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Correct Methods for Snagging Salmon

Snagging salmon is a practical method of catching the fish for food. Snagging is best accomplished in river systems, as the salmon gather in large numbers before the spawn. Snagging is not complicated, but the technique does require a methodical approach to maximize success. Snagging is illegal in s

The Best Ways to Ice Fish for Northern Pike

Northern pike are common targets of ice fishermen because the fish bite readily, even during the winter. Some people who pursue pike during the winter do so to eat the fish, while others simply enjoy catching and releasing the hard-fighting fish. There are several techniques that will increase the o

How to Tell the Difference Between a Spotted Bass and a Largemouth

Bass fishing is one of the most popular forms of sport fishing in America. Neither spotted bass nor largemouth bass are popular foods at the dinner table, but their unpredictable behavior and determined fight make them enticing challenges for any angler. You can catch spotted bass and largemouth bas

How to Carve Wooden Fish Decoys

Bring an old piece of driftwood to life as a carved fish decoy with a few woodworking tools. Traditionally used by Native Americans to lure large fish under the ice or in deep water, carved fish decoys today are mostly folk art featuring multiple iridescent colors or kept plain to evoke old-world cu

North Carolina Game Fishing Regulations

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, comprised of biologists, engineers, administrators and enforcement officers, is responsible for upholding fishing regulations in the state. Certain regulations cover game fish species.Game Fish SpeciesNorth Carolina designates many of its...

How to Get a Fishing Pole in Pokemon SoulSilver

"Pokemon: SoulSilver" is a Nintendo DS remake of the original "Pokemon Silver" for the GameBoy. The SoulSilver version features enhanced graphics and new Pokemon available in new locations. One common way to catch Pokemon is to use a fishing rod in any source of water the player

How to Find a Bay Fluke

A summer flounder - also known as a fluke fish - is a flat fish. Both eyes of adult flounder are located on the same side its head. Flounder are aggressive predatory fish that hide at the bottom of the sea floor, burying themselves in the soft sand and ambushing their prey. Summer flounder change t

Crease Fly Tying Instructions

The crease fly is a category of flies, not a specific pattern. It gets its name from the process of folding or creasing the material that forms the major body component. It can be tied to imitate a specific bait fish favored by particular game fish or it can be tied to look like a general, all-purpo

The Habitat of the Giant Octopus

The largest of its species in the world, the giant Pacific octopus, Enteroctopus dofleini, can grow to more than 30 feet long and weigh more than 90 lbs., according to Its eight arms average 16 feet in length. Just like its size and reach, the giant octopus' habitat is vast.

Spincasting Vs. Baitcasting

Two of the main types of fishing reels are bait-casting and spin-casting reels. While any fishing enthusiast can use them, bait-casting equipment is typically used by experienced fishing enthusiasts, and spin-casting equipment is often favored by novice and beginning anglers. The primarily reason is

Painted Turtle FAQ

Of all the turtles found in North America, the painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) is the most widely distributed, and can be found throughout the United States. There are four sub-species: the eastern, midland, western and southern painted turtle. Of the four, the southern painted turtle is...

Three Best Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

Bass fishing is undoubtedly the best hobby in the world for those people that enjoy heading down to their local lake every weekend. It is something that you can just lose yourself in and forget ...

Idaho Sturgeon Fishing

The white sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish in North America, as well as one of the rarest and most difficult to catch. Fishing for sturgeon requires heavy-duty tackle and often years of experience, but the right water is just as essential. Idaho's Snake River is one of the best waters in the

Pattern For How to Fly Fish for Trout With Salmon Eggs

During spring and fall, the eggs from salmon make up a large food source for foraging trout in streams and rivers. Many trout cling to the bottom, face forward into the current, patiently waiting for an egg to drift by so it can snatch it. An angler can catch trout by presenting a small colorful egg

Tourists Flow in Miami Beach for Sport Fishing

There is no one in the world who does not like holidays. Each and every one in this world enjoys holidays but there should be some proper planning for these holidays. They should not be ...

Benefits of Predator Hunting in Oregon

A coyote on a cliff.coyote silhouette 2 image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.comIn western states like Oregon, predator hunting has been completely legal for decades or more, despite protests by animal rights activists. The activists are especially against mass hunting events called derbies,...

How to Paint a Crow

If you're looking for a new painting project, you can always try painting a crow. The crow can provide you with a special challenge. Capturing those inky black feathers will stretch your skills. However, with just a few basic supplies and techniques, you should be able to capture the basic likeness

The Nice Fishing Spots Scattered Nationwide

If you are an angler, you are in great company since it is the activity with the most licensed individuals any sport in South Africa and is practised around the world in the most amazing ...