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How to Write an Editorial Interview

An editorial interview mixes a factual interview with the author's editorial biases. Reporters wishing to pursue this kind of article must be careful with their words. Most interview candidates want their views to be accurately represented. If an author adds his editorial bias to the written version

Federal Probate Laws

The outcome of a probate process may be decided by a judge.vintage bible book studio isolated image by dinostock from Fotolia.comProbate is when the courts supervise the legal process of going through the will and estate when someone has passed away. There are both state and federal...

Even With the Repeal of the Death Tax, You Need an Estate Plan!

On January 1, 2010, the estate tax (the so-called "death tax") was repealed. With the repeal of the death tax, some people have put their estate plans on hold. However, repeal or not, you still need an estate plan. This article reviews the key reasons why you still need an estate plan and

Drawing Up a Will? What You Need to Think About

Many people avoid having a will. The major consequence of not having a legally enforceable will is that the people you want to receive your property may, unfortunately, not receive it. This may occur because the will was not properly made, because of statutory requirements protecting spouses and chi

Avoid Needing a Probate Attorney - Don't Die Without a Will!

While not the most pleasant topic to look forward to, making out a will can be very important. A will is a document stating who is to receive what, upon one's death. Intestacy is the will designed by the state. If you haven't decided whom you want to receive your estate, the legislature ha

How to Write Your Own Will in Colorado

In Colorado, if someone dies without a will then his estate passes down to his heirs through intestate succession. When this happens, the statutory laws of the state of Colorado decide who will receive the decedent's estate. If you are a Colorado resident and have specific wishes for how you want yo

Legal Disposition Of Wills

From the time a will is written until, after the writer's death, all of his or he property is distributed among the heirs, the process of dividing the property of the deceased goes through several stages in the legal disposition of wills.Promise To Make A WillThe earliest stage in the legal dis

What Does Michael Jackson's Will Say?

Even though Michael Jackson died an untimely death at the age of 50, he left an estate plan that included a Last Will and Testament and Revocable Living Trust. Find out what Michael Jackson's will says and doesn't say.

Procedures to Change the Name on a House Deed

Follow local laws to change the name on a house blueprint and house model studio isolated image by dinostock from Fotolia.comA house deed is a legal document that indicates who owns a house. Having the correct name on the deed is important for both tax and ownership purposes....

How You Can Cope With the Issues of Inheritance and Divorce

Inheritance and divorce issues could be difficult to handle, particularly when you consider that each state has its own laws. What is sure is that any change in your circumstances requires another look at the way your affairs are structured, ideally with specialist assistance. Merely overlooking one

How to Find Court Calendars

Courts proceedings throughout the United States are dictated by court calendars. These calendars can be viewed by the public, which can use the information to find out about specific cases. Court calendars typically show the names of the parties involved along with the date, time and location of the

The Revocable Living Trust - The Facts and the Fiction

Over the last ten to fifteen years much has been written about the Revocable Living Trust by estate and financial planners, some of which has been factually accurate and some of which has been purely fictional. What is this important legal instrument, and how is it best used as an estate planning to

Wills and Pets

A will is basically an instruction to whoever you've chosen to administer your estate as to how you'd like your estate to be divided after you've gone. By pets we don't mean you're passing on your pet canary - although you could do! Read on for more.

DREAM Act in California

As of February 8, 2011, the lobbying continues for the California DREAM Act, which would allow qualifying, undocumented students, born as illegal immigrants in the state of California, the same financial aid while attending college as legal immigrant students, reports "The Sacramento Bee."