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How to Identify a Detroit Diesel

Founded as part of General Motors' Diesel Division in 1938, Detroit Diesel engines have found use in a variety of applications, including large trucks, agricultural equipment and industrial uses. Currently, Detroit Diesel is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks. Popular Detroit Diesel engine lines include

Garbage Trucks: An Introduction

Take a look in to front-loading, rear-loading, and side-loading garbage trucks, the unheralded saviors to our every day lives. Keeping us clean, odorless, and collected, the garbage trucks of our soci

Buying Trucks at Auction - A 'How-to' guide

Many people new to purchasing commercial fleet struggle to move beyond the truck trader publications and online sales sites. I have put together this article to help commercial fleet buyers open their

Types of Truck Bed Liners

The truck has grown throughout history to be a symbol of work and utility. It is the bed of the truck that makes it such an important feature in construction and utility industries; this design feature is for the sole purpose of carrying tools, materials, equipment and other cargo. Under these heavy

Car Buying

Buying a car is a major investment and a long-term commitment, but many people simply head to the dealership without knowing anything about the process of buying a car.

Finding the economical truck rental service

Once you attain a new address, you also have to relocate your whole domestic or workplace stuffs to the new locality. There are numerous companies who are involved in the job of transferring material

How to Fix a Broken Door Handle on a GMC Truck

Nothing is more irritating to deal with on a car than a broken door handle; and since the driver's side door gets used the most, its handle is usually the one that breaks first. If you're tired of having to leave your window down so you can break into your own car, don't worry. Replacement door hand

The Challenges Of Buying Used Bucket Trucks

Buying used bucket trucks is not an easy task because it requires extensive research. What makes it difficult is the fact that you are buying a used truck which means there’s always a possibility that you can buy a vehicle that is not working properly. To solve this kind of problem is you have

Trailmobile Trailers - From The Beginning

The history of Trailmobile trailers spans a long era. Today the company is well known throughout the United States and Canada, but it did not always stem from the same cloth.

How to Remove a Range Rover Lug

Owning a vehicle corresponds with periodic maintenance and care if you want your vehicle to continue to run at an optimum performance level. Owning a Range Rover can include a bit more maintenance than with an average passenger vehicle because of its off-road capabilities. Changing the tires on a Ra

Chevrolet Suv Has It All

Chevrolet SUV is an example of excellence in term of speed, power and safety. There is no one who can deny the comfort and luxury that it has in offer.

Angel Investor Groups

Angel investor groups are acquiring better acknowledgment as primary patrons in early-stage industry, attaining eminent rankings in industry-related annual surveys of private equity investment firms for entrepreneurs.

Toyota FTX Concept Truck

Concept trucks are a cross between a designer's imagination and the "real world" vehicles available to consumers. Concepts always offer a good preview of truck design trends.

How to Unsnap Stainless Snaps on Boats

Most cabin cruiser boats have what amounts to an optional waterproof lightweight canvas tent over the cockpit, commonly known as a camper top. Support for the camper top comes from aluminum poles and cross members that attach to the cockpit. The camper top often comes in two sections attached by a z

Nissan Micra Specifications

Nissan Micra or March originated across the globe since 1982 manufactured by Japanese automobile company Nissan and in India it was launched in 2010. The Indian version of Nissan Micra is the fourth generation model, which is built in India, China and Thailand and exported to more than 160 nations w