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How do I Start a Small Business in Dutchess County, New York?

New York state's Hudson Valley region is located halfway between the state capital in Albany and the New York City metropolitan area. The business start-up process in Dutchess County is supported by myriad business development programs to include considerations for planning and finance assistance in

Estate Planning and the Will

Estate planning along with the creation of the Will is among the things that we normally don't think about on a daily basis. However, we have to consider that bad things can happen to us especially when we least expect them like accidents or terminal illnesses such as cancer. Before these unfor

How to Create a Public_Html in FileZilla

When you use an FTP client such as FileZilla to upload files to your Web site, the files will need to go into a public directory in order to be visible to your site's visitors. The most commonly used name for this public directory is "public_html." If you find that there is no "public_html" folder a

Funding Your Living Trust With Bonds

If you have a revocable living trust, funding of the trust is essential to ensure that the trust operates as intended. Funding your trust with the bonds that you own is just one step in this funding process.

Is Copying DVDs Illegal?

You can freely copy music to you MP3 player or burn it to a disc as long as you own a legitimate version of the CD. DVDs, however, are illegal to copy, even if many software vendors ignore this law.

How to Create a Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard paint lets you convert a plain wall into a usable chalkboard with just two coats. Cover an entire wall or mask off a grid to create a calendar or any other configuration you choose. Use chalkboard paint in a playroom or kids' bedroom for fun, in the kitchen for lists and menus, in the off

How to Find Texas Criminal Court Cases

Texas is the second most populous state and has a large and expansive court system to handle criminal cases. According to the Texas Judicial System, the county criminal courts add approximately 600,000 court cases per year and dispose of roughly the same amount. If you must find your Texas criminal

How To Choose Round Rock Realtors?

While there are many cities in America that are experiencing growth, Round Rock happens to be one of the foremost. Its proximity to Austin has contributed to its growth and the fact that many large companies are opening branches in this part of the country has made it a great place to work in.

Finance - One Reason to Start Planning Your Estate Today

To begin, a quick overview of estate planning. In general, estate planning is the process of determining the way in which one's assets will be distributed after death. Because applicable state and federal laws must take a very broad view of the topic and offer "one-size-fits-all" solu

Offshore Annuity, Deferred Variable Annuity

An Offshore Annuity is an annuity that will gain interest at a rate determined by the investment portfolios, and either the owner or annuitant will be taxed at beginning of withdrawal period. Used in wealth preservation. Offshore Trust is usually owner of Offshore Annuity. Difference of Deferred Var

5 Reasons to Create and Update Your Will

Having a will is important to protecting the division of your assets. If you do not plan your estate before you pass away, your assets may be divided in a way that you don't agree with. The following is a list of important reasons to write a will and protect your estate.

How to Amend a Settlement Agreement

There are occasions when a settlement agreement in a lawsuit (or in a divorce case) requires an amendment. For example, if a necessary element inadvertently is left out of the initial document. No matter the reason, there is a specific process by which the parties to a lawsuit (or divorce) are able

How to Set Up a Bare Trust

Bare trusts, also called naked trusts or simple trusts, limit the responsibilities of the trustee under the terms of the contract. Trusts transfer your property or assets into the name of the trustee, who you designate, and the trust. You no longer control the assets, but your property and beneficia

Write a Will

Make sure that you write a Will! Find the secrets to getting your Will written quickly, easily and cheaply in this article.

How to Add a Page to My Last Will & Testament

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to make an addition to your will, including weddings, divorces, births and deaths in your family. Changing your last will and testament may sound daunting because it is a legal document, but it really isn't that complicated, especially if you use a cod

What Does No Contest Mean in a Court of Law?

"No contest" clauses can be found in some wills. These clauses generally provide that if anyone contests a will, that person receives nothing. However, the term "no contest" is associated more with a no contest plea in a criminal proceeding.

Am I Required to Have a Certified Copy of the Deed to My House?

A deed is a legal record that documents changes in property ownership. Upon property purchase, a homeowner receives an original copy of the deed. In a recent marketing trend, document production companies contact homeowners in an attempt to sell them certified copies of their deeds. While this is no

How to Obtain My Florida Driving Record

If you are a resident of Florida, you can obtain your current state driving records from county clerks throughout the state. Other institutions also can provide these records, but typically for a higher fee. Wherever you go, having your driving records on file may be a good idea, especially if you

How to Change a Title on a Property to Your Spouse

For any number of reasons, you may decide to transfer either real estate or personal property into your spouse's name. You may choose to title the property solely in her name, or you may decide on joint ownership with provisions that allow the property to automatically transfer to her upon your deat