions businesses usually ...

How to Make Videos With Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CS3 introduced the video creation and editing feature to the program. It is able to create simple videos from scratch, or adjust and edit complex pre-existing videos. This is done by using the animation panel, which contains a timeline of frames. To create motion, each frame must be

How to Compare USB Headsets

A USB headset is a type of headphone with an attached microphone that plugs into the USB port on a computer or gaming console. Headsets come in handy with voice messaging applications, voice transcription software or interactive gaming. USB headsets have a higher quality than headsets that plug into

How to Disable Add-ons for Outlook 2007

An add-in, also called an add-on, is an additional feature installed on an application to help customize functionality and commands. For the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 program, you can download several types of compatible add-ins from the Microsoft Downloads website, such as custom task panes. Af

How to Set Up Two Computers on a Router With Dialup

A dial-up router allows you to share your dial-up connection between two different computers. Granted, the connection will be slower than usual, but this setup can save you money, as you will only use a single connection. Please note that you will need a dial-up router for this task. A dial-up route

How to Synchronize a Palm with Outlook and Exchange

Palm organizers and phones are designed for you to carry important data with you. Outlook messages are a significant part of the information that many users require when going about their daily business. It is possible to synchronize both a PDA and phone Palm device with your email. When connecting

How to Add a New Template to Word Mac 2008

Adding new templates to Microsoft Word gives you great customization options and will save a lot of time when accessing documents you frequently use. Microsoft hides the templates directory for Mac Word 2008 deep in your system files directory.