Kenmore Ice Machine Auger Will Not Rotate

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How to Make Decorative Light Switch Plates

Light switch plates don’t have to be plain. You can change them to match the season or holiday. Store-bought decorated switch plates, however, can be expensive, so buy inexpensive plates and decorate them as a fun craft project. They can help inspire the spirit of the season.

How to Hook Chub Minnows

Attract game fish like bass and northern pike with a chub minnow bait. Chub minnows include sturgeon, lake, speckled, flathead, gravel and creek. Their physical hardiness makes them ideal baits for enticing game fish. Hook the chub to match it with the type of fishing you intend to do, such as troll

Floresville, Texas Hunting

Floresville is a small Texas town located in Wilson County approximately 30 miles southeast of San Antonio. The southern plains and rolling grasslands of this area provide for upland bird and dove hunting, while local gaming ranchers offer big game and exotic hunting opportunities.

How to Make a PS3 Service Jig

A PlayStation 3 service jig is a USB development board that has been programmed to power up the PS3 in an unsigned-state. Some people call this "service mode." In service mode, package files can be installed directly from the PS3 menu. This opens a world of new applications for the PS3, making it ac

Homemade Ice Fishing Equipment

Ice fishing is an extremely popular sport in northern climates. When people go ice fishing, they often use complicated equipment offered by a number of manufacturers. Another option for ice fishermen is making their own equipment. Each ice fisherman needs a way to cut into the ice, stay warm, catch

How to Rig & Tie Fishing Lines

Fly fishing is unlike most other forms of fishing. Whereas most anglers cast a heavy lure that pulls light monofilament line behind it, the fly fisherman casts a heavy line that pulls the feather-light fly along with it. This large-diameter fly line is much too bulky to attach to the fly itself, so

How to Correctly Spool a Spinning Reel

After just one season, fishing line can become as brittle as dry spaghetti. Although modern fishing line is strong enough to handle practically any fight a fish can put up, monofilament fishing line will deteriorate from exposure to the elements. You should replace it annually. Spooling a spinning r

Sun and Shade Fish Finder Tips

Electronic fishfinders can help anglers find fish holding near underwater image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.comElectronic fishfinders can help anglers find fish and stay on them. Electronic transponders and LCD displays give fishermen a way to peer beneath the waves and...

Colorado River Fish Native to Texas

The Colorado River located in Texas begins in Dawson County in the western part of the state and flows 862 miles southeast into Matagorda Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. A 40-mile stretch of the river flows through the city of Austin, traveling through Travis and Bastrop counties. Fishing and boating are

How to Use Hand Line Fishing Equipment

Hand line fishing is a tradition older than recorded history can date. Though there have been several advances in fishing technology, some people still use hand lines for sport or out of necessity. With a few cheap items and a place to fish, you could be eating fish for days to come after reading th

How to Get a Better Fishing Pole in "Toontown"

"Toontown" is a virtual world for children and young adults. Players complete quests, fish, farm and engage in other activities. When you begin the game, you are given the Twig Rod. The Twig Rod is the weakest of the five available fishing poles, and it is only good for catching small fish

Fly Fishing

It's a beautiful day in early spring. You are standing beside a beautiful river flowing through the mountains of Colorado. In your hands you hold your gear. You are brimming with excitement as you imagine ...

How Do True Flies Move?

The more than 120,000 known species of true flies are from the order Diptera, which means two wings. True flies have only one pair of functional wings; this order of flies includes (along with the houseflies and blackflies), blow flies, horse flies, deer flies, fruit flies, crane flies, midges, and

Freshwater Striper Feeding Habits

Stripers are the hard-fighting louts of the temperate bass family. Related to white and yellow bass, stripers can grow to be more than 50 lbs and are found on both American coasts and in numerous freshwater lake and river systems. Stripers are highly prized for their tasty flesh and burly fighting.

Kenmore Ice Machine Auger Will Not Rotate

The auger in a Kenmore brand ice maker moves ice cubes forward through the storage bucket and down the dispenser chute. Under normal circumstances the auger moves when the dispenser paddle is held down by a glass; cubes then drop from the dispenser into the waiting drink. There are several situation

How to Register for New England Saltwater Fishing

New England is situated in the northeast corner of the United States and consists of six individual states. Known for its diverse coastline and immense supply of fish and seafood, the coastal regions of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut are each separately regulated w

Fly Fishing in Wyoming

The goal in fly fishing is to trick the fish into biting by drifting an imitation of an insect in the most natural manner possible. Fly fishing is completely about presentation and is nothing short of an art form. For those who are interested in pursuing fly fishing in Wyoming, there are enough spec

Procedures for Spooling and Spinning Reels

It is a common task to spool new fishing line to a reel. Different weights of line are needed for the different fish gone for. When you need to spool and get the reel set with new line there is a common procedure and set of knots to accomplish the task. Once set, you are good to go and the spinning