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How to Make Creamy Caramel Icing

Creamy caramel icing is just what it sounds like: a sweet treat that's ideal for dipping, toppings or spreads. The ingredients, if cooked correctly, will produce a sweet and creamy dessert that is sure to be a hit. Creamy caramel icing will make a pound cake even more interesting with its thick text

Wine Goblets Guide

One thing that I really love about wine goblets is the variety and choice people are now presented with in our modern world where that seems to be just about anything to suit just about anyone. Wine goblets as you'd imagine come in all different shapes and sizes; they can be made out of a wide

How to Shop at Kitson

It's the Los Angeles boutique that is regularly frequented by celebrities, models and Hollywood's rich and famous looking for a new accessory or ensemble. Kitson is famous for staying a step ahead of the latest trends for not only the die-hard fashionista, but also for kids and men's styles. The b

Brushed Back Hairstyles

Brush your hair back for a chic hairstyle.hairbrush image by Vita Vanaga from Fotolia.comWhen it comes to hairstyles that are brushed back off the face, the possibilities are endless. Styles run the gamut from elegant and sleek to messy-chic. Below are three easy styles that range from...

Oil-Free Non-Stick Everlasting Miracle Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware is perhaps the best-kept secret of the culinary world. Considering how cast iron cookware is considered to be the ultimate precision cooking tools, it's surprising how few household opt for Teflon or other cookware over the amazing benefits of using cast iron cookware.

Natural Skincare Products - What to Look For

You may think that finding natural skincare products is a breeze, especially since so many brands claim to be all natural, but the truth is that many of them-most of them-are anything but all natural! Quite a few of the so-called natural skincare products on the market contain perfumes to make them

How to Use Sheep Sorel Powder

Sheep sorrel "Rumex acetosella" is a common herb that is known by several names such as field sorrel, red top sorrel, sour grass and common sorrel. Rich in vitamins and minerals, sheep sorrel exhibits antioxidant, detoxifying and laxative properties. Herbalists blend sheep sorrel powder into a tea,

How to Do At-Home Nail Designs

Nail art can be done right from the comfort of your home--no more paying a professional to do it. It is easy to do your own nails, and with the wide variety of nail art on the shelves at stores, it is fun to find new designs.

Homemade Bath & Body Gifts

Giving homemade bath and body products shows that you have spent time and consideration on the recipient. Make personalized items based on favorite smells and ingredients. Simple homemade beauty gifts are ideal for friends and family members, because you can avoid additives, textures and aromas that

Build Your Self-Esteem

So how do you stay calm, composed and maintain self esteem in a tough environment? Here are some tips you may to consider as a starter guide to self improvement. Imagine yourself as a Dart ...

Four Delicious Exotic Fruits

Fruit contains a number of vitamins and minerals which are essential for optimal health. We have all enjoyed fruits such as apples and oranges, but have you tried more exotic fruits such as sapote, fu

A New Perspective on Being "Born Again"

Being born again is the act of deeply looking into the heart, history and hopes of the person we're with. It's being able to put ourselves aside for awhile, and live the life of the other person to the point that it almost feels as though we were born that other person.

Dairy-Free White Frosting

Dairy-Free Frostings. These dairy free frosting recipes are great whether you're dairy-free, lactose-free or vegan. From dairy-free chocolate frosting to vegan strawberry frosting, you'll find the dairy-free frosting for you!

How to Co-Phase Two-Meter Beams

If you've ever seen a transport truck with two antennas on opposite sides of the cab, you're familiar with co-phasing, which is a way to get better signal reception from your antennas. It can be done with home antennas, vehicle antennas and even industrial antennas. Use shorter beams, such as 2-mete

Find Free Samples of Baby Stuff and Save Your Money

Are you looking for the best products for your baby? But, here the question: Can you afford to buy all that you need for your baby?In a recession, most people find it hard to make ends meet and find it difficult to afford the daily costs required for caring for their baby.

Weight Loss Solutions That Work!

Here are a couple weight loss solutions that work. You probably have a big belly that you want to get rid of. Ok, fine... that'll be taken care of with the following advice. You'll be able to lose weight, even if you're KIND OF LAZY. You don't need to be "hardcore" to l