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See How the GST Exemption Has Changed from 1997 to 2015

The exemption from federal generation skipping transfer taxes has increased over the years while the tax rate has decreased. Here you will find a chart that shows the changes to the exemption and tax rate from 1997 through 2015.

Can a Revocable Trust Convey a Present Interest?

A trust is a legal relationship in which an owner of property, referred to as a settlor, declares that he is transferring all or a portion of his property to a third party (trustee) to hold for the benefit of others (beneficiaries). A revocable trust is one in which the terms may be modified or revo

Medicaid Estate Planning: Maximize Your Results

Medicaid Estate Planning: The 5-year look-back provisions where seniors must sell all assets 5 years before entering a nursing home. What can be gifted for Medicaid asset protection.

Successor Trustee Duties in Wisconsin

Successor trustees in Wisconsin have several responsibilities.Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesA successor trustee is someone named to oversee the dividing of a person's estate when he dies. The successor trustee also bears the responsibility of managing financial affairs for an individual...

Who Inherits in Idaho When There's No Will?

When someone dies without a will in Idaho, the intestacy laws found in the Idaho Statutes dictate who will inherit the deceased person's estate. Here you will find a summary of the laws of intestacy succession in Idaho.

How to Certify Copies

There are many reasons that you may need a certified copy of a document. A certified copy is a copy of a document that is certified to be a true and accurate copy of the original by a person that has been authorized by the legislature of your state to certify documents. Common examples of documents

How to Choose an Estate Attorney

Planning your estate is no small task, and making sure everything is done correctly can be critical to the financial wellbeing of your heirs and loved ones. Estate planning is more complicated than simply drafting a will. It also works to minimize taxes and other fees and sets up contingency plans f

U.S. States Without a Death Tax in 2014

In 2014 a majority of U.S. states will not collect an estate tax or an inheritance tax at the state level. Find out if your state is one of them.

Overview of Washington Estate Tax Laws in 2014

In 2014, the estates of Washington residents, as well as the estates of nonresidents who own real estate and/or tangible personal property located in Washington, are subject to a state death tax in addition to the federal estate tax under the guidelines listed here.

How to Contact an Inmate

Contacting an inmate in a county jail or a state or federal prison can be relatively simple, even though many inmates have restrictions upon when, how and with whom they can communicate. Some inmates are allowed to send and receive letters to strangers. Others may not receive messages from anyone ex

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an item that may not concern the younger readers. But, for the older folks this can be of some concern.

A Guide to Probate in England & Wales

Probate is the general term used to describe the right to deal with a deceased person's estate. When a person dies, a representative is appointed to gather their assets, pay their debts and distribute the estate to those people entitled to it.

How to Copy a Property Deed

The property deed for your land is the designation which sets out the parcel size and other characteristics for your lot. Getting a copy of your property deed is a good idea, ensuring that you have a ready document on hand to resolve any property disputes with your neighbors. The Recorder of Deeds o

Will Estate Planning

A will is a written document which gives instructions how and to whom the will maker (testator) wants to bequeath his/her property after death. An oral will can be made only by members of military and merchant navy in active service when they dont have time to execute a written will due to exception

How to Find a Gmail ID From Orkut

Orkut is a free social network from Google that allows you to connect with friends and family. You can create an Orkut account using your Gmail email ID. Your Gmail ID is then listed in the email section of your profile. You can find Gmail IDs of friends in Orkut by visiting their profile pages.

How to Write to Akai

If you have an Akai product that is experiencing a problem, or you need to ask about getting a replacement part for it, you might prefer to write to Akai for more information. Akai is a company that sells a wide variety of products, including TV sets, audio and video equipment and appliances for the

How to Become a Non Profit Organization in Georgia

Creating a Georgia non-profit organization involves paperwork, but is not difficult. A business has to be incorporated and provide charitable or community services as its primary purpose to qualify as a non-profit organization. The process in Georgia includes filing for tax exempt status for both fe

How to Dispute a Denial of a Home Warranty

Home warranty contracts are often included in home sales to provide incentive to close the deal. These contracts typically cover items that need repair or replacement that would not be covered by homeowners insurance, such as heating and air conditioning systems, electrical and plumbing systems, and