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How to Build an Interior and Exterior Threshold

A door threshold gets installed over the bottom of a door opening and keeps out bugs, water and cold drafts. It also creates a transition from the exterior to the interior. Some door thresholds get installed underneath the side jambs, while other thresholds sit on the ground next to them. The thresh

Camping is More Fun When You Are Prepared

Camping can be a fun family experience. Whether you chose to camp in an isolated area in the woods or a local campground, being prepared will make the trip a lot more relaxing and enjoyable.

Things Needed for RV Camping

motorcoach,motorhome,rv image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comRV camping is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without the more uncomfortable aspects of tent camping. Most RVs come equipped with kitchens, beds, couches, televisions, heat, air conditioning and private...

Using a Screen Tent at the Camp Site

Whether you call them screen tents, screen houses, screened canopies, or screened arbors, these shelters allow you to get the most from the outdoors. At the camp site, they can protect you from the elements and keep even the smallest, most persistent bugs out.

Instructions for Starcraft Pop Up Awnings

Starcraft pop-up camper awnings come from a variety of manufacturers and are a simple, inexpensive upgrade to your RV. Bag awnings are easy to install and quick to set up with either one or two adults pitching in. Install an awning to your Starcraft pop-up camper to increase your outdoor living spac

New York Campground Reviews

A guide to camping destinations in New York, with campground reviews for state parks, national parks and forests, and private campgrounds and RV parks.

Camping in the Tongariro National Park

Due to explosive volcanic activity and cultural significance to the indigenous Maori people, Tongariro National Park is a popular destination for campers and trampers throughout the Pacific. Adventurers have several options at New Zealand's oldest national park, also deemed a dual World Heritage Sit

Winter Clothing Advice

Northerners have it hard: Some people spend more energy keeping warm than doing any other activity. While folks in the tropics just dip into a pool to cool off, cold-weather natives toil to preserve heat; and when there's no heat, you have to create it. Here are some basic tips for how to dress for

Think About Your Camping Trip in Advance

How much thought do you give to camping trips before you leave home? It's often surprising to hear that many people give them relatively little consideration. This could be something to do with the fact that such trips are often seen as excursions that should be undertaken on the spur of the mo

How to Clean a Coleman Lantern Generator

The generator of a Coleman lantern is a small metal tube inside the lantern's glass cylinder that controls the brightness of the lantern's light. Fuel flows through the generator to the mantle, which is the part of the lantern that produces light. A dirty or damaged generator can prevent the lanter