Yoga Versus Pilates - Which Should I Do?

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Postnatal Yoga Exercises

In the push to get their bodies back to pre-pregnancy fitness, new and not-so-new mothers are turning to yoga for help. Yoga is ideal for new mothers because it isn't as strenuous as any other form of cardio or strength training, but it is effective with healthy eating and rest (if possible). Not on

How To Improve Your Concentration With Meditation

Different schools of yoga have various ways to start their basic lessons but all of them encourage their students to concentrate on a particular part of the body. This article tells how through meditation you can become focused!

Yoga for Sciatica - Which Yoga Poses Help Treat Sciatica?

There are many different Yoga techniques to relieve sciatica, and there are many factors that cause sciatica. Sciatica is very uncomfortable and can limit mobility and even make sleeping difficult. Sciatica is often caused by...

Yoga And Weight Loss

Many students of yoga have found a correlation between the day they decided to steadily practice yoga and their life long decision to improve their health. Students report that they made healthier food choices, due to feeling uplifted and centered from yoga practice. This comes from a sense of focus

Ayurveda and Yoga

Those, who think that just by practicing a set of difficult physical exercises, they achieve a state of enlightment, are deeply mistaken. Working with the body is only the first step on the way to spiritual progress. When one controls the functions of ones organism, he prepares himself for the trans

I'm Too Old and Stiff to Do Yoga - You Are Never Too Old to Do Yoga!

The media usually portrays a yoga practitioner as a very thin and flexible 20-something with her foot behind her head and an angelic smile on her face. No wonder many people think they cannot do yoga! You are never too old to begin a yoga practice. My oldest student is 95 years young and hates to mi

Yoga Bolsters - How to Choose the Best One For You

Ever wonder what a yoga bolster is and what it's used for? If you re a beginning yoga student, a yoga bolster might just be what you need to get a great start on a more flexible and stress-free body.

Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

There has been an explosion of interest in yoga to reduce weight. Asanas, is a sankrit word whic means pose. Hatha yoga which is often referred to as power yoga often consists of a series of poses designed to warm, stretch and tone the body.

Tips For Making Yoga Poses More Effective

Yoga is a mind-body discipline that can change you physically, mentally and spiritually. When practiced correctly it has the ability to heal and transform, and a regular routine of doing yoga often changes lives. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your yoga practice.

The Secrets Behind Brainwave CDs

Brainwave CDs are designed to stimulate your brain through different sound frequencies. The most common type of Brainwave CDs use binaural beats.

How to Assume the Standing Head to Knee Pose in Bikram Yoga

The standing head to knee is the fifth posture in the Bikram sequence of yoga poses. As you move into this posture, you should experience a nice stretch of the spine, shoulders, and hamstrings while strengthening the thighs and ankles. Most people will feel a calming of the brain and release of stre

Is There Any Connection Between Meditation and Productivity?

With the increasing competition in any business, it is imperative for workers to remain innovatively productive to keep holding their jobs. Hard working people, when devoting additional time to increase their productivity, frequently get stressed up. When working under stress, one can't ever re

How to Lose Weight by Doing Yoga

Is it actually possible to lose weight by doing yoga? Absolutely - just as long as you pick out the right form.

The Benefits Of Online Yoga Certification Programs

Becoming a certified yoga instructor can help you make a career out of something that you enjoy. If you are interested in increasing your physical and mental fitness, teaching a yoga class enables you to do both in a single setting. Additionally,...

New Scientific Studies Find Numerous Health Benefits to Meditation

Mindfulness meditation techniques can be a powerful way for individuals to improve their brain power and promote bodily health. Centuries of experience has shown that these methods are among the most effective for living a healthy, fulfilled life. Now, scientific investigation is bearing out these b

Chair Yoga and the Mobility of Seniors

Chair Yoga classes make a definite change in the stride or gait of seniors. The shortening of our stride can have a negative effect on self-confidence. Yoga gives seniors an opportunity to naturally lengthen each stride. In turn, the increased mobility enhances self-confidence and independence.

Bikram Yoga - Hot Enough For You?

If you plan to practice Bikram yoga, there are a few things that you will need to prepare yourself from the very beginning. Perhaps one of the most important things that you need to know before you do this type of yoga is how to dress. Due to the nature of this type of yoga, the way people dress can