Yoga Versus Pilates - Which Should I Do?

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How to Teach Yoga to Children Through a Story

In her book, "Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children," Sydney Solis states that storytelling gives children the basic tools to face the challenges of growing up. Combining the art of storytelling with that of yoga can promote literacy and oral and listening skills, help children understand archet

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Meditations: Trusting Your Own Inner Instincts And Your Innerself

Meditations have a funny way of bringing out your own inner beliefs and values during a meditation session.For example, one belief you have had for ten years can be literally wiped away when you first start to meditate.Often your own inner messenger will bring new meaning to your life and it is impo

Sleep Meditation - Medication for Sleeping Disorders

Sleeplessness may result from a variety of reasons. Both physiological problems and psychological factors can be blamed for the sleeping disorder. Regular practice of sleep meditation tames the worries, tones down the anger and tears away the sticky web of trauma and troubles. As a result, insomnia

Meditation Tips to Achieve Peace

Peace of mind is a much sought after element especially in stressful times in our lives, and with a few meditation tips can be easier for anyone to achieve. The key for using these meditation tips is practice.Set aside at least 5 minutes each day when you will have the opportunity to devote your tim

Therapeutic Aspects of Chandra Namaskar

Chandra Namaskar, or the Moon Salutation, is a series of flowing Yoga poses used to unwind and refocus. It often begins in Mountain pose, then flows through a series of lunges and other poses. Afterward, the order is reversed, for a symmetrical set of postures. Chandra Namaskar works to bring peace

Benefits of Using a Zafu for Meditation

A zafu is the name given to a special cushion you can sit on for meditating. They help you maintain the correct posture as well as provide comfort for your bottom during your session. Zafus are manufactured out of cotton fabrics with natural fiber kapok filling.

How To Improve Your Balance In Yoga

Many of yoga's most challenging poses are not the inversions, the moves requiring as much strength as they do balance and poise, but the more simple and infinitely more difficult pure balance poses. If you are blessed with a healthy body, equal alignment on both sides, no injuries or flat feet,

Yogic Solutions - Finding the Source of Negativity

Recognizing your own destiny, through self-realization, is a foundation of Yoga.We often hear terms such as - "I need time to get it together," or "I need to find myself."This is the beginning of self-realization and the recognition of a need to find solutions.

Zen Music For Meditation or Mantra Music For Meditation?

There are so many music choices today when searching for relaxation music. Relaxation music helps us to re-connect with our innate being. We live "in" music; Great music nourishes us in ways we do not even realize.It inspires us, relaxes us, energizes us-- in short, it heals us and keeps u

How to Un-Complicate Your Meditation

Why is meditation so complicated? If we rely upon our intellect to "make something of it," meditation can become a complicated exercise. Rather than releasing us from stress, this adds to it. As a result, many think it's just too much of a bother; best practiced by "gurus."

How To Escape Stress With Yoga? What Is Yoga?

How many times have you felt stressed out? When was the last time you felt like the world was crashing down on you? How would you like to just get away from everything and just relax your mind, body, and spirit? Millions of people all over the world have a massive amount of stress in their lives. Th

The Best And Energetic Range Of Sticky Yoga Mats For Healthy Living

Our unique yoga exercises mats are designed with all yoga exercises presents that will guide you through the different positions of yoga exercises without instructor. So, get ready to train yourself with your new student yoga exercises mats and enjoy a wonderful and healthy life.

Yoga for children makes them really strong

Yoga is a worthwhile way for overall development of your child. You should encourage your kid to take part in the yoga programs for the multi-sided benefits offered by yoga. Yoga can prepare your chil

No Thought - No Mind - No Self

The only place in creation where God is not is hell. And the mind that sees itself as a self separate from God lives in its own hell.

Relaxing For SATS

Our mind is like traffic, constantly moving and flowing. Every once in a while, it is good to let the traffic come to a standstill, while you relax. While you are studying or doing your homework, try to stop every hour or half an hour, just for a few moments. Close your eyes, stay very still and tak