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How to Send Money to a Federal Inmate

Anyone can send money to a federal inmate through an account. Similar to a regular bank system, an account assigned to each federal inmate handles commissary purchases for supplies not regularly issued. The account, maintained at one location, serves each federal prison. You must know the full name

How to Become the Executor of an Estate When Someone Passes Away

Serving as the executor of an estate is an honor, as it entrusts a loved one or close friend to oversee the division and delivery of personal property and assets to other family members, friends and even organizations. The executor's job may be filled with emotion, and it always carries great respon

What's the Difference Between a Living Will and a Living Trust?

Many people confuse Living Wills with Living Trusts, and yet these legal documents serve two completely different purposes. Learn what a Living Will is, what a Living Trust is, and how to never confuse these two documents ever again.

How to Create a W9

A W-9 is an official form available from the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, that allows a qualified entity to obtain a taxpayer identification number or Social Security number from self-employed individuals or businesses that rendered services in exchange for taxable monetary gain. The W-9 Form i

Estate Planning & Living Trust Information

Lets take the mystery out of a living trust. Should everyone have a living trust and estate planning, and who will be the person you appoint to handle the trust after your death?

Maritime Law Firm Saves Life

“Asa maritime employee,must be responsible to know his privileges and claims if something unexpected happened to him.” My father told me when he spend a vacation with us last week. “An advice from a Maritime Lawyer from a quality Maritime Law Firm was very important to make once mi

How to Deed a Property to Yourself

Deeds are important because they state exactly who owns a property or parcel of land. In some instances a deed may need to be altered, for instance, if a property owner marries and wants to add her spouse to the deed. In this case she would have to file a quit claim deed to add herself and her spous

How to Find Out What Court Date, Time and Number My Brother in Custody Has

Finding out that a loved one has been incarcerated can be an emotionally trying experience. You may be trying to find out everything you can so that you can begin to understand the situation and how severe it is. Usually, when a person is incarcerated, a court date is set. This court appearance is c

Preparing For Possible Incapacitation

The field of elder law is continuing to grow as the senior citizen population expands, medical technology improves, and the political and business influences on aging and health care as a whole impact the paradigm. So in addition to the important tasks of drawing up wills and creating trusts with th

AAA Arbitration Procedures

Arbitration clauses are found in many contracts.signing a contract image by William Berry from Fotolia.comArbitration is an alternative legal remedy to filing a case in court. In arbitration, the parties submit their claims and evidence and argue the merits before an impartial third...

How the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 Changed Taxes

To avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, Congress and President Obama acted in the early hours of 2013 to pass the American Taxpayer Relief Act. Find out what this new law means for estate taxes, gift taxes, generation skipping transfer taxes and income taxes for 2013 and beyond.

How to Find Your Handicap in Bowling

As a simple way to level the playing field or, in this case, the bowling lane, a handicap system is used in league bowling play. The handicap system allows players of lesser ability, who consistently roll lower scores, to be able to compete with better players equally. Finding your handicap is based

How to Find the Maximum Enum on VB

Using a quick loop to search for the largest value in an Enum type is helpful when you don't want to hard-code a maximum value into your Visual Basic (VB) program. Enum is a way to enumerate and define a set of named values. The names are treated similar to constants and can't be changed later on. Y

How to Find Birth Records By Using Birth Dates

In addition to knowing the birth date of the person whose birth record you would like to find, you also need to know the person's full birth name; and what state they were born in. When this information is known, finding a specific birth record is relatively easy. Vital records laws vary by state. I

What Does a Wills & Estate Attorney Do?

A Will is a written document, generally prepared with the help of an attorney (although not essential), that provides instructions for the disposition of a decedent's (dead person's) property. The term "Last Will and Testament" is simply a more complicated name for a Will. The pe