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The Dog is Car Sick

Cars are now an integral part of our lives and as such will also become a necessary part of your dog's routine. Many dogs develop a fear of car travel and become sick during the journey.

How to Shave Your Labrador

A Labrador is a medium-sized dog with double coats of short hair and is a medium but constant shedder. You can shave your Labrador during the shedding phase to minimize the amount of dog hair in your home. The amount of shedding depends on the color of your dog. Yellow Labs shed throughout the year

How to Plant a Tree in Honor of a Deceased Pet

Whenever we lose something we hold dear, whether it's a person or beloved pet, we want to cherish the memories we had. For many, a pet is a friend, as well as a companion to share our lives. In dealing with our feelings of sadness, we can do something positive that will keep them in our memories. On

Protect Your Pets - Prepare a Pet Trust

Most people consider dogs, all pets for that matter, as more than friends. They are members of the family. As such, pets deserve the same concern and planning for their future as other family members. This article emphasizes the need to make concrete plans for your pet when you are no longer able to

Dog Hair Brushing: Is It Essential?

The relationship shared between humans and canines goes long back in history when canines used to be a part of their family not only for protection but also for hunting purposes. Canines had always been an integral part of the lives of the cave men.

Buying a Dog Life Jacket - What Features to Look For

Most dogs just love a trip to the beach, a walk by a lake or simply swimming in any water! These days, smart dog owners, who know the danger that water can present to dogs as well as humans, are making sure their dogs are protected by wearing dog life jackets for safe, fun play near and in the water

New Puppy Guide

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time for your household. Being attentive to a few important items will help make this transition a success for both puppy and you.

Side Effects of Clavamox for a Canine

Giving your dog food prior to his antibiotic may keep his stomach from becoming irritated.cute puppy image by Craig Stevens from Fotolia.comClavamox is a broad spectrum canine antibiotic and, like many other medicines, has side effects. According to Dr. Mark Papich, DVM and consultant at...

How to Get Rid of Whipworms in a Dog

Whipworms are parasitic worms that affect a dog’s intestines. These worms are not transmitted through skin or from a mother to her pups. The eggs of the worm have to be eaten in order to be contracted. Once swallowed, the egg will hatch, the worms will attach to the intestinal wall, begin to f

Top 20 Famous Quotes about Dogs

There have been many occasions throughout the course of time that a famous saying has come as the direct result of a dog's behavior.It's quite amazing the influence that dogs have had over even our English language.

Which Dog Makes a Good Pet?

If you were going to keep a pet dog for the first time, you would be wondering as to what breed of dog you should get. This is especially when you do not have any experience at all in the habits, upkeep or training of the dogs.

Natural Pet Remedies for Fever

If your pet has a fever, it means that its body's immune system is working hard to fight off an ailmen. If you prefer to stick to natural medicines, there are herbal options for treating your pet's fever. If your dog has no other worrisome symptoms, homeopathic remedies are often safer...

About Bulldog Pictures

There are many reasons why people want Bulldog pictures but no matter the reason behind it, there is one thing that almost all owners have in common, and that is that they want high quality and professional looking prints without having to spend too much money. While some people do not mind paying s

Kangaroo Dog Information

Australia is well known for boomerangs and kangaroos but not as well known for dog breeds. Australia's first contribution to the dog world, according to the Australian Kangaroo Dog and Staghound website, is the kangaroo dog. Also known as the staghound, Australian greyhound, and kangaroo hound, the

How to Train My Dog to Go to the Bathroom in One Area

Training your dog to use one specific area to eliminate waste can be useful for several reasons. You may want to keep your lawn free of urine-soaked brown spots, make outdoor cleanup quicker and simpler, or just create a safer, healthier play area for your kids. Patience, planning and consistency ar

Puppy Training - Chewing - The Key to Stopping It

Puppy Chewing is one of the problems that new puppy owners have. With all puppy training it will take time to train your puppy to stop chewing but it you follow a few easy rules we will stop this puppy chewing problem.

How to Remove Ticks From Cotton With Soap

Ticks, parasites common to grassy areas of North America, attach themselves directly to skin or clothing and can carry Lyme disease; they should be removed immediately. Thoroughly check your body and clothing for ticks after hiking, biking, gardening or camping. If ticks are found attached to clothi

Beagle Training - Clicker Training 101

Would you like to accelerate your beagle's obedience training, teach your beagle tricks faster or change some of your beagle's behaviors more efficiently? Then read on about clicker training.