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How to Choose the Right Curtains For Your Home

Choosing the right curtains for you home can be a difficult task and takes some real powers of visualisation. Every room needs some form of window dressing, whether it be blinds or curtains, to provide security, privacy and lighting control, and the right sort can really make a room; the finishing t

Room Decor of Different Time Periods

These paragraphs deal with the subject of the dilemma, choice when thinking about antique furniture. It provides insight about the furnishing the house for formal or casual reasons. It also talks about the creative abilities of an individual.

How to Decorate Mahogany Floors

The rich, dark tones of mahogany floors add a sophisticated, elegant appeal to a room. Floors are often neglected when it comes to adding accents, as many people don't realize the potential. Decorating your mahogany floors can add a custom charm and soften the hard, formal appearance of this wood a

Nursery Furniture Ideas

With the impending arrival of a new baby comes the stress of decorating and furnishing a nursery. While many will have advice on the furniture you must have, there are a few things that can serve multiple purposes, and some that you can do away with completely. Choose pieces that look great and are

Types of Wall Covering

Most non-experts who are about to redecorate their homes are often surprised to learn that different types of wall paper are not distinguished only by patterns and colors. In fact, wallpaper is often made of various different materials and is installed using different methods.

Choosing Window Blinds Sydney

Window coverings are always a very important part of any home and when choosing the right blinds there are a number of things to take into consideration. Window blinds offer privacy and shading while complementing ...

How to Create a Decorative Mirror with Tile

Decorative mirrors add a special touch to any room. Make them even more special by designing and creating your own tile mirror frame. Purchase pre-cut glass tiles of various sizes or break up ceramic plates you have at home to make the tile pieces. Decorative mirrors make unique gifts as well.

Easy Painted Wall Murals: Lighting Bolt

Custom wall murals don't always require extensive artistic talents. There are many easy methods for painting a mural, such as a lightning bolt, onto a wall. Experiment with the method that works best for you on poster board or craft paper taped to the wall before actually painting the mural. Practic

Formal Furniture Styles

Carvings are often found on formal furniture.rocking chair 2 image by MLProject from Fotolia.comMost formal furniture styles originated in the 18th and 19th centuries, when taste and style were considered of utmost importance, even outside the aristocracy, which made furniture trends more...

How to Paint Pre-Poured Basement Walls

If you have a basement with pre-poured walls and you want to give them a more finished look, you will find that it can be a challenge. Basement walls often are made from cement, which sometimes have an unfinished, rough, uneven or slick look that does not look appropriate for a refined home. You can

Water Cooler

Definition of a water cooler and how it is used; countertop water cooler - how it works and what it is; freestanding water cooler

How to Mount Hardware for Window Treatments

Often when a home is about twenty years old you, can look at the sides of the window and see a cluster of small holes where homeowners have tried to mount window treatment hardware. Sometimes you can tell they were unsuccessful and often you begin mounting your hardware by patching the holes of thos