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Last Will & Testament Law

Although there are some variations from state to state, the general legal provisions governing a last will and testament largely are the same in all jurisdictions in the United States. Before you commence the process of preparing your own last will and testament, you need to understand the basics of

How to Find Complaints Against Veterinarians in Georgia

Georgia consumers may lodge complaints against veterinarians in two different places. Financial complaints--such as for overcharging--may be filed with the Better Business Bureau. All other complaints are filed with the Georgia Board of Veterinarians. Complaints are a matter of public record and are

Living Trust Documents - What is Needed - Part 1

Once you create your Living Trust Documents, you are not done. There are several supporting documents that must be drafted and signed along with the trust agreement. Each one of these documents plays an important role depending on the facts and circumstances of the trust Grantor's life.

What Do You Know About Metal-on-metal Hip Implants?

With the rise of new technology, innovations are being introduced which includes metal-on-metal (Metal-on-metal) implants Hip implants are considered as a pioneer in the medical device field which can greatly benefit those with severely injured hips especially those belonging to the upper age group.

How to Copy Objects in Blender

Blender is a free application for creating 3-D animation on your computer, and after you create an object, such as a table or a chair for a scene, you might want to copy it. For example, if you need to have two chairs in a scene, it's easier to create one and then make a copy instead of making anoth

Anna Nicole Smith Dies Without a Will - What's a Will? What's a Trust?

Anna Nicole Smith dies without a will. Without a will and a trust Anna Nicole Smith leaves behind many unsettled legal issues including paternal rights to her baby daughter, unsettled case against her late Husband's estate Howard Marshall II. What's a Will? Why is a Will not enough? What a

Living Wills Can Affect Life Support Decisions

It is your right to get life support for as long as your body lasts and should this be your wish, your living will must indicate this clearly. On the other hand you may not want any kind of support, but unless you indicate that clearly, medical staff will not withhold these procedures.

3 Things to Consider With Asset Protection

Asset protection relates to using a variety of legal schemes for protecting certain assets, like money, buildings, or land, from potential legal disputes or seizures. By implementing asset protection in the right way, an investor is also able to benefit from using these types of strategies.

Intestacy Rules And Surviving Spouses

When a person dies without a valid Will, the law says he or she has died ‘intestate’.This means any money and belongings left will pass under the statutory rules of intestacy.

How do I Find Out If a Company Is ISO9000 Certified?

The International Organization of Standardization, also known as ISO, has many international standards for safety and quality. One of these families of standards, ISO 9000, applies to standards for quality management systems, which is related to how to safely and effectively perform business activit

How to Create a Global Variable in SSIS

SSIS is a component of Microsoft SQL Server that was implemented with the version released in 2005. SSIS provides the ability to utilize programming code to accomplish desired tasks within SSIS. One of the programming features that SSIS offers is the ability to create and use global variables, whic

How to Transfer Property in Kentucky

Kentucky, like most states, has different instruments for transferring property, and the situation dictates which instrument to use. If the property is known to the grantee, such as a sibling or child, a quitclaim deed may be used. If the property is being sold to another party, a general warranty d

How to Write Lambda

Lambda represents the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet, with the Roman letter "L" representing a variant of this letter. The lambda symbol is used for a number of different purposes, including mathematical equations and graphic artwork. Creating this letter by hand is not difficult, and with enough

Reasons Why It Is Important to Assign Someone Power of Attorney

Power of attorney (POA) is a written, authorized contract in which an individual, the principal, grants another individual, the agent, the authority to act on the principal's behalf in regard to private, business, or financial decisions. Durable, statutory, and medical are the valuable assortme

How to File a Subpoena Form Pro Se in Maricopa County, Arizona

A subpoena is a document issued by a court to a person compelling that person to provide testimony in front of the court or to produce documents. In order to make sure the subpoena is on the record, you need to file it with the court. Additionally, if you are representing yourself, known as pro se,

Responsibilities of a Guardian Ad Litem in New Hampshire

A guardian ad litem (GAL) in New Hampshire is appointed by the court to protect the rights of a child, or a person unable to fully understand or speak for themselves, who are either the subject of litigation or have an interest in litigation. The GAL's role is that of advocate to ensure that the ch

Legal Rights vs. Executor for Funeral Arrangements

The death of a family member can give rise to a flurry of stress for the survivors, especially regarding the deceased's estate and funeral arrangements. However, if the deceased left a will, he may have named an executor.

The Importance of a Will

Do you have a will or have you been putting off writing your will for some time now? Having a will these days is not only important for you, but is crucial for your family in the event something were to happen to you.

What Are the Duties of an Executor of a Living Trust?

A living trust, also called a revocable trust, is a legal document specifying to whom and how an individual's property and assets are to be distributed after death. An executor, usually called a trustee, is responsible for administering all property and assets in accordance with the specifications o

Massachusetts Erosion & Sedimentation Standards of Control

Along with the federal EPA, Massachusetts has enacted guidelines for best management practices that will ensure standards of control for erosion and sedimentation due to construction and land disturbances which have altered natural drainage patterns and reduced runoff water quality.