How to Repair a Jet Boat Exhaust Header

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DIY Free HHO Plans

Hybrid hydrogen oxygen--HHO--generators are nothing new; a Phillipino engineer named Daniel Dingel built his first water-powered car as far back as 1968, and people are still doing it today. While many opt to purchase a pre-built unit (not a bad idea if you're new to the HHO scene and want a bolt-in

How to Replace a Horn in a Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is the marketing name for the Toyota Kluger in North America. It is a crossover Sport Utility Vehicle that has been in production since 2001. Many Toyota Highlander enthusiasts are dissatisfied with the sound of the original equipment manufacturer's horn and choose to replace i

How a Motorcycle Clutch Works

PartsMotorcycle clutches consist of many parts, which all work in unison to connect and disconnect the transmission from the engine. Main clutch parts are divided into Drive and Driven categories. Drive parts include the clutch hub and clutch plates, which are connected by teeth on the...

How to Repair Hail Dents With Dry Ice

Though you try to be so careful to avoid getting scratches and dings on your car, all it takes is one hailstorm to interrupt your efforts. Hail can leave numerous dents in varying sizes on your vehicle. An auto body shop would love to see you pull in and ask for help--for a price. Rather than waste

How to Install Removable Steering Wheels

Most steering wheels feature an air bag and tough spline attachment that makes removal difficult. A removable steering wheel, on the other hand, quickly releases from the shaft hub in a matter of seconds. Removable steering wheels are aftermarket options for many drivers who wish to give their cars

How to Charge a Flat Car Battery

Sooner or later most drivers experience a flat, or dead, car battery. The battery will drain if you left a light on or a door open, or if it has been sitting in extreme cold for an extended period of time. You'll probably need help to charge a flat battery, though the job itself is not time-consumin

How to Install an Oil Cooler on My Pit Bike

Pit bikes and dirt bikes rely on a flow of air over the top of the cylinder head to cool the engine. This is accomplished by using aluminum fins that dispel heat through a rush of cold outside air once the bike moves through its speed range. Since the installation of closed water-filled radiators ca

What is Forged Steel 4340?

4340 forged steel is a heat-treatable, low iron-carbon alloy steel to which alloying elements have been added. It contains nickel, chromium and molybdenum. The purpose of adding the alloying elements is to improve the 4340 alloy steel's properties in comparison to plain carbon steels.

How to Remove the Fuel Rail From a Car

The fuel rail in a car is a manifold that takes the fuel from the gas tank and directs it to each fuel injector. This rail makes delivering the fuel to the engine simpler and minimizes the possibility of leaks. If you ever need to remove the fuel injectors on your car or you do find a fuel leak, you