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Summer Time Bluegills

There are times when the fishing is slow especially during the dog days of summer. Lucky for us who try our luck every chance we get, even at 103 degrees, there is the Bluegill. I ...

How to Make a Fishing Lure From Wood

Fishing is both a recreational activity and a full-fledged sport. Some people take fishing so seriously they insist on making their own fishing lures to ensure they get the best lure possible for the type of fish they plan to catch. Wood lures are sturdy and can be carved into anything so you are fr

Winter Flounder Fishing in New Jersey

Winter flounder can be found in the bottoms of bays starting in early spring through May. This type of fishing in New Jersey picks up in mid-March, especially at Great Bay and Tuckerton Bay on the Southern New Jersey coast.

Few Miami Fishing Spots: Names That Come First In Mind

Miami is a dream among the fishing spots that anglers get their best time of your life while fishing. There are several areas which are particularly specified for fishing. These are amazing places to travel ...

How to Use Earplugs As Bait

Fishing depends on many factors. The season, the weather and the amount and types of natural food will all determine the quality and quantity of your catch. Many fishermen have their favorite baits. Some fishermen know that a fish will strike at almost any bait if it is presented in a way that will

How to Mount Fishing Flies

Fishing flies are imitations of insects and even small rodents and amphibians that are tied using a variety of feathers, animal hairs, thread and hooks. Many anglers have favorite fly patterns they use on a regular basis, when fishing for a variety of fresh and saltwater game fish species. There may

How to Find Striper Bass

Striper bass like a certain temperature of water, and because of this they are known as a migrating fish. Mature striper bass migrate up and down the east coast. Those not mature enough to migrate are known as "locals" and are usually smaller than 30 inches. Locals will stick around in ponds and sh

How to Put on a Fishing Bobber

Bobbers are floating objects that help fishermen determine when fish are biting the bait. Bobbers are attached to fishing line, so they also allow anglers to present baits at precise, pre-determined depths. While there are multiple varieties of bobbers, spring bobbers that attach directly to the fis

How to Keep a Hydrangea Alive Inside Until Spring

Hydrangeas are easy to grow in containers, but they will not survive a winter in a pot. The potting soil does not provide enough insulation to keep the roots warm. Bringing the pot inside into a sheltered area will keep the roots warm enough to keep the plant alive. Once inside, the dormant hydrange

Fishing and Lodging in Seward, Alaska

According to Alaska Tour and Travel, salmon and halibut fishing and natural beauty draw travelers to Seward, Alaska. Seward is located about three hours from Anchorage and is known as the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park. Halibut and salmon fishing are favorite activities in Seward.

Washington Fishing Information

For the sportsman who likes variety, fishing in the state of Washington is close to ideal. Its Pacific shore offers varied coastal fishing. Its inland lakes thrive with catfish and bass. The rivers and streams of eastern Washington invite relaxed fly-fishing.

Tips in Preparing Your Trout Fishing Tackle

Preparation and experience always come hand in hand. Though preparation may teach you the basics, it's in experience that you'll get to learn the stuff that may not be found in the books. So, especially ...

How to Use a Fly Fishing Rod in Runescape

Fly fishing rods are one of the many fishing implements in "RuneScape." They are used to catch salmon and trout. Feathers are used as the lure for these fish. These fish are only found in freshwater sources such as rivers and lakes. Fly fishing rods can be purchased at any fishing store in "Rune

What Are Sturgeon?

"Sturgeon" is the common name of a group of fish. Sturgeon are thought of as prehistoric because they have not evolved like most modern fish species. They are of interest to fisherman because of their large size, their meat and their roe. They are also of interest to environmentalists because they h

How to Fish With the Zoom Horny Toad Bait

Horny Toads are soft plastic baits made by the Zoom fishing lure company, designed to be fished in heavy cover in shallow water. Bass anglers primarily use the frogs, which are 4 1/4 inches long and weigh 1/8 of an ounce. As a result, the frogs sink if not reeled in, but most fishermen use them as t

Information on Blue Catfishing

Known as chucklehead, blue Fulton, great blue cat, silver cat, blue channel cat and highfin blue cat, the freshwater fish species known as blue catfish is native to America's midwest, particularly the the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio River basins.

Salmon Fishing Regulations in Washington

Salmon is a precious natural resource of the state, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). This androgynous fish is one of the most coveted game fish among anglers. WDFW developed a Wild Salmonid Policy to protect and preserve wild salmon while also regulating angling pr

Easy DIY Snow Sleds

If you live in an area that usually doesn't get a lot of snow, chances are you don't have an assortment of sleds lying around to choose from. Luckily, you can create makeshift sleds using materials you have around the house. Creating your own snow sled also saves you time and money, since you won't