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Trident Roofing: Shingles all the Way

How well do you know your roofs? For most of us, we really don't care about our roofs until it gives up on us. When it starts to leak that is the only time we do notice it. But do you know that the ro

We Love Compression Fittings!

Compression fittings can easily be used by the novice to improve plumbing connections in mobile homes. After years of settling for inferior plumbing fixtures and fittings in your mobile home, new compression fitting products make it easy to change out and update your fixtures to be more efficient an

Buying Patio Furniture Made of Rattan

Originally, rattan furniture is made with rattan stems and peelings with or without other naturally available raw materials like sea grass, water hyacinth, cane and banana fiber. As they are woven by skilled craftsmen, they exhibit intricate patterns and colors, which always provide a natural elegan

Decorating Ideas for Foyers With Green Paint

The foyer is the first part of your home a guest will see, so it is an important way to make a first impression about your home's design. While an entryway can go overlooked, something as simple as a coat of paint can make a strong statement. The color green is versatile and dynamic, making it a str

How to Soften Laundry Water

Hard laundry water can result in stiff, dull colored clothing. There are many different methods to soften laundry water, including moderating levels of detergent, using various liquid and mechanical water softeners and adding vinegar during the rinse cycle. After determining water hardness, which ca

How to Decorate a Sports Theme Family Room

Your family room is probably one of the busiest rooms in the house--where family and friends converge to watch TV, play games and hang out. Decorating your family room with a sports theme makes perfect sense for a home full of sports fans. The decor should reflect the theme, yet be welcoming to gues

How to Faux Finish Brass

There's nothing like aged brass accents to give an air of sophistication to a room or a fixture. A piece of brass covered in rich patina appears that it has traveled through the ages, and seems to breathe history.However, legitimate antiques are often expensive and cost prohibitive, but

How Is the Dual Flush Toilet Retrofit Efficient?

Water conservation is the desirable result when you install a dual flush retrofit on your bathroom toilet. The cost of a dual flush retrofit is minimal, the installation process is simple and the retrofit saves you money on your monthly water bill. The dual flush toilet retrofit is efficient because