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How to Be Eevee in "Explorers of Sky"

"Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky" gives players the chance to role play as a Pokemon instead of a trainer. When starting the game, you will first have to answer a series of questions. Your answers will then determine what Pokemon your character will be. These questions are random and each

Why Get a Private Texas Hunting Lease?

Texas is home to thousands of private hunting leases offering all types of game, from mule and white tail deer, migratory birds and small game to feral hogs and even exotics such as aoudads, elk and pronghorn antelope. The myriad of choices offers something for every hunter and their convenience and

How to Treble Hook Rig a Swim Bait

Swim baits are plastic lures used to catch large fish species like bass, muskies and pike. The baits resemble fish in both their shapes and in the way they are painted, as well as in their action when retrieved through the water column. Many anglers prefer swim baits made out of soft plastic because

Camping and Fishing in Lake Sullivan, Indiana

Lake Sullivan is located in Sullivan County, Indiana. This lakefront park area is the site of camping and fishing along with a variety of hosted community activities, including holiday celebrations and festivals. Dating back to 1968, Lake Sullivan is nearly 470 acres resting in a private county-owne

How to Make an Antler Harpoon

The bone, or antler harpoon is an ingenious innovation adopted by early hunters to aid in the hunting of aquatic game. This harpoon consisted of a fixed shaft body made of wood and a pointed spear-like head with one or more tapered points along it to allow the point to stick when it was thrust into

Spring Bass Fishing Tips

The spring finds bass in a variety of areas in any body of water. Some of the fish are in shallow waters, while others have begun making their way to the deep water where they will recover from the spawn and spend the warm-water months. Most spring-time fishermen focus their efforts on shallow water

How to Fish a Trixie Shad

After a long day on the lake with little to show for your efforts, you finally snag "something." Whether it is the long day or an excited anticipation of a fight, it takes you a few seconds to realize that what you have snagged is a clump of heavy weeds, not the largemouth bass you wanted. Your bran

Cabo Fishing Guides

There are reliable fishing guides and boats for rent in Cabo San Lucas.Charter Fishing Boat image by Wimbledon from Fotolia.comCabo San Lucas, Mexico, sits on the point between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. There are up to 900 different types of fish in the surrounding water,...

Trout Fishing Bait - What Is The Best Bait?

Trout fishing is so preferred these days thanks to the challenge and joy it brings to anglers. The only weapon to achievement in this trout fishing undertaking is the bait and there is not any ...

How to Tie Perch Rigs

Many of the fishermen who catch yellow perch actually are targeting other fish species, such as walleyes. Some anglers, though, target perch specifically -- especially the "jumbo" perch longer than about 9 inches. Like walleyes, jumbo perch have white and flaky meat that makes good table fare. There

How do I Use a Luhr Jensen Jet Diver?

The Luhr Jensen Jet Diver is a fishing device used for trolling. Trolling is a fishing technique where a lure or bait is moved through the water behind a boat. The Luhr Jensen Jet Diver reduces the needed tackle for trolling and simplifies the process.

Sturgeon Fishing in Ilwaco, Washington

Located in southwestern Washington just north of the Oregon border, the city of Ilwaco sits at the mouth of the Columbia River. Deemed the "Fishing Capital of the West," Ilwaco is one of the best sturgeon fishing spots in the country, particularly on the Columbia and Willapa Rivers, which are visite

Massachusetts Fishing Areas

Massachusetts is a prime tourist destination for its many offerings of historical and outdoor activities. Fishing is a popular outdoor activity in the state. Anglers descend on Massachusetts year-round for the opportunity to reel in their favorite catch. There is a vast array of fishing areas, inclu

Good Lures for Striped Bass

Striped bass are among the most popular and flavorful sporting fish anglers go for. They are easy to fillet and can be prepared over an open flame or in an oven. Striped bass are quite responsive to the sight of a lure and if you are patient when fishing for them you will have good luck.

Free Artillery Games

Artillery games are one of the oldest known types of computer games, and they usually involve tanks shooting at enemy stations or other enemy tanks. The majority of the game's strategy involves calculating the angle and velocity of your gun before firing a bomb. Through trial and error (and sometime

Harp Seal Feeding Habits

The harp seal, or Pagophilus groenlandicus, takes its name from the blackish markings on its sides and back that resemble the musical instrument, or in some cases, a saddle. Harp seals inhabit Arctic seas as far west as Hudson Bay in Canada, eastward to Russia. They are carnivores, consuming a varie

How to Store a Volumetric Pipette

Chemists and microbiologists use volumetric pipettes to measure precise liquid volumes. Each volumetric pipette is calibrated to deliver only a single volume, and it measures that volume with an accuracy of 0.20 percent or better. Volumetric pipettes are typically made of glass, so you can use the s

Indiana Predator Hunting

Predator hunting is growing in popularity in Indiana as a recreational pursuit. Hunters can pursue a variety of predators using several methods, matching their hunting skills against the innate cunning of the animal being sought.