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How to Make My Bubble Machine Do Fog Bubbles

Bubble machines are making a comeback in the special effect world. Machines that make bubbles and fog have been on the market for years. The new technology in special effects is bubble machines that make fog bubbles. The machine blows fog solution into the bubble as it's being made, and when the bub

How to Make a Sliced Up Shirt

Whether you want it for a Halloween costume or an outfit for a rock concert, a sliced-up shirt is an easy project to complete. You can buy pre-made frayed jeans and torn shirts in many clothing stores, or you can make your own. Using a few household tools and a discerning eye, you can transform a pl

How to Cut Tire Foam in an RC Rock Crawler

Remote-controlled Rock Crawlers are specially built RC vehicles made to cover the most difficult of terrains. Rock Crawlers differ in several ways from traditional RC trucks, including in the construction of the truck tires. In order to excel at driving over rocky terrain, the tires of Rock Crawlers

The Patchwork Quilt Lessons

The Patchwork Quilt book by Valerie Flournoy discusses how two generations of females bond as they complete a family keepsake. Tanya is a young girl when her grandmother and mother work on a scrap quilt each night. When Grandma gets ill, Tanya is unable to visit so she works on the quilt for Grandma

How to Make a Brim on a Round Loom

For those who want to learn how to knit, but would prefer to avoid struggling with knitting needles, knitting looms are an excellent alternative. Knitting looms come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to make all kinds of projects including scarves, socks and hats. Round looms are used

St Patty's Day Beads Gifts

Create a rainbow out of beads.Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty ImagesSpread the luck o' the Irish on St. Patrick's Day by creating gifts made of beads for your friends and loved ones. Whether you're a parent, a teacher or a just someone who enjoys making crafts, you can create a variety of gifts...

Projects to Do with Paper Towels

Many simple crafts can be made with a roll of paper towels.papierrolle image by Ewe Degiampietro from Fotolia.comA roll of paper towels can provide an inexpensive afternoon of crafting for you and your children. Simple folding and painting techniques can transform a plain cleaning product...

How to Sew Beads Onto a Quilt to Embellish It

Transform a traditional quilt into a contemporary piece of art with beading embellishments. There are numerous different styles of beads available, ensuring a good match for a quilt of any design ranging from contemporary to traditional. Beads can be added individually or can be linked together so t

Procedures for Tying Down a Canoe

Many lakes, rivers and reservoirs are accessible from the city by car, providing a natural backdrop for an adventurous vacation. If you have a canoe, you do not need a special trailer to transport it to these different destinations. You simply need a car, three canoe straps and a thorough understand

Cockroach Traps

By together with the pest prevention systems described above together with contacting a unwanted pests control expert when the situation gets away from control, you can make your home once again inhabitable for you and ...

Gift Ideas for Boys Age 10

When shopping for gifts for 10-year-old boys, keep two things in mind: cheaper is better, since little boys generally don't need expensive things to have a good time, and the classics still carry a lot of weight.

"Centipedes" - ((In, Memories of Old Josh) (Series Four, #38))

Old Josh used to watch the centipedes with all their legs speed across the wooden floors of his shanty shack; he was amazed at all those legs working in unison. He wasn't sure exactly how they moved, but they looked as if they moved without thinking, and they'd speed across one side of the

Alaskan Destinations And Vacations - Cruise Reviews

Have you taken a vacation lately? All work and no play makes one a dull boy. If you don't want to end up stressed or burned out, its time to explore Alaskan cruises. This is an excellent guide so that you can pick what cruise to take. Cruise lines usually describe their muliple destinations and

Lower Back Tribal Tattoo Designs - Where's the Good Artwork?

Finding lower back tribal tattoo designs is usually an easy process.You just pull up your basic search engine and start typing away right?Well, this might bring up a lot of galleries, but most of them are low end, generic galleries that have nothing much to offer.Sifting through an endless amount of

On Global Warming-Political and Social Changes

The issue on global warming is not only affecting the environment directly. But it is also affecting the human being as the effect of industrialization. There appear some issues in government power to create such ...

A Little Information On French Nails

A polymer clay brand, Fimo has emerged as one of the most popular nail decoration ideas among nail technicians and their clients. Millefiore clay canes made of Fimo and used on nails are known as ...