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The Top Five Most Common Cosmetic Surgeries

Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see? Or do you often wish you had better features such as a better-shaped nose, a bigger pair of eyes, more luscious lips, and a face better than doesn't sag with age? Studies say over 10 million Americans who feel the same way opt to do something abo

Benefits of Pilates classes London during Pregnancy

Pilates is a simple form of exercise and consider one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant women. Pilates classes London helps in maintain and improving a condition of abdominal and pelvic floor

Facts About Neck Plastic Surgery

Many people want to improve their looks by having neck plastic surgery performed. This is especially true of people who have lost a great deal of weight and now are left with sagging neck skin. It is also a surgical choice for people who are aging because the skin on their neck begins to sag much ea

Dealing With a Heavy Period

Women are often dismayed to go through years of what would be considered "normal" periods, only to find at some point that their period has become heavy and rather unmanageable. Heavy periods, also called menorrhagia, are characterized by blood loss of more that 8 teaspoons per period (it&

health and alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption, in moderation, on a regular basis could help overall physical and mental health in women.

Many Women Want to Know, Can UTI Antibiotics Cause a Yeast Infection?

UTI's are one of the biggest birth control movements on the market today. Many women want to know, can UTI antibiotics cause a yeast infection? There are a few things everyone should know about the connection between antibiotics and yeast infections that the pharmaceutical companies don't

Menopause During The Holidays - Why Wine About It?

So, here we are again. The holiday season is upon us and we have preparations to make. One would think we'd get better at getting ready for them each year, but we don't.You've gone shopping to purchase that special dress or stylish pantsuit for those special occasions, like the arriva

Hormonal Changes Cause Skin Problems during Pregnancy

Many changes happen in the body of a pregnant woman. Some are expected, such as getting a larger tummy and breasts. Other things aren't totally expected to occur, yet many people experience v

Drugs to your Baby!

The breast milk of smoking mothers contains between 2 and 240 nanograms of nicotine per milliliter, which means their babies receive a dose equivalent to 0.3 to 36 micrograms/kg/day. These infants ten

Best way to get a bigger butt

Would you like to look sexy? Do you have a flat butt and you wish to make it rounder, bigger and sexier? Read on and learn about the best way to get a bigger butt.No doubt that a round sexy butt will

Top 3 Tips On How to Get Rid of Yeast Infection Naturally

Searching for how to get rid of a yeast infection naturally? Then I can help you. Here are 3 simple ways to help eliminate your yeast infection symptoms. And all without the need for expensive drugs with their negative side effects.

Treatment For Candida - How to Start a Natural Treatment For Candida

Candida outbreaks, or yeast infections, involve a painful, itchy, or inflamed area of the body that has experienced an infection of yeast fungi. The seriousness of the condition can range from merely uncomfortable to truly life-threatening, or anywhere in between. Here's how to start your compl

Candida Treatment Program on a Daughter With Rashes Or Eczema

Here is the treatment that worked for a daughter who was also diagnosed with 4+ overgrowth of candida. She did Microbiology Sensitivity Test and Intestinal Permeability Test after she got many rashes/eczema/scales/face infection on her face to get diagnosed with 4+ overgrowth. The doctor her parents

Timing Conception

Timing conception is critical to your goal to get pregnant and incorrect timing simply wastes precious opportunities for you to conceive. So how do we sift through all the advice, the contadictions of 'try every day from the moment your menstrual cycle finishes through to five days past ovulati

Imbalance in the Bacteria May Cause Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a medical condition that occurs due to the presence of too much bacteria in the vagina than what it should normally have. This bacterial imbalance in the vagina causes it to emit a foul odor, which is one of the main symptoms of this illness. Vaginal discharge is also another

Stop Sweating

The hands, feet and underarms sweating annoyance to know each one. If it is a daily torment, help can be found in pharmacies, Can treatment with electrical current or even surgery.