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How Are Batteries Recycled?

Battery Types and QuantityBatteries are a ubiquitous power source for laptops, electronics, cellphones and everything else we rely on to make our lives convenient and portable. Used batteries sent to landfills and incinerators eventually end up polluting the environment, causing health...

The Writing Race: Keep Writing, Even If You Think It Stinks

Many writers, maybe all writers, have trouble being objective about their writing. As you're writing or immediately after you're writing, you're thinking, "God, what am I doing? This is pure drivel. It's awful. I should just stop." Luckily, you don't stop; you keep

Article Writing - Take On The Big Boys

I have been online a while now and have I found numerous methods of marketing and methods in promoting your website or business. What I have discovered is that there is really a lot of competition out there on the web.

Worship Planning Tools

Check worship planning tool websites for free trials and image by from Fotolia.comSave time and create a customized teaching plan for your next Bible study group by using a worship-planning tool. There are several software options that can assist in...

12-Steps without God?

I recently encountered a devout atheist during a drug and alcohol spirituality group at a rehabilitation center. The one-hour session is intended to be an introduction to the spiritual aspects of recovery, centered on 12-Step, ...

How to Use Technology to Combat School Violence

School violence is a real threat to students' welfare, yet threat assessment remains a gray area for administrators wanting to do the right thing. Maintaining security in schools is important. Technology can be used to make schools safer, but employing such technology often requires the creativity,

How to Create an Easter Basket for a Teenage Boy

Chances are your favorite teenager considers himself blas¨¦, sophisticated and far beyond such childish nonsense as Easter baskets. Ignore the fa?ade. He'll be just as thrilled as anyone else to discover the basket of treasures you and the bunny have put together just for him.

Funny Children Utube Clips

Children are lovely and entertaining, but when it comes to video clips, funny Children Utube Clips lets you discover many spicy moments that come spontaneously from kids that have been captured by a v

How to Make a Jock Costume

Jocks are synonymous with sports and popularity. To dress like a jock, you need only a few key pieces. To make this a couple costume, add a cheerleader. Jocks are typically football players, but any sport is fair game for a jock. Pull together a jock costume from things you may already have at home

3 and 0 Count Baseball Strategy

Every coach is will have to make up their mind on what to tell their batters when they have 3 and 0 count at the plate.This article looks at it from all angles so you can make the decision that works best for you and your team.

Sulley Photo

Sulley photo from the premiere of Monsters University held on June 17, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA.

Biblically-based Finances

For many who are Christians, it is important to order their finances based on principles found in the Bible.This is based on the belief that if something is important to you, it will impact every area

How to Make Potato Chip Bag Purses

Chip bags are often just discarded after the chips have been emptied by hungry people. Saving the bags, however, can lead to some creative fashion accessories, such as purses and handbags. Not only does this result in a free accessory for the wardrobe, but it is also an effective method of recycling