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Balancing the Cost of Family Tents With the Enjoyment of Family Camping

Preparing for a family camping expedition can be a time of great anticipation for all family members. Proper budgeting of the trip is required to make sure you invest your money wisely while making sure you get the maximum experience for the family. Nothing is as important as your choice of accommod


The Army Corps of Engineers operates over 2,500 recreation areas in the U.S.

Eureka Equinox 6 Vestibule Instructions

Camping can be a fun way to spend a weekend with friends or family members in the outdoors. Before you can go camping, you must own a tent to provide shelter and a place to sleep. The Eureka Equinox 6 Vestibule is a large dome-style tent that can fit four to six people. To set up the Equinox 6, you

How to Design a Homemade Camping Stove

Camping and backpacking are enjoyable recreational activities that get you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While you're camping, you may want to cook some of your own meals. Experienced campers often bring propane gas stoves and other high-tech cooking gear. While this adds to the

How to Convert a Coleman Lantern to Electric

Converting a Coleman lantern from oil or gas to an electric lantern takes special skill. While the benefits may vary, you do reduce the risk of a liquid fire greatly. It is important that you hire a qualified electrician to complete the task. You do not want to risk the chance of a short or electric

Tuolumne River

The Tuolumne River runs 150 miles through Yosemite National Park.

One Man Tent

If you are a person who loves adventure but does not like going through all the hassle of carrying a large tent wherever you go, then one-person tents are your best options. Carrying tent supplies wherever you go can take the fun out of adventure. Plus, setting up elaborate ones can be very tedious,

Ban Ho Ethnic village in Sapa under travelers review

Sapa is one of best tourist attraction it northwest of Vietnam, French people found that in early of 20 century, it is beautiful hill station being location on high elevation. Recently Sapa are Well-k

How to Start a Fire With Wet Wood

Anyone who has spent time in the outdoors camping or hiking has likely been faced with the reality of wet wood when it came time to start a fire. Starting a fire with wet or damp wood can be challenging to say the least. It is not impossible, but there are a few tricks that will make your fire start

Replacing The Katadyn Hiker Pro Cartridge

No matter how good a product is, there is always something to replace. The Katadyn Hiker Pro filter should also be replaced from time to time to make sure that water is safe to drink. You will also learn in this article how to replace the cartridge and prolong its life.

A Guide Choosing Outdoor Survival Gear

Outdoor survival gear is not something that you can just figure out when in an emergency. It has to be prepared beforehand so you will be prepared wherever you may need it. Natural calamities and ...

Specialty Camping Chairs

There is a wide variety of specialty camping chairs on the market today. Manufacturers realize that not all of us have the same needs when it comes to casual seating. Whether you do a lot of car camping, attend many sporting events or like to sit at the beach in the sun, there is a camping chair tha

Camping Cooking Equipment

Probably one of the most enjoyable experiences about camping in the great outdoors is the time spent around the campfire cooking and preparing a hearty meal. Eating outdoors while camping seems to make everything taste that much better.

Camping Tents and Bears - How and Why to Keep Them Separated

I'll never forget when my 75 year old grandmother was out on her ranch in western Colorado and ran into a family of bears. She was out on her ATV and stopped to enjoy the scenery when she noticed that there were several young cubs to her right. Being an experienced outdoors person she knew the

Why You Should Make Sure Your Next Vacation is a Camping Trip

Nowadays with the pressures of the modern world people are often too busy to take time for themselves. With commitments to our hectic routine centered around work, we often find ourselves making excuses for not spending as much quality time with our loved ones as we should. Likewise neither do we ta