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Is The Jason Statham Workout Right For You?

Everybody wishes that they could go to the gym and come out looking like Jason Statham. The question is, what in the world did he have to do to get a body like that?

Using Sky Caddie To Advance Your Game

Every golfer worth his salt understands about Sky Caddie. It works on the cornerstone of GPS or international Positioning scheme and gives you your position to a yard of your present place. On the golf course you will need to program some points into it such as the position of the middle of the gree

Fast Abs Workout - Why Workout Planning Counts

The quickest way to fast abs is getting organized. That's why workout planning counts. Filter out all those faddish ab equipment and exercise ads that are clamouring for your attention. Making time for cleverly designed ab workouts and healthy living ensures your commitment to fulfilling your a

Top 3 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Love Handles

Their are 3 things that you can start doing now that will help you finally get rid of those love handles. It actually works better when you combine the three together to get the best results.

How to Adjust Archery Pin Sights

The key to success in archery is confidence in yourself and your equipment. Before drawing your bow in any high-pressure situation, take the time to sight it in and make certain that you can connect on any shot you attempt. There are plenty of expensive brand-name bows on the market promising speed

So, Who is Tony Horton Anyway?

This article looks into the life of Tony Horton, the leader of the home fitness revolution P90X. Horton is the longtime P90X Workout guru for Beachbody.

7 Great Reasons to Exercise

There are plenty of reasons to exercise and get in shape, but a generic "it's healthy" or "it's good for you" is not super motivating for most of us. Here are seven specific reasons why exercise is great for you.

How to Pitch a Curveball

The curveball is one of the hardest pitches for a batter to hit successfully. That's why it is an essential element of any good pitcher's arsenal. Learning and perfecting the mechanics of the curveball will take a lot of practice and a lot of patience, but the results will speak for themselves.

Quick and Easy Weight Loss With Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is an excellent way to achieve easy weight loss. With two poles and minimum training you can exercise the whole body just by gentle walking.Nordic walking originated in Europe as a summer exercise for skiers. The health benefits were found to be so great that it is now being practiced

Two-Man Basketball Games

There are several basketball games to play with only two image by aline caldwell from Fotolia.comOne of the great struggles in basketball takes place before any of the on-court action ever begins: finding enough players for a game. Even pulling together a two-on-two...

Steps To Effectively Block Driving

Simple drives are important for linemen to practice and perfect.Hence the name for the most common drive:the drive block.

My Favorite Warm Up and Even Full Body Exercise

This is a great warm-up exercise and even a full body exercise that I found through the Tacfit Commando exercise system. As with all simple exercise movements, you can add to it to make it a compound or even a complex movement. This movement is known as the...

The History of Sports Psychology

Prior to the 1890s, athletes did not have the knowledge or foundation on which to build a superior athletic performance. Athletes relied on good luck to achieve this peak performance. In 1897, Indiana psychologist Norman Triplett began to explore why athletes performed the way they did in certain s

Find Time to Exercise by Being Prepared

Most people have very busy schedules and struggle to find the time to exercise. One solution is being prepared by having your workout clothes with you at all times. No matter what the dress code is in your workplace you can always pack a gym bag and prepared to exercise. Being prepared can be the di

Used Equipment For Golf

Golf is a game one can learn in no time. One way to become good in this game is to have enough determination and patience, and knowing which club to use and how to putt properly. This activity is very affordable and should that person want to get serious at it, one can easily join some tournaments t