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Natural Bladder Control Products for Dogs

If you notice your adult, housebroken dog has suddenly started urinating in the house, it is cause for alarm. Take him to a vet to rule out other diseases, bladder infections and kidney stones. Loss of bladder control can be a normal process of aging, but there are natural options to help your dog.

5 Harmful Foods You Should NOT Feed Your Dog

In this guide on caring for your dog, you will learn about 5 harmful foods you should not feed your pet. It is important that you understand that nutrition is one of the main ingredients when it comes to longevity and health in your dog. If your pet receives the proper nutrition, you will find that

Picking the Perfect Puppy Lead

Puppy leads can be difficult to pick since they are not trained as well as an older dog. They will most likely pull much more since puppies are excited to explore the outdoors. When looking at different styles of leads, you may want to refrain from using a "choker" or slip type lead.

Need To Know Bull Dog English Health Problem

The English bulldog is a small dog with broad shoulders and a stocky built. Their little legs are strong and muscular while short. The smooth coat needs brushing and kept clean as the bull dog English health problem results from an unkempt dog.

How to Stop a Colt From Biting

A young colt is like a young boy--full of life and mischief. A colt may love you, literally, to pieces. This article will give you some tips on how to stop a colt from biting.

How to Feed Your Dog Without Using Commercial Dog Food

There are many reasons why you might not want to give your pup his usual dry or canned food. Maybe you've run out of dog food and can't get more until payday. Or maybe you want to make your own dog food to ensure your dog gets the best nutrition, or to control allergies. Whatever your motivation, an

Dog Training at Home - An Affordable Option

Dog training at home is a good option for many people. All dogs should learn some basic obedience commands. Basic obedience can be as simple as teaching your dog some good manners. However, not everyone has the time or the money to invest in training courses offered by trainers at training centers,

How to Train Your Dog Not to Growl

There are many reasons your dog may be showing aggressive behavior, such as growling. Dogs often use growling as a way of asserting their dominance, similar to how a mother dog will growl to correct a pup. Dogs also growl out of fear. If they are unsure of a new situation, growling is their way of w

Effective Training Technique for Dogs

Training your dog could be a real challenge if you do not know the right training technique for dogs. Dogs are naturally intelligent but still they need human guidance to teach them the right behavior. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to teach your dog with the right behavior. Here are some

How to exercise your Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are medium-sized, highly intelligent dogs. They're bred to possess great agility, speed and endurance. This breed loves to work closely with their handler and can go, go, go all day long. Unlike some breeds of herding dogs, the Aussie has an "off switch" and can settle down at

House Train a Shih Tzu Puppy

Shih Tzu puppies are cute fluff balls that can provide you with companionship in your home, should you be in the market for a small dog breed. These loyal canines are adorable as puppies, but have their flaws, such as not being housebroken. While housebreaking a Shih Tzu puppy does take patience, wi

Christmas Gifts For Dogs? The Interactive Dog Toys Will Be Perfect

Christmas season has started to wave its magical hands over the world making the whole world look more beautiful. Well this reminds me of the beautiful Christmas song "Christmas, Christmas time is near, Time for toys and time for cheer, We've been good, but we can't last, Hurry Christ

Know the Different Types of Dog Training Collars

A dog training collar is a type of dog collar that's put around the dog's neck for obedience and behavior formation purposes. There are basically two types of dog collar, the basic collar and the training collar. Basic collars are usually intended to contain the dog's identification t

The 9 Best Foods For Golden Retrievers

Finding the best food for golden retrievers is something that you must do to ensure the health and well-being of your dog. With so many dog foods currently available on the market, it is difficult to know which is best for your golden retriever.

How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy

German shepherds are intelligent and hardworking dogs. They require exercise and a job to do. Bored or untrained German shepherds can be destructive to themselves and their environments. If you want a happy, well-behaved German shepherd, it is important to start training from the moment you bring yo

Maximizing the Use of Food When Training Your Dog

How many people do you know have to offer a treat (bribe) to their dog to get it to listen? Or maybe you know somebody that has a dog that doesn't listen at all, even when treats are offered? I've seen plenty and maybe you can relate. The good news is that there is a solution and it is rat