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Tools for Saltwater Fishing

Bring a net with you on your next saltwater fishing trip.old white rowing boat image by green308 from Fotolia.comBefore you head out on your next saltwater fishing trip, make sure your tackle box includes tools to make your trip a success. The right tools can mean the difference of...

How to Bait an Offset Shank Fishing Hook

An offset-shank fishing hook--frequently called a worm hook by anglers--has a 90 degree angle bend near the eye and another one shortly after that in a downward direction. These hooks have such a design in order for an angler to affix certain plastic lures and baits on them. The idea is to use the o

The Best Bait to Catch Saltwater Trout

If you’re going fishing for saltwater trout, you should know what bait is best to catch these fish. These spotted seatrout are also known as speckled trout and spotted weakfish. They generally weigh about 2 to 3 lb.s, with an average length of about 19 inches, for the males, to 25 inches, for

How to Install Rope to Spinning Reels

Many fishermen use spinning reels when they fish with light line and light lures. Some anglers, though, prefer to always use spinning equipment, even when targeting large fish species. These fishermen use heavy braided or monofilament line -- sometimes referred to as rope because if its thickness. F

How to Tie on Liquid Lace for Flies

Liquid Lace is a colored tubing used for fly tying. The lace is commonly wrapped to form the abdomen and body section of nymph, larva and streamer flies. The material is available in 16 different colors with solid and translucent designs. All Liquid Lace colors are shiny and reflective to create a g

How to Set Shrimp Skimmers

Just like Bubba reminded everyone in the movie Forrest Gump, there are a plethora of ways to eat shrimp. One of the best ways to catch those tasty creatures is to use a shrimp skimmer. Shrimp skimmers are fixed frames enclosed by nets that are hung on the side of boats to catch near surface waters.

How to Mount Loose Scaled Fish

Taxidermy is a craft that, when done properly, can create a fantastic tribute to nature's splendor that will last for years to come. An accurate reproduction of a living fish is the key to the overall quality of a good mount. However, this can be extremely challenging to accomplish when dealing wit

Texas Hunting & Fishing

From coastal lands to pine forest and high-mountain desert, the diversity of Texas gives hunters and fisherman a wide range of choices for pursing their sports. Opportunities are available on public and private lands throughout the state.

Free Bass Fishing Tips

Fishing is a great way for kids to have fun in the outdoors.female fishing image by from Fotolia.comBass are one of the most popular gamefish in America and can be found in rivers, lakes, and even farm ponds from Maine to California. Inhabiting a variety of environments,...

How to Make an RF Signal Generator Output Line

RF signal generators are designed to provide testing for various types of consumer electronics. Cell phones, audio/video gear, and a host of other devices are tested by these signal generators. Making an output wire for an RF device involves making a RF cable, commonly known as a coaxial cable. Coax

How to Make Your Own Crappie Jigs

Fishermen target crappies because it can be relatively easy to catch a stringer full of them -- especially during the spring -- and because the fish have white meat that makes for great table fare. Jigs are one of the best lures for catching crappies. While crappie jigs are available at just about a

How to Fish With a Brush Hog

The Zoom fishing lure company makes Brush Hogs, which are soft plastic lures known as creature baits. While Brush Hogs may provoke strikes from a variety of fish species, the anglers who use them primarily target bass. Brush Hogs have many appendages that hang off their bodies and move around in the

How to Troll for Rainbow Trout

Trolling is a leisurely way to spend an afternoon on the lake or river. Instead of staying in one spot fishing from the shore, you can move, albeit slowly, throughout the lake in search of a prize rainbow trout. The change of scenery alone is nice, but there is the added benefit of being able to cov

Saltwater Fish Species Living in Galveston, Texas

Texas was the first state to build a saltwater fish hatchery according to the website The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) banned all saltwater commercial fishing for spotted seatrout and red drum, but recreational saltwater anglers in the Galveston area can catch these and ma

Fishing Gun Tools

Hunting for larger fish -- like tuna and blackfish -- is a complicated process and requires specialized fishing guns. The speargun (fishing gun) is an elaborate tool with multi-step loading mechanisms. The modus operandi of the contraption is to launch a pointed spear with a considerable amount of m

Deep Sea Fishing Trips - Some Information

If you are planning your first trip deep sea fishing, there are important things to know beforehand. These tips and key points will ensure a memorable experience for you and your party. This will help ...

How to Catch Rock Crabs

Rock crabs are found in tidal waters along the Pacific coast from Canada down through California. Consisting of the Red, Yellow and Brown varieties, they grow to more than 4 inches in width. Rock crabs are prepared in much the same manner as lobster, with the majority of its sweet meat located in th

The Best Way to Fish Using a Popper Bait

Crankbaits are artificial lures that are cast and retrieved by an angler. To use them effectively, it's necessary to understand why the lure is constructed the way it is and what it is supposed to be imitating. That's especially true of popper baits, which come in freshwater and saltwater versions.