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How to Fish With a Dropper Rig

Using a dropper rig allows an angler to double his pleasure while fly fishing. The dropper rig, which is set up on the end of fishing line by using clinch knots to hold the bait or lures in place, is designed to mimic nature, such as a small bait fish chasing after a fly on the surface of the water.

Common Thresher Sharks

The common thresher shark, despite its name, is not common at all. In fact the International Union for the Protection of Nature has classed it as "vulnerable" on the "Red List of Endangered Species." Numbers are steadily declining, primarily due to human activity.

How to Spool a New Line on an Open Face Reel

Open face reels, also known as spinning reels, are one of the most popular and versatile of all fishing reels. Available in a wide variety of sizes, anglers use them in freshwater and saltwater to catch fish ranging in size from a few inches to hundreds of pounds. No matter the size of the reel or w

The Difference Between Casting and Spinning Rods

Different types of rods and reels are needed for different types of reel image by Dawn Williams from Fotolia.comYour experience level and the type of fish that you are targeting will determine the style of fishing you pursue and what type of equipment you need for a...

How to Use a Worm to Catch Bigger Fish

A wide range of lures are available to anglers when attempting to catch both fresh and saltwater fish. Soft plastic worms are a favorite lure for many anglers fishing for species such as largemouth bass. Properly rigging the worm is essential, and there are also methods of fishing with a soft plasti

How to Load Line on a Closed Spinning Reel

Spin-cast reels are commonly chosen by new anglers for their ease of operation. Unlike spinning reels which have an open face, spin-cast fishing reels, also known as closed or closed-face reels, have a cover which encloses the line and spool. Because closed-faced reels are designed for use with mono

How to Put Male & Female Betta Fish Together

Placing female and male betta fish together is a process that is done during breeding. The male will make a nest entirely of bubbles in preparation for the eggs. The male is also the primary caregiver of the eggs. Placing a male and female together is not a long-term commitment, since male bettas ar

California Freshwater Fishing & Tackle Sites

There are more than 700 fresh water fishing spots in California according the interactive fishing guide on California's Department of Fish and Game's website. Many of California's rivers filter into the Pacific Ocean and their fresh waters mix with and become salt waters in sections of the river clo

How to Get Paid for Fishing

To many, fishing is more than a hobby - it is a lifelong passion. The early morning drive to the lake, the quiet hours on the boat, the long and lazy afternoons of waiting for ...

10 Different Types of Sharks

Shark is the general name for fish species that are members of the scientific order Selachii, class Chondrichthyes. Sharks are jawed fish that have an internal skeleton composed of cartilage. Encompassing approximately 250 species, sharks are distributed worldwide. However, they are primarily found

Useful and Reliable Fishing Guides Available Online

There are many people who are passionate about fishing. People who reside near the coastal areas go regularly on fishing trips but at the same time there are many people who come on vacation and ...

How to Troll With Down Riggers

The downrigger is a trolling system used to control the depth of the line. The tool is effective for anglers who must troll at a constant depth. The consistent depth allows you to avoid obstacles and place the lure or bait directly in front of the fish. Downriggers are not complicated to use, but yo

How to Fly-Fish Using the Bunny Leach Fly: The Materials

The bunny leach fly is an eye-catcher for fish with a "lifelike pulsating action proven to stimulate strikes from trout, salmon, bass, and a variety of other species." That says it all. You first must gather the right materials for the project.

Fishing Basics That Anyone Can Use

Many people are scared of fishing because they're not sure how to get started. If you wish to get more knowledge about fishing, read on to learn some useful information about fishing. Keep your eyes ...

How to Find and Catch Earthworms Easily

Need some worms for fishing bait? Earthworms and night crawlers are undoubtedly the best fishing bait. With a little know how you can catch over 100 night crawlers in a single night! Here's how.

How to Seal Wood

Sealing wood protects it from the elements, slows sun and water damage, and keeps the wood from deteriorating.