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Tips to Buffing a Candy Paint Job on a Car

Whether you are putting on the candy paint for the first time or performing maintenance to it, once you have the artistry complete and sanded, you will want to give it a nice shine, or even that wet look that some find appealing. To do the best job on it, you will need the right tools. These pieces

How Do I Correct CV Axle Plunge?

Constant velocity (CV) axle plunge describes the necessary instantaneous changes in CV drive axle length as a vehicle suspension negotiates bumps in the road. Correcting CV axle plunge does not mean eliminating the phenomenon, but properly dealing with it during vehicle design, so that the CV axle

How to Replace Monsoon Speakers

Monsoon speakers might come installed in your vehicle. Since they are proprietary systems, you cannot simply hook up an aftermarket head unit, amplifier or speakers and expect them to work seamlessly with the rest of your stock Monsoon unit. However, you can specifically purchase speakers that are d

Instructions for Rain X Windshield Wipers

Rain-X windshield wipers are widely sold, as they fit all vehicle that use hook-style wiper arms. The wipers are sold one to a pack and are available in sizes that correspond to the blade's length in inches. Many super-store retailers and automotive parts stores not only carry this brand, but a boo

How Make Your Own Rear Car Bench Seat Covers

Making seat covers on your own for the rear seats of the car can give them a personalized look as well as extend the life of the rear seat. Preparing the seat covers starts with selection of a heavy-duty material such as leather or vinyl that can withstand regular deterioration. The material chosen

How to Change the Brake Pads on a Ford Truck

Due to the size and payload capacity of Ford trucks, the brake pads are under far more strain than pads on Ford cars. However, Ford Motor Company places larger pads on the trucks than those on their cars. Either way, the pads will wear out at some point between 25,000 and 65,000 miles, depending on

How to Change Jeep Liberty Oxygen Sensors

The modern car or truck has lots of sensors to tell the vehicle's computer how the engine is running, and tune accordingly. One of these is the oxygen or O2 sensor, which detects the amount of oxygen in the vehicle's exhaust system and adjusts the fuel/air ration at the heads accordingly. If these s

How to Replace a Valve Stem in a Tire

The valve stem is what keeps the air in the tire. If the stem does not seal properly, air will slowly leak out of the tire. If you find yourself putting air in your tire more then normal you most likely have a leak in your valve stem. Replacing the valve stem yourself is quick and affordable. A

Tap and Dies

Taps and dies are tools used for cutting threads while usually sold in sets they are in fact individual tools. A tap is which looks like a bolt if used for making the female thread (nut) and the die which resembles a nut is used to make the male thread (bolt).