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Enjoy Menopause - Bye Bye Osteoporosis

God created females and gave them the power to give birth to new ones so that the progeny of that species should continue. For this phenomenon, she has to undergo many hormonal changes. The time when a women stops her menstrual cycle permanently, the condition is known as menopause.

Get One of Those Plus Size Coats!

For some of those who are plus sized, finding a coat may seem like an impossible task to accomplish. On top of that, trying to find plus size coats that look good is even more difficult, but keep in mind that it is possible to find that prefect jacket. You will be able to have one that not only keep

Women Often Mute About Medication Use

Women often do not tell their doctors about the over-the-counter and herbal medications they take, a new study shows, and their health could suffer as a result.

Why Botox Belongs in the Clinic

Considering having a botox injection? We give you four reasons why you should avoid botox parties and opt for the clinic.

Stun Guns And Tasers - What Is The Difference?

Many people, including those in the news media, often mistakenly equate tasers and stun devices. Here we will explain the difference between the two so you can decide which one you want for your self-defense.

How to Get Rid of BV Odour

Are you suffering from BV and it's side effects? Do you want to know how to get rid of BV odour? Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that a lot of women experience and are challenged in dealing with. Find out how you can finally get rid of this odorous condition.

Women Empowerment in World

Women empowerment in world cannot be considered as a uniform issue and treated with stereotyped measures. In different parts of the world the issues are different and therefore the needs are also different.

Miscarriage Symptoms and Risk Factors

Miscarriage almost always does not occur in a single event but rather a series of events that will take place over a number of days. It's not easy whether miscarriage is taking place but it i

Is Thrush Contagious? Yup! And Here's What You Need to Do

If you're asking if thrush is contagious then you've probably got it yourself, or, your partner has it. Well, yes, thrush is contagious in terms of spreading around your body, and, if you're having regular sex with an infected partner. Discover here why, and, what you can do about it.

IVF Treatment: Life inside Glass

IVF treatment is blessing of medical field which has come long way. There are many clinics available providing this treatment.

Searching for an Egg Donor

The procecss of finding the right egg donor for you is also about understanding egg donation and finding an egg donor agency that can qualify as having egg donation expertise. An egg donor search mean

Why You Should Choose Natural Treatment for Fibroid

Most women are alarmed to undergo surgical procedures and experience the side effects of medications. Luckily, there are proven natural ways which can be incorporated as a natural treatment for fibroid.

8 Remedies to Cure Yeast Infections

A weak immune system cannot resist the increase of yeast level and the negative impact it has on the health. This can lead to candida overgrowth resulting to yeast infection