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Demodicosis in Dog

Demodicosis is a disease of dogs caused by cigar shaped parasite Demodex canis. This mite, a normal inhabitant of canine skin, is found in larger than normal numbers in diseased dogs. Get to know the causes and symptoms of demodicosis will help a dog owner to prevent the occurrence and seek a vet op

How to Make Cheap and Healthy Dog Food

Much of the dog food you find on pet store shelves is packed with corn meal and animal by-products. Healthier foods that are based primarily on meats and grains are more expensive per pound and often more difficult to locate. If you want to save a few dollars on food but you also want to make sure t

Dog Training Made Simple - Leash Walking Your Dog

You're all ready to go on your daily walk with Fido... sort of.OK, actually, you're dreading the ordeal.You know he needs to exercise, but every day it's the same thing: You put on his leash, you open the door, and he's off like a shot.Are you tired of having your dog drag you ar

4 Things Parents Need to Teach Their Kids About Dogs

For kids and dogs to live harmoniously under one roof, there are certain things that parents have to instill in their children's minds to avoid children from hurting pets unintentionally and vice versa. Training the child about dog safety is also a good way to keep the child safe from strange d

Alternative to Steroids for Allergies in Dogs

Any dog can develop allergies at some point, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Some canines are more prone to allergies including terriers, setters, retrievers, and flat-faced breeds. Many allergies are caused by flea dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, f

What Can I Feed Newborn Puppies if Their Mother Will Not Feed Them?

Every once in a while, the mother of a new litter of puppies may be physically unable to care for her new pups. Whether her milk is unsuitable or she's not producing enough due to age, this lost source of nutrients significantly impacts the puppies' development. To avoid stunting the puppies' growth

Carolina Dog - Rare Dog Breed

Ever wonder if there were any dog breeds that came from America? Here is some information on a breed discovered fairly recently in the US Southeast.

How to Evaluate Your Doghouse Needs

Excited about your doghouse dream? Before you put your architectural genius to use, consider whether your dog should even have a doghouse. Smaller and short-haired breeds may do very poorly - even die - if forced to live outdoors in a cold climate. Here are some other things to think about.

What Do You Mean When You Say Your Dog's Name?

Like humans, a dog's name has meaning and understanding what you mean when you say your dog's name is something that not all dog owners comprehend. Knowing how and what to say will help develop a long and happy friendship for your dog and whole family.

Tips To Help Pick the Perfect Dog Trainer

Many dog owners don't have the patience, time or energy to devote to properly training their dog or new puppy. For some, the best solution is to outsource the effort to a professional dog trainer.

How to Easily Implement Dog Training Obedience Lessons

This may be your first time to implement a dog training program and you are interested to know how to go through the dog training obedience program that will give you the results that you want very easily and quickly. Your puppy training will be more effective if you have a guided approach in your o

How to Train Your Puppy to Stay in the Yard

Training a puppy to do anything can be challenging for even the most patient pet owners. But with the right knowledge, even you will be able to train your dog to do what you want. Staying in the yard is one of those activities for which puppies especially need training. This important training will

How to Choose a French Bulldog Puppy

French bulldogs have been popular companions since the early 1800s. Originating from the lace-producing regions of northern France, the French bulldog has shifted gears from a popular ratter to a lap dog and companion. Frenchies, as they affectionately are known in the dog world, are intelligent and

How to Safely Transport a Dog in a Truck

More than 100,000 dogs die each year from falling out of pickup trucks, according to Joanne Helperin of Although it is not recommended by most experts to allow a dog to ride in the back of a pickup truck, there is a relatively safe way to transport your dog in a pickup truck. Keep in mi

Food for Dog Allergies

Food allergies cause digestive discomfort, skin reactions and ear infections in dogs. Treating food allergies through antihistamines, corticosteroids and topical ointments can only provide temporary relief. Changes in diet and supplements should be made at the onset of canine food allergies by imple

Keeping Kidneys Safe: Kidney Disease In Dogs and Cats

One of the questions we ask of our new clients is how they hear about us. Many of them found us by doing research - mostly online - for natural and effective ways to help improve their pet's current health problems. Allergies, digestion, arthritis, cancer - these are all pet health problems tha

What Can You Do For a Dog Who Has Bad Back Legs?

If you have a dog with hind leg problems, there are some things you can do to help him be more comfortable.First of all, you should always take a dog with a sudden and unexplained onset of any problem to the vet.They will be able to run tests on your pooch and determine...

How to Fix an Invisible Dog Fence

Having an invisible dog fence keeps your dog from running off, and it saves you the expense and view obstruction of having a traditional type of fence. However, if you ever have to repair a hole in an invisible dog fence, it will be trickier than mending a hole in a traditional fence. If the invisib

Dog Collars and Leashes

Every dog owner must have a dog collar and leash for they treasured companion.With the huge pet supply market available today, there are dog collars and leashes ranging from very inconspicuous, plain ones to absolutely gorgeous, extravagant ones that make people stare.Because we love our treasured p

What is the Meaning of Instructions in Dog Training

The secret to successful training is learning how to use training lures to predict or prompt specific behaviors, to coax the dog to do what you want when you want. Any highly valued object such as a treat or toy may be used as a lure, which the dog will follow with her eyes and nose.