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How to Save on AT&T Prepaid Phone Minutes

AT&T wireless provides prepaid cell phone services and pay-as-you-go plans. Acquiring these services doesn't require any contracts, credit checks or deposits. These types of plans are perfect for those with credit problems, individuals who don't like to be tied down to a contract and those who are f

What Is the ISO Model?

The International Standards Organization (ISO) created a model for Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) is 1978 that consists of seven layers of internet functions. A layer provides services to the layer above it and receives services from the layer below.

How to Troubleshoot XD Picture Cards

The xD, or Extreme Digital Picture Card, is a flash memory card that is similar in size to SD cards. Fujifilm and Olympus cameras used xD picture cards exclusively but have recently included microSD card slots on some models. An xD picture card may feature up to 8GB of memory. You may connect the ca

How to Receive a Fax Using Microsoft Outlook 2000 WinFax

Microsoft Outlook 2000 is an older email client included with Microsoft Office. The software works in conjunction with Symantec's WinFax Pro. The WinFax Pro software receives and sends faxes on machines connected to a phone line. The WinFax Pro agent receives and reads the incoming fax and redirects

Top Ten ERP Software In The Market

Organizations are implementing ERP systems in order to realize the benefits and making their business more profitable. Know the top ten ERP software available in the market.

Viber on BlackBerry

Viber on BlackBerry - Downloading, installing and setting up viber on BlackBerry devices

How to Bypass the Privacy Lock on Sidekick 2

The T-Mobile Sidekick II is a cell phone that includes a large color screen that flips up to reveal the keyboard. In addition to the Sidekick II's many features, the Sidekick II includes a privacy lock, ensuring no one can access your private data, including contact informati

How to Add a Shadow in GIMP

Shadows can give your graphics depth with an illusion of three dimensions. In the free, open-source GIMP program, these shadows may be applied to individual objects, text or selection marquees. The former two options give depth to the object or text, whereas the latter option drops a shadow around a

The Blackberry Torch 9810 And 9860 Compared

Blackberry smartphones have long been a popular choice. Two new handsets in its ever expanding range are the Torch 9810 and Torch 9860. Both of these are upgraded versions of the popular 9800 Torch which was released in 2010.

How to Connect Printers Across a Gateway

A gateway is a networking device that will allow you to expand your existing network by adding new computers and devices. Connecting and sharing printers across a network gateway will allow all of your computers to print to a single location, freeing up time and space within your home computing envi

How a Flash Drive Works

Flash BasicsDVDs, hard drives, floppy disks and nearly all other modern digital storage devices store data on spinning platters and read that data back off the platters as they spin. Flash memory is different: A flash drive has no moving parts at all. This makes it rugged, low-power,...

How to Find People Near You on Facebook

Finding friends in a new city can be tough. But with a little help from online social networking, you can begin to form a new posse. Making friends with strangers on Facebook can be tough, as some Facebook users are resistant to sharing their info with people they don't know. Others are open to meet

What Are ERP and CRM? Do You Need Them?

Whatever your business, whether you serve a regional community or clients nationwide, you likely require a secure and efficient computer platform for daily operations. Inventory, payroll, and communication concerns are usually stored on databases for easy access, and while with smaller companies the

Best Ways to Clean Your PC's Registry

So many people have been complaining about the fact that there system gets very slow, because of this so many have been discouraged and so they have decided to get new PCs. If you fall under that category then there is no need for you to be worried because you are not even the only one in that kind