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How to Change a Red Light Camera Violation in Missouri

Nothing dampens the day quite like a red light camera ticket delivered directly to your mailbox. The good news is that the Governors Highway Safety Association reports that red light camera violations do not add points to your license in the state of Missouri. The bad news is that you still have to

How to Create a Throbbing Light

If you enjoy listening to music on your car or home stereo, you may want to enhance your listening experience by adding a visual element. Attaching a throbbing light to your system makes for a stimulating experience pleasing to both your eyes and your ears. Follow a few easy steps to create your own

5 Reasons Why You Don't Need a Will

For most people, making a will is prioritized on the 'to do' list somewhere between organizing your sock drawer and scheduling an appointment for a root canal. After all, who wants to ponder their own death and misfortune? Making a will is that nagging chore that never gets done. You say,

How to File a Motion to Compel in Florida

File a motion to compel in a Florida court if the opposing party does not provide something ordered by the court, whether during the process of the lawsuit or after a judgment has been entered. A motion to compel is used when one of the parties does not provide discovery, which is required by law, d

The Short Term Insurance Act

The Short-term Insurance Act was introduced in South Africa in 1998. It provides regulation over the short-term insurance industry. Homeowner's, car, liability and medical insurance are all covered under the act.

The Importance Of A Hip Replacement Forum

More reports of defects on Pinnacle Hip Replacement system continue to ruin its maker’s reputation. The product, manufactured by DePuy Orthopedics, already have more than 500 reports mostly attributed to its tendency to loosen prematurely. Complainants said that they have been suffering severe

How to Write Long Tweets

Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters, but according to Mashable this limit did not stop one Twitter user from posting Genesis 1 in its entirety -- all 3,000-plus characters -- when a small group of independent software developers exposed a bug allowing Twitter status updates of any length. Twitte

How to Close an Estate Account

When a person dies, an executor is assigned to handle the details -- including financial matters -- of the deceased person's estate. Personal bank accounts often are closed, and estate bank accounts are opened in their stead. Once the estate has been settled and all financial matters are completed,

How to Copy From Excel to Navision

Navision is an alternate name for Microsoft's Dynamics NAV human resources planning application. Despite the fact that both Navision and Excel are produced by the same corporation, Navision does not support importation of standard Excel file types. In order to import an Excel worksheet into Navision

How to Make Copies on an MP160

The MP160 is an all-in-one printer -- which prints, copies and scans -- that's part of the PIXMA line from Canon. While printing and scanning require certain drivers and software to be installed on the user's computer, making copies does not require a computer. The MP160 can be used as a standalone

How to Find Out If Someone Is Renting?

No centralized county or state database records rental occupants or units. The county, however, does keep track of home ownership. Home ownership records can indicate whether the current resident is the owner or resident. Keep in mind, it could take about 30 to 60 days for the county assessor or aud

Preparing Heirs: How Much Is Too Much?

One of the most difficult questions you may face is how much money to give your children. Self-made billionaire Warren Buffet chose to give his children enough to do what they wanted but not enough to be able to do nothing. If you're rich enough to make your children rich, teach them how to be

How to Find a Can-Am Dealer

Can-Am, founded in 1942 by J.A. Bombadier, specializes in manufacturing all-terrain vehicles, recreational products and roadsters. Finding a Can-Am dealership is easy using the company's dealership finder.

Jones Act Law: Making Sure Of The Safety Of The Maritime Workers

Their helping hand and the law that keep them the strength not to end helplessly and away from negligence. There were companies that were not following the legislation stated on the Jones Act Law, and as a concern workeryou should not think twice before fighting for your rights.

Tax Advantages of a Quitclaim Deed

Quitclaim deeds, which are deeds without guarantees, are typically used only in special circumstances such as to remove a cloud on a title, during tax deed sales or for transfers between family members, particularly at divorce. However, there can be tax advantages to using quitclaim deeds, particula

How to Create a Wall Frieze

Traditionally, a wall frieze occupies the upper part of the wall, above the picture rail but below the cornice or any moldings, but there's nothing to stop you bucking tradition and putting a decorative frieze wherever you want it. A frieze may be either one continuous decorative panel or a series o

Description of a Method for Finding the pH of a Solution in the Laboratory

The pH value is a measure of the acidity of an aqueous solution. Acids have a pH value below 7.0, while bases have a pH above 7.0; compounds with a pH of 7.0, such as water, are described as neutral. The pH can be determined in the laboratory either using an indicator or electrically, using a pH met

How to Find the Perimeter of an Irregular Shape Without a Ruler

A common geometry assignment at school is to find the perimeter of irregular shapes when not all the dimensions have been given. Basic problems like this involve shapes made up of right angles, but not forming a uniform square or rectangle, or shapes that have angled edges on one or more of the side

How to Prepare a Sworn Affidavit

An affidavit is a written statement made under oath. Affidavits are most commonly used in court settings, where they are filed in conjunction with some other court document or action. Affidavits are also commonly used by parties to a business transaction conducted outside of court. Affidavits are po