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What Makes a Cat Stop Eating?

When a cat stops eating, it is a symptom of an underlying issue. The cat may first start to show a slight lack of appetite and may progress to completely refusing to eat--even its favorite treats. If the cat goes more than a day without eating, the owner should consult a veterinarian as cats can dev

How to Recognize and Treat Elbow Dysplasia in Dogs

When your dog is growing, sometimes the joint doesn’t develop correctly causing elbow dysplasia. Experts don’t know exactly what causes this health problem, but certain breeds such as German Shepards, Golden Retrievers and Rottweilers are much more prone to this joint problem. Symptom

How to Get Rid of Persian Fur Mites

Persian cats are considered one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They have medium to long hair, sometimes reaching as long as 5 inches. Persian cats need to be brushed daily and groomed monthly. Due to their long hair, skin infections and fur mites can go unnoticed until they start l

Blue Dog Food

Having a puppy which is hale and lives endless is of high importance in today's reality. A dog can be your incomparable pal. The age when dogs were for protective purposes ended ages ago. Today most owners interact with their puppies like their own. We still see people care them more than their

How Do I Presoak Krill?

Freeze-dried krill, which is a small saltwater crusacean, is a common food for large fish species such as Oscars. The process of freeze drying helps preserve the nutrients in the krill, so your fish get the most benefit from the food. Feeding fish krill can also help them maintain a pink or orange c

The Ultimate Luxury for Your Star Pet - Dog Boarding Hotels

The tariff rates of the hotels may vary depending on its classy services that will be luxuriously availed by your beloved pet, but mostly all the hotels have special features that are exclusively designed to provide all the relevant services to your pet. It includes all the luxurious services for yo

Do You Know What is in Your Dog's Food?

Looking to keep your canine buddy in top physical shape? You need to be aware of the dog food you are buying for him. Become educated about dog food ingredients.

How to Maintain a Fluval Filter

Fluval filters are quiet-running aquarium pumps that filter fish tank water. The filter contains biological media that is used to create a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the tank. Beneficial bacteria break down fish waste and help keep the water clean. A Fluval filter can recirculate up t

How to Make an Aquarium Out of Recycled Items

Old console televisions and phonographs are made of solid wood and are beautiful antique works of art. These items were created to be showcased as a piece of furniture and not only as useful items. When the actual television or phonograph no longer operates, it can be re-purposed into a unique aquar

How to Train a Cockatiel to Talk

Teaching a cockatiel to talk requires patience and diligence. As with all birds, the males usually have an easier time learning to talk than females. Choose simple words before moving on to phrases. Cockatiels can only say what they've heard and it's best to teach the birds when they are younger. Ol

How to Make a Woodpecker Suit

Woodpeckers are small birds that survive by eating the insects that live on and inside trees and other wooden things. They continuously peck and nibble at the trees, making a characteristic knocking sound, giving them their name. While these birds provide inspiration for the bird watcher, they also

How to Breed Peking Ducks

Peking duck is a succulent Chinese delicacy. They are the most popular breed in the U.S. and U.K., where breeders have genetically improved the variety since their arrival from China in 1873. Peking ducks are a major source of meat, but do not supply eggs commercially, though they are better produce

Underwater Aquarium Lights Make Great Night Lighting

Many people like to use spotlights or highlights directly underwater in their aquarium. It's a great way to shine light into the nooks and crannies of your tank. Use submersible aquarium lights as unusual moonlights. See the nocturnal behavior of your fish. What do they get up to in the dark? I

How to Set Up an Aquarium Sponge Filter

In order for a closed environment like an aquarium to work properly, it is important to have sufficient filtration in place. Fish tanks need to have biological, chemical and mechanical filtration in place to break down and remove fish waste, uneaten food and other contaminants. Sponge filters, which

What Are the Treatments for Feline HIV?

Prevention is the best treatment for FIV.feline contemplation image by Robert Kelly from Fotolia.comFeline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a retrovirus. It is slow-spreading and in the same family as Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). FIV attacks the immune system, making cats unable to fight...

The Hazards Of Flea Repellants

Most people who have pets at home prefer to tackle the problem of fleas by using artificial chemical treatments. There are many risks involved with the use of such synthetic materials. There are clear warnings on every flea repellant box about the minimum age your cat or dog must be in order to use

Dog Collars and Leashes Needed for Safety

Dog Collars and Leashes are known dog accessories to keep their pet safe and protected. Find out how dog collars and leashes are necessary for your dog's safety as well as others.

Learn to Feed Your Saltwater Fish

There are many different types of pets that people can keep in their home. Some people get them so they can have a companion that they can cuddle with when they live by themselves. But there are others who prefer something that is easy to take care of and is mainly for decoration - like fish.

Are Home Remedies For Cat Diarrhea Safe to Use?

Your kitty-cat develops diarrhea and you want to know if there are any home remedies for cat diarrhea that you can safely use without making that dreaded trip to the vet, who will only use expensive antibiotics that may even be harmful to your kitty. There really are home remedies that work which ca