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Probate Judges - What They Are and What They Do

A probate judge is a state court official who is in charge of overseeing the probate process in his or her local jurisdiction. Learn about what a probate judge does on a day to day basis here.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Revocable Living Trusts

When considering whether or not to include a Revocable Living Trust as part of your estate plan, you'll need to understand the pros and cons of using a trust instead of just a Last Will and Testament.

U.S. Census Definition of Race

The United States census is a numerical account of all citizens based on socioeconomic, biological, sociological and psychological markers. The process amasses, records and publishes this information to be utilized to make government funding allotments for such things as institutions and public tran

How to Find Effective AdWord Keywords

Google is both the Internet's most popular search engine and most-used advertising service. Because an AdWords advertisement is displayed on the Google search engine and on Google's many other services -- such as YouTube, Gmail and AdSense -- it can be an effective way to showcase your product or se

Estate Planning Basics - What Is An Estate Executor?

An estate executor is responsible for settling decedent estates and distributing inheritance property to designated beneficiaries. Estate administration can encompass everything from making funeral arrangements to selling real estate.

Grounds for Contesting a Will

The law establishes many rules to execute a valid will. An interested party may challenge the will by claiming violation of one one of these rules. Those with specific questions about will contests should consult an estate law attorney.

Do Offshore Asset Protection Trusts Work in the USA?

Simple, single-member LLCs have long been popular asset protection tools in the US, but their effectiveness has been curtailed by recent court decisions such as the Olmstead case. This article looks at how an Offshore Asset Protection Trust and an Offshore LLC can legally and effectively increase se

How to Find Textures for Aventity Heads

Aventity is a "Second Life" brand that sells animal avatars to residents. In "Second Life," you can create any avatar with textures and primitives that attach to your virtual character. Aventity avatars come with multiple ways to change the textures associated with each part of t

3 Legal Secrets All Parents Should Know

We all know, at least in theory, that life is unpredictable and that we never know what tomorrow will bring. This eye opening realization was slapped in my face when I almost died in the hospital after giving birth to my first child. I was expecting to hold my baby immediately after his birth, begin

Planning in the Year of No Estate Tax

The 2010 estate tax elimination is set to expire and will significantly affect how future estates will be taxed. An attorney can explain how these changes affect your estate planning.

Do You Owe Any Compensation For Your Work Injury?

Injuries at workplace can occur at any moment to anyone. If you are working at any factory or workshop, you are bound to get injured more than the ones who have white collar jobs at cool offices.

How to Find the Length & Width on a Scale Photo

Imagine displaying a life-size picture of the Eiffel Tower. It would not only take up a tremendous amount of room but would require scaffolding and lifts to examine. Few people could take in the whole structure at a single glance, as they could if the picture were smaller. However, a standard photog

Bank Safe Deposit Box Rules & Regulations

Safe-deposit boxes are for valuables and other hard-to-replace items.letter boxes image by Vladislav Gajic from Fotolia.comSafe deposit is often a bank's most misunderstood service area. Typically, it is located far from the main floor and tucked away inside a huge vault in some distant...

Do I Need to Wait Until I Die to Tell Everybody This?

Why do we fear the INEVITABLE? The concept of our own funeral, let alone how we may be at the end of our lives can be catastrophic and even unbearable for some. Just to say the word death can be extremely anxiety provoking. However this article attempts to briefly touch on a few thought provoking id

How to Cancel a Contract for a Deed

A deed transfers or conveys an interest in real property from one party or parties to another. In most instances, contracts of sale precede most transfers of land. In order for the contract to be valid, it must be in writing and contain the signature of the party to be charged and the essential ter

How Do I Prove My Unemployability to the Veterans Administration?

Eligibility for benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is based on the satisfaction of three requirements. A physician must diagnose you with a current disease or disorder (disability). You must prove that the disability is service-related: it either began during active duty or was ag