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Knowing More About OBD II Diagnostics

It is true that most modern cars have up-to-date technology embedded in them to help you with a better driving experience. However, it is necessary to know how you can make use of this new generation car technologies including the OBD II Diagnostic System to the fullest.

Ways To Keep Your Fuel System Happy

Bruno here in from an execllent tour!I'm very proud to talk about our fine quantity of CRF450X’s Honda and XR series bikes ran flawlessly. We’re very proud to get such great sponsors like IMS gas tanks, Regina chains, Precision Concepts suspension, Alpinestar Boots, Parts Unlimited

Amazing Shiny Cars On Hi Def Auto Detail

Another week, another roundup of amazing, shiny cars to marvel at. Believe us when we say, that even though we get the chance to do this every day, it still never gets old seeing all ...

Your First New Auto Purchase: Get What You Can Afford

So, you are in the market for your first new car.What an accomplishment.No more riding around in the car that can barely get up the hill or come to a red light without a sputter.You know the car.Your parents gave it to you when you graduated from high school.Although it was a serious clunker at the

How to Install an Auto Car Starter

The ignition system in most automobiles starts with the key. Once the key is inserted in the ignition, this sends an electric pulse to a solenoid. The solenoid feeds power to the starter. The starter spins the flywheel and ultimately sends the crankshaft spinning. A bad starter motor will cause the

There's a Cherry Picker for Every Type of Job!

The demand to reach different heights with ease and comfort using a single tool has been increasing since the cherry picker was first introduced. Originally, this mobile access platform was created for fruit harvesting; however, ...

How to Install Maxzone LED Taillights on an S-10

Installing Maxzone LED taillights on your Chevrolet S-10 is as simple as installing new halogen taillights. Maxzone LED taillight assemblies use the same connectors and screws as stock taillight assemblies. Once you have removed the old assemblies, you can simply plug in the Maxzone lights and you a

The History of the 1998 Limited Jeep 5.9

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an iconic example of the mid-size SUVs that ruled the road in the 1990s. Riding success of the 5.2L Grand Cherokee, Jeep came out with the Limited model in 1998. With a beefier 5.9L V8 and standard leather interior, the Grand Cherokee Limited raised the bar for luxury perf

How to Change a Headlight on a Previa

The headlights on your Toyota Previa should be checked periodically to make sure that they are functioning normally. While there is no specific service life for the headlight, the filament in the bulb will eventually burn out and break. When this happens, you need to replace the headlight. The part

7 Ways to Improve Gas Mileage - Simple Tips to Save Gas

The gas prices are going crazy. With all the troubles already facing us, the increasing gas prices are making life more difficult. The time has come for everyone to stop wasting the resources and start using them properly. Here are seven simple ways to improve gas mileage of your vehicle.

What's The Best Tarp For Me?

Tarpaulins are an inexpensive way to protect your property and your privacy. They come in so many sizes, shapes, materials, and thicknesses that it can be difficult to determine which style is best for your ...

Locked Out Drivers May Come Under Financial Pressure

Those motorists who lose their keys or find themselves locked out of their car could well be coming under financial strain, a recent study has intimated. In research conducted by Britannia Rescue, some three million drivers (ten per cent) have been left trapped outside of their vehicle as a result o

1999 Chevy Silverado Specs

Two Silverado models were available in 1999: the half-ton 1500 and the three-quarter-ton 2500. Many changes were seen in the body, interior and engines. Although different models, the 1500s and 2500s had many similarities. They offered the same standard and optional interior and safety...

Supercross Motorcycle Racing - Must Have Safety Equipment

For motorcycle mania, there is a lot of kind motorcycle to get and to ride on. Supercross or motocross is one of kind familiar sports motorcycle that we known, especially for people that who loves in the fast lane. As I said before, supercross racing is a popular sport.

3 Tips For Passing a Motorcycle License Test

If you are planning on taking a motorcycle license test, it can be assumed that you have obtained your regular drivers license before as well. In this case, the entire process is pretty similar, but the stakes are much higher. Because it is much easier to hurt yourself on a motorcycle, it is even mo

How to Charge SLA Sealed Batteries

SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries are found in automobile starting applications and in other portable power devices. SLA batteries are generally 12 volts in size and contain a liquid component of acid and water. The SLA is a nonserviceable type battery. You cannot remove the top caps of the battery c