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Leaving A Legacy

Make a difference today and after you are gone.Do you want to impact the lives of others for years to come? Your legacy can live on forever with proper planning today. The obituary in the local paper or the epitaph on a burial marker is sadly all we will have to remember many when they pass. But, th

How Do I Pick an Executor of My Will?

The role of an executor can be time consuming and involves dealing with various concerns related to the settlement of an estate. The larger the estate, the more complex the role of the executor will be. An estate that is worth more than one million dollars should be handled by a lawyer, an estate pl

What Constitutes Wire Fraud?

Wire fraud is criminal activity that takes place through media such as the Internet, computers or telecommunication services. This is a very broad term that can encompass a variety of acts, but according to, four significant categories are computer fraud, online data fraud, identity theft a

Ethical Wills: The Missing Piece of Estate Planning

Ethical wills are a chance to leave love and wisdom to those who follow. We spend so much time worrying about our financial legacy, we don't always allocate enough time for our spiritual legacy or even our historical legacy. An ethical will is a chance to put down what we care about most. An et

Will I Lose The Capital Gains Exclusion If I Gift My Home Through An LLC

Question: Dear Mr. Pancheri, I read your great article "Gifting Real Estate Under the Annual Gift Tax Exclusion." In this article you explain that an LLC can be used to accomplish this. I am considering an LLC - Is there any change in the basis when membership units are transferred (that i

Tax Liability on the Living Trust Sale of a House

Upon the death of a grantor, title to all assets owned by the grantor transfer to the living trust, including real property. The living trust may specify that assets such as a house be sold, with the proceeds from the sale going to specific individuals or entities. How the proceeds from the sale of

How to Transfer Firearms to a Revocable Trust in Connecticut

A trust is a legal device that permits a third-party trustee to hold property on behalf of another, the beneficiary. The trustor (also known as the grantor) creates the trust and is also sometimes the trustee as well. Transferring property into a trust in Connecticut is as simple as transferring any

Who Inherits Property Owned as Tenants in Common?

If your loved one has died and you and your loved one owned property as tenants in common, then you'll need to understand who will inherit the deceased owner's portion of the property.

How to Create a Legal Will

What happens to your property after you die can have a significant impact on the lives of your friends, family and loved ones. Making sure your wishes are met in a legally enforceable will can give you piece of mind. The use of a last will and testament to decide how you want your property to get di

What Happens if You Don't Have a Disability Plan?

Planning for mental disability to avoid guardianship or conservatorship should be an integral part of every estate plan and yet it's often overlooked. There are two important aspects of mental disability planning: deciding who will take care of your personal well being and deciding who will tak

The Need for a Special-Needs Trust

A Special-Needs Trust is a trust established for the benefit of a disabled beneficiary who is entitled to receive governmental assistance. The intent of the trust is to provide for the beneficiary above-and-beyond the supplemental assistance without accidentally turning that Federal aid "faucet

Estate Planning Holidays - February Edition

February is a month of only 28 days but it is still chock full of fun holidays that all seem to have something to do with estate planning. What you don't know about estate planning might not kill you but it will hurt your family when something else does, so here are some fun estate planning fac

How to Create Ocean Scenery for a Prom

When it comes to hosting a themed prom or dance party, the most important task for the decorative committee involves transforming the location into a visual representation of the theme. While “under the sea” is a classic theme for prom parties, styling the prom in a fresh, fun way presen

Who Gets The Kids When I Die?

The most important reason to prepare a Last Will & Testament, particularly for young couples, is the peace of mind of knowing that your children will be brought up by people you designate. In the normal situation the guardianship of your children will not be determined until the death of the second

Top 5 Estate Planning Mistakes

A summary of five common mistakes made in the estate planning process. Keep these five tips in mind to ensure that you get the most out of your estate planning efforts.

Using an Estate Trust to Avoid Probate

A trust is used to protect valuable inheritance assets and quickly settle the estate. Property placed inside the trust can be distributed to designated heirs within a short period of time. Depending on the type of assets, inheritance property placed into the trust may be exempt from inheritance taxa

How to Find Out the Officers of a Corporation

Tracking down the officers of a corporation is usually very easy. The information you need is often found online, provided by the corporations as required by law. Every state has a different set of statutes, though, so it can get tricky as corporations follow the local rules. The best way to start t