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How to Find Literary Abstracts

When all you want is a quick overview of an epic tale, five-act play or in-depth historical biography, you might find yourself at a loss. However, quick-hit summaries do exist, and they're known as abstracts. An abstract is an overview of a book, paper or article. A good abstract provides readers wi

The Magnuson Fisheries Act

Originally enacted in 1976 and amended several times since then, the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act deals with many facets of fishery managements in the United States. The law is named after former senators Warren Magnuson of Washington and Ted Stevens of Alaska.

How to Create a DLA Mascot

DLA is the acronym for Defense Logistics Agency. The Defense Logistics Agency is the United States’ largest logistics combat support organization, offering aid in both wartime and peacetime to military branches as well as civilian agencies and foreign countries. If your school offers a DLA pro

ILIT's Offer Exceptional Estate Tax Planning Benefits

ILIT's are invaluable estate planning tools that may provide exceptional tax saving benefits. These life insurance trusts must be established and operated correctly to ensure that their objectives are attained.

QNUPs Benefits - What's in It for You?

As we all know the assets that you initially invested in for your pension fund may have proven to be a little more toxic than expected - so what's the alternative? There's been a couple of changes in the UK and specifically the use of QNUPs now allows the investor more choice of investment

How to Become a Scottish Laird

If you've ever dreamed of being nobility, many websites offer to make that dream a reality. Hundreds of companies claim they can give you the title of Scottish Laird, the equivalent of an English Lord. The service may seem surprising, but it is legal. If you've always had a love affair with castles,

Got Kids? Get an Estate Plan!

If you have children, especially small children, the time for estate planning is now. Your estate plan allows you to plan for who will care for your children, makes sure that your property is transferred to the people you want to have it, determines who will handle the business affairs of your estat

Can a Creditor Come Back to Collect From Heirs Once an Estate Is Settled?

Keeping your liabilities low ensures that, should you die unexpectedly, your creditors won’t claim the bulk of your assets and leave your heirs with little, if any, inheritance. Once the probate court pays out the existing claims and settles and closes your estate, your heirs can then enjoy th

How to Create a Fiberglass Longboard

Skateboarding provided surfers the ability to practice balancing and tricks while not in the water, but the activity quickly became its own sport. In the late 1960s, deck manufacturing companies such as Hobie and Makaha sold the first skateboards that replicated the movement of surfboards, yet for t

How to Locate Sexual Offenders in Nevada

The government plays a large role in our lives. No role is as important as the keeper of the peace. Nevada state law requires all convicted sex offenders to register with the state. This information is made available to the public so as to alert citizens that a high risk offender is located in their

Interstate Succession Rules

Intestate law or, what is also known as intestacy, is a set of guidelines governing the transfer of a person's property or estate to their beneficiaries. These policies are typically used when some or all of the person's property is not bequeathed in a last will and testament. However,...

North Carolina Personal Estate Probate Law

Under North Carolina law, the clerk of a county's Superior Court also serves as the probate court judge. North Carolina's personal estate probate law requires that the clerk determine whether a presented will is valid, along with any other issues pertaining to the estate. The clerk also oversees the

How to Find Out Who Owned the Land Before You

If you bought land in a foreclosure sale or via public auction after tax bills on the parcel became delinquent, you may not know who previously owned the property and for what the land was used. However, all previous transactions and title transfers on property must be recorded with a county clerk's

Do-It-Yourself: a Will for Free

If you do not have a will when you die, the probate court will divide your property according to state inheritance laws; consequently, the people you want to have your property to may not receive it. In many cases, it is easy to create a will, especially if you use a software program or will forms t

Why You Need a Will

Because 50%-60% of the population never executes a Will, the majority of us will allow our state legislature to determine who is most deserving of our money, belongings, and real estate when we die. Why do otherwise intelligent people who work and save their whole lives fail to plan for the inevitab

Irrevocable Trust & Divorce

An irrevocable trust shields assets from estate and gift taxes as well as seizure by a grantor's creditors and, it allows beneficiaries to avoid the time and costs involved in probating a will. A divorce, whether the grantor's or the beneficiary's, may affect an irrevocable trust arrangement.

Do You Need an Estate Plan For Your Family Situation?

One of the most frequent questions that I'm asked as an estate planning attorney is, "How do I know if I need to make an estate plan?” The first place to start is to take a look at your family situation. If it fits into one or more of the personal “red flag” categories, then, regardless of

Alaska Estate Laws

Alaska began phasing out its estate tax in time image by Tom Oliveira from Fotolia.comAlaska's estate taxes were tied to the federal tax credit that was phased out in 2005. The state now requires state returns to be filed only for estates belonging to people who died before...

Tax Sheltered Annuity TSA 403b - What is It?

Tax-Sheltered Annuity or TSA (also known as 403(b)) is an alternative retirement savings plan. Tax-Sheltered Annuity benefits are contributions to a Tax-Sheltered Annuity are done through a payroll deduction and are therefore taken out pre-tax. Rollover funds into other investment options such as 40