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What's Your Weave Flavor? The Many Decisions of Getting a Sew-In Weave

So you've decided to take the plunge into trying a sew-in weave for your next hairstyle. Well, that may be the easiest decision of your journey. Now, you get to decide on what type of hair, the type of sew-in technique, and lastly, what type of style you choose to wear.

Perfume and Cosmetics - A Serious Addiction

As a woman, I think I am addicted to perfume and cosmetics. I don't think there is a woman out there who doesn't own a tube of lipstick or mascara. I think at my thirteenth birthday party I hired a beautician to do my and my friends' makeup.

Stages of Pregnancy

You are pregnant! Congratulations!Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, right now there are many things going in your head. A baby does tend to change and fill your life with joy & exci

Is The Surrogacy Fee Taxable?

Is the surrogate fee taxable along with egg and sperm donor fees? Become a surrogate mother and you sacrifice your body and your family. If you call the IRS you will likely get a variety of answers if you ask them about the surrogate fee taxable issue.

Are Fertility Drugs Helpful Or Harmful?

Fertility drugs are hormonal supplements that stimulate the egg development and release it from the ovaries. It can also support the ovulation and early pregnancy development.

Gynaecology FAQs

Gynaecology is an important medical sector that deals with the health of women's reproductive systems which includes the uterus, vagina and the ovaries. Women face a lot uterus related problems straight from menstruation to vaginal cancer and even simple hormonal imbalances. A good and experien

Laser Eye Lift- Benefits of Eyelid Surgery For Women

Laser eye surgery can be a great way for you to lift all tired looking eyes. If you have bags or dark circles under your eyes this can be a great way to improve the way your eyes look. With this type of surgery you can remove major wrinkles and it will take less time than normal because they have im

Stop Incontinence - The Kegelmaster

Stress incontinence is an involuntary loss of urine during an increase in abdominal pressure. This may occur when coughing, laughing, lifting or sneezing. Stress incontinence is very common in women. Kegelmaster is device with which we can prevent these problems.

The Various Types Of Cosmetic Surgery

You have probably heard a lot about cosmetic surgery. It happens to be on the forefront of many different conversations and different debates.

Vaginal Infection Cure - Top 4 Cures For Fast Relief!

Persistent vaginal burning and itching? Constant pain and burning? arghhhh! It's enough to drive any woman crazy. A Vaginal Infection also known as a Yeast Infection or Thrush is an infection caused by yeast and can affect any part of the body from dentures, under the breast, vagina and underne

Lotions Versus Alternative Methods

What are the best natural breast enhancement methods? Creams, pills, mechanical devices, massage, gum, cookies or what? Let's take a look at the options.

Fitness Advice For Post-Natal Women

These days there seems to be a whole lot of pressure on women who have recently given birth to snap back into shape immediately. It seems that every time I open a newspaper or magazine, there are photos of 'celebrity' mothers who have apparently 'lost all their baby fat' in recor