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Beaches in Singapore

Singapore beaches are well maintained, clean and environmentally 'Green'. Air polution is also low due to strict national regulations

True Life Experiences in Tanzania.

Tanzania is the focus of this short report about a new wave of cultural tourism. Tanzania has something for everyone, attractions, has become a tourist magnet. Kenya seems to be running a poor second to ...

Germany Discription

In the past year, was able to visit my friends in Germany, in Munich, Bavaria land. Bavaria - one of the oldest and most beautiful areas of Germany, the site of ancient castles and Gothic ...

There's more to Kenya than Safari

If you are thinking about vacationing in Kenya but think the only thing to do there is a Safari, you are very mistaken. Kenya is a fantastic destination for a holiday, and though safaris may ...

Foreshore Fishing Tours Sydney Australia

For most people who tour places for holidays to relax their minds, Sydney has been one of the greatest places one can visit. This has been influenced by the great diversity of the vegetation around ...

How to Survive a Rainy Day in Rio de Janeiro

It's raining in the Cidade Maravilhosa, and you're on vacation. No need to despair when beaches and major attractions are rained out. A little rainy weather doesn't mean the end of your holiday--weather the weather as the locals do.

Luxury Trains India - The Priceless Experience on Land

Travelling over Indian land is always considered a time-consuming affair. Such a journey is monotonous, where travellers literally have nothing to do but eagerly wait for the destination. But this is not the case with ...

Travelling to any foreign destination

More and more Indians are travelling to foreign countries nowadays. International SIM cards have made it convenient for the globetrotters to avail maximum benefits of international telecommunication s

India Tour and Travel in North East

One of the first things that comes in the mind of travelers when talking about tour and travel in India is the mighty Himalayas. The highest mountain ranges are divided into three parts. The upper, ...

New York City For Tourists

New York is one of the famous cities in the world. Its fame is because of all the attractions that the city has and you will not experience.

The Oriental Pearl Tower – A Remarkable TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower is massive in size and is one of the most artistic towers in the world. Apart from its beauty it houses a world of entertainment opportunity making it feel as if a world is ca