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How to Recognize and Treat Brachycephalic Syndrome in Dogs

A dog that experiences brachycephalic syndrome has an issue with airflow through the upper respiratory tract. This condition is most common in breeds that have a short nose. If left untreated, a dog with brachycephalic syndrome can develop serious respiratory issues, so it's very important to recogn

Evaluating Breeders With Boxer Dogs For Sale

There are several different sources from which you could purchase boxer dogs.Local pet stores, newspaper classified advertisements placed by backyard breeders who have boxer dogs for sale-you can even purchase them from online.None of these sources is guaranteed to provide you with an American Kenne

How to Deal With a Disobedient Dog

No one likes being around a disobedient dog. Dogs that jump, pull, bark, bite, chew and dig are just not a lot of fun. You can, however, bring a disobedient dog under control--and it's a lot easier than you think. I will outline some steps.

How to Get Your Dog to Like Going to the Groomer

1Getting your dog to like the groomer is much easier if your dog is young. An older dog will already have opinions about the groomer and may take a little longer to change, but it can be done.2Take your dog to the groomer when you don't have a regular grooming appointment. You are going...

Aggressive Dogs Need to Be Trained

Aggressive dogs are no fun at all. They aren't very nice and they could be harmful. They need to be trained out of the dog aggression problems.

Helping Your Dog Get Slim!

Canine obesity is the nation's number one nutrition-related pet health problem.More than half the dogs in the United States are overweight and of that number at least 25 percent are obese.Obesity in dogs is the fourth leading cause of canine deaths

Dog Training Collars That Train Your Dog Without The Pain

If you are intent on teaching your dog a thing or two, training collars are indeed the smart option for you. These devices have been carefully crafted to carry out fast, accurate, and efficient dog training capabilities. Let dog training collars be your aid.

How To Stop A Jack Russell's Barking Problem

On the hunt, Jacks would sniff out foxes and prey, following them deep into the woods, and their barking was how hunters knew where to go. Without this special trait, they would not have been effective hunting companions, so their barking tendencies are an important part of their nature. This innate

Extra Large Dog Houses For Great Danes

As the best known for being an extra large breed dog, the Great Dane as a domestic dog needs some room to roam. While they are best known for their great size, these dogs are also quite docile, friendly and gentle as well. Not only calm and good-natured around people, but other dogs and other types

Information on the Medicine Firocoxib for Animals

Firocoxib is known by the brand names of Equioxx and Previcox. Firocoxib is a non-steroidal anti-flammatory drug (NSAID) approved for use in horses and dogs. It belongs to the class of drugs known as cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors. Firocoxib targets the COX-2 enzyme which causes pain and inflam

Is Human Grade Dog Food Safe For Humans, Too?

Store bought pet food needs to meet the minimum requirements of the American Association of Feed Control Officials or AAFCO. If their stamp is not on the label of a pet food do not even consider buying it.

Homemade Dog Cologne

Dog cologne can be made at home, for a safe and inexpensive way to freshen up a dog's scent in between baths. Using water and essential oils, dog owners can create a custom dog cologne that can have a calming or energizing scent. Dog cologne is a great way to prevent a foul smelling home, leaving le

Training a Dog to Stay Calm When Meeting People

Few things can be more unpleasant---or more dangerous---than having a dog jump on you when you're trying to greet him. Children, elderly adults, and people with health issues can be seriously injured if they are knocked to the ground by a dog. It is therefore necessary for your dog to have good mann

SitStayFetch Review

Sitstayfetch is a leading dog obedience training ebook that has been getting a lot of attention lately. In this SitStayFetch review I will try and give my honest opinion about a product that many dog owners have been asking questions about.

Food For Fido

Knowing what to feed your dog can be very confusing. Every expert out there has his own favorite canine diet and there is such a vast selection of dog food available that it can be quite bewildering for the first time dog owner to decide what to feed.

Common Puppy Behavior Problems - Nipping Till it Hurts

All pups start out doing everything possible to seemingly want to annoy you, get in trouble, or worse - hurt themselves. But at the same time they are incredibly cute - they have to be so you'll still love them when they are being really bad, which happens often while they are learning how to b

Training Golden Retrievers - How to Get Started

Training Golden Retrievers can be tough. It requires patience, understanding, and an uncanny way of showing your pet who's the boss. It may sound like a huge responsibility but don't fret.

Down Boy! Stopping Your Boisterous Dog From Jumping

The fact that people consider dog jumping an annoying act is reason enough to put in place proper measures to deter your dog from pouching on people when they walk in your house. You do not want to witness a situation whereby a handicapped individual comes to your house and while still at the door,

7 Most Believed Myths About Dogs And Dog Training Dispelled

Most dog owners are confused about what to believe when it comes to training. The existence of a huge number of myths about dog and dog training is one of the reasons. This article tries to dispel 7 major myths about dogs and dog training!