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Why Dogs Scratch, And How To Cure It

Dogs are wonderful creatures that we often take for granted. We treat them like part of the family (after all, they are...) and somehow expect them to be like children. They aren't, they're animals, and they can't communicate like a child could. Dogs have a lot of behaviors, and we ra

Trimming Your Dog's Toenails

Dogs' toenails grow long quite fast. If you hear clicking sounds from your dog's toenails when he walks on a hard surface, you know it is time to trim his toenails. Most dogs would hate trimming nails so before you trim your dog's nails, make sure you follow these guidelines to make t

Tips on Training Your Dog to Protect You

Training your dog to protect you can be beneficial but it also can cause problems if it is not done correctly. The dog could end up being dangerous to everyone, not just to criminals and intruders. That's why it's crucial that a professional trainer be contacted.

What's Not to Like About Airedale Terriers?

While Airedale Terriers have always been a very sought-after breed, they were at one time incredibly popular. This occurred when former President Harding, a fervent animal lover, had one as a companion while serving his term at the White House. Laddie Boy was the name of the President's Airedal

Information About Dog Wheels

Dog wheels are now part and parcel of your handicapped pet's life because not only it improves their movements but also returns their life back to normal. Dogs like other pets do get injured and hurt at times and they require prosthetic like dog wheels. Dog wheels are designed specifically to m

Pinch Collar - Will They Hurt My Dog

I use pinch collars for a variety of training situations.Not every dog is meant to have a pinch collar and not every owner can handle using a pinch collar with their dog.One thing I think about is that the pinch collar can allow more safety and control for owner.

How To Train A Dog To Not Jump On People

A dog leaping on people is amongst the most often experienced behaviour challenges owners deal with. This article will show you how to train your dog to not jump on people.

How to Take Care of Maltese Puppies at 5 Weeks

A litter of beautiful Maltese puppies can be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. From the time they are 5 weeks old until they are about 12 weeks old is a busy time for all puppies, when they are growing rapidly and learning lessons that will serve them for their entire lives. This time is crucial

Learn Dog Grooming

Learning how to groom a dog may be intimidating for a first-time dog owner. It is a simple process, but you must be thorough to be sure your canine is fresh and clean.

Is A Dog Friendly Just Because It Wags Its Tail?

In the past people understood much more about animals than they do today. People knew how to read animals' "body language". However, if you tell someone today that cows, pigs, and goats have body language they will probably laugh at you pretty hard. The lack of contact with animals in

About Harriers

A Harrier is a medium sized dog that stands between 19 and 22 inches tall. He also weighs between 48 and 60 pounds. The dog has short hair and hanging ears, and he comes in a variety of color patterns. From his name, the Harrier is primarily developed to hunt hares although he's occasionally us

Professional Police Dog Training

Dogs have worked alongside humans in various capacities for thousands of years. In modern times, the canine workforce is more expanded than ever, with military, police and security dogs as well as seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs and home guard dogs. Police dogs make up a large portion of the canine wo

Dog Separation Anxiety - How to Treat It

If your dog cries, whines and barks continuously when she is left alone at home, it is very likely that she has dog separation anxiety. Learn how to help your pet overcome this dog behavior problem using a step by step approach.

Important Things to Remember When Bringing Your New Puppy Home

When the day finally comes that you will be taking your new puppy home, do not allow the excitement of the event to overwhelm you. You want your new family member to be comfortable and feel safe so these are just some of the things you should remember.

4 Ways to Help Your Pet During Any Celebration

During almost any celebration -- be it birthdays, dinner parties, Fourth of July or Christmas -- dogs can become very stressed out while you have a great time. Ensure your dog can enjoy the festivities as well by taking a few steps for your dog's sake.

Bedlington Terrier - Dog Breeds

The Bedlington Terrier, sometimesalso known as the Rothburry terrier, is a terrier breed named after the small town Bedlington, an old mining town in North East England. The secondary nickname it has was given to it due to an early female "specimen" of the breed with the name Rothburry, wh