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BMW Sequential Manual Gearbox Explained

First introduced in the E36 M3 in 1997, BMW's sequential manual gearbox, or SMG, is a direct descendant of Formula 1 technology. The SMG allows the driver to select either an automatic or manual mode. This differs somewhat from BMW's Steptronic gearbox, which also has manumatic shifting. The Steptro

How to Choose a Trolling Motor

Choosing a trolling motor is not at all difficult if you do your homework before you head to the store to buy one. There are several factors to be considered in the selection of a trolling motor, and it is possible to deal with each question without ever leaving home. These factors run the gamut fro

How to Troubleshoot a Leaking Fuel Filter

The fuel filter on a vehicle, whether it has a carbureted engine or a fuel-injected engine, is an important component that ensures that the fuel system receives clean, debris-free fuel. Occasionally, fuel filters or the fuel lines near them will leak fuel, causing a strong odor of fuel and a potenti

Corsa B Tow Bar Fitting Instructions

The Vauxhall Corsa is a compact European hatchback that is manufactured as a three-door model. The Vauxhall Corsa is compatible with a tow bar. To install a tow bar on your Corsa, it requires the removal of the rear bumper and several other components. You will also need a Vauxhall Corsa tow bar kit

DIY S10 Lowering

The Chevrolet S-10 has become one of the most sought-after vehicles for customization. This is due in part to the wide array of aftermarket parts available for the S-10, but also for the relative ease with which those parts are installed. In order to lower an S-10, all that is required is a set of l

Drag Bike Clutch Tuning Tips

Drag bikes are essentially the hot rods of the motorcycle world. These bikes are designed for peak speed for a very short period of time from a dead stop. Drag racing takes a huge toll on mechanical devices, and often the engines and transmissions for these drag bikes have to be rebuilt...

How to Raise the Gasoline Evaporation Rate

Evaporation is the process whereby liquids move into a gaseous state. It is the process that allows saltwater to turn into fresh rain as a part of the water cycle. Gasoline evaporates at different rates based on how refined the gas itself is, the ambient temperature, air pressure, wind speed and the

How to Tighten Wheel Bearings

Once greased up and put back into place, wheel bearings need to be tightened in a very specific way. If this is not done properly, they can become too tight and that will cause excessive wear to the bearing itself, ultimately causing it to fail. However, if the bearing is not tightened enough, the b

How to Clean Dust Mop Slippers

Dust mop slippers slip over the head of your dust mop and are made of soft cloth fibers designed to remove dust from hard floor surfaces without scratching the floor. These fibers are absorbent and fluffy, which allows residue to accumulate quickly. This makes it important to wash the dust mop slipp

How to Remove the Dash on a Volvo FH12

Driving your Volvo FH12 truck on the road on a constant basis damages the dash. Constant sun exposure causes the material that makes up the dash to expand out of place. This creates holes and cracks in the dashboard, which damages the electrical components that it houses. If this occurs, remove the

How to Check Chain Wear on a X-458 Chain

The X-458 chain, manufactured by Webb Chain Conveyers, is a high-functioning chain which is appropriate for a variety of manufacturing conveyance uses. With its rivetless design and 68,000-pound load capacity, the X-458 chain can easily move even heavy automotive components through the manufacturing

How to Replace the Fan in a Kia Spectra

The Kia Spectra comes with a variety of engine sizes, all of which require a slightly different procedure for removing the engine fan. In most cases the radiator must be removed as well. These steps will apply to the Kia Spectra 1.5L and 1.6L engines. You'll need a wrench, a screwdriver, a marking p