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Grappling Drills Include Nage-Komis and Uchi-Komis

The Two most popular grappling drills that are typically performed with a partner include nage-komis and uchi-komis. Uchi-komis is whereby one partner performs the throwing motions but does not actually throw their partner. Included is shadow uchi-komis whereby the student performs without a partner

Rock Climbing Ropes

Gear and equipment are valuable instruments used in rock climbing. Climbing ropes are essential, and provides several methods a rock climber can exercise his skill. There are many kinds of climbing ropes (single, twin, half or double) available in the market today to suit every climber's need.

A Telephone by Any Other Name...

I not too long ago left the business I was working for and took a new position using a new employer at a significantly higher salary. My company is IT, and I left the comfort ...

Understanding Walleye Dynamics - Advanced

What if you had to fish walleye lakes that had spotty populations of walleyes or an extremely high forage base? What if these lakes had virtually every type of pattern known to man as a viable option? You would be working through tree tops, over deep brush, along shallow shore lines, over shallow fl

Basketball Goals - What is a Breakaway Basketball Goal?

Shopping for a basketball goal can be a surprisingly complicated experience. If you have already shopped for basketball hoops, you have no doubt discovered that there are many questions you need answered. For example, there are many different types of basketball goals, such as freestanding basketbal

Why Take Up Wakeboarding As a Sport?

If you go to the beach, you will likely see so many people engaging in water sports. You'll see people surfing, water skiing and wakeboarding. Of these, you will most likely be impressed with those ...

NASCAR's David Gilliland - From Boy to Superstar

David Gilliland was born in Riverside California and is the son of the former Cup driver Butch Gilliland. By the time he was 19, he was the crew chief and the next year, he became Champion Crew Chief of the Year as his dad also managed to get the Winston West Championship for his collection at home.

Litter Man Optimistic for PGA Tour Every Day

PGA Tour rookie William McGirt stayed at the lower end of the food chain, the last one broke into the FedEx Cup. In the Barclays Classic, he again encountered thrilling moment, but in the end ...


A place or location, often strategic and intentional, but occasionally unintentional or accidental, where a swimmer finds him/herself during an open water race. (noun)

Speed Bag Secrets Revealed! - Part II

In this article I will speak to the technique and strategy to hitting this particular punching bag - the speed bag - and getting a professional boxer-like rhythm going. It really does all start with technique.

Easy Horse Racing Systems and Basic Money Management

Everybody is looking for an easy horse racing system to pick winners and make money betting on the races. Who wouldn't want to take a few minutes to scan a program of form and then make some cash? Many people who sell horse racing systems boast that you can turn the race track into your own pri

General Rules for Online Sports Betting

If online betting had not been tempting, millions of people would not have been running after sports betting sites. In the beginning, these sites and the returns they promise appear highly alluring. People think of ...

Cheap Jordan Shoes Could Be Counterfeits - Tips to Sort the Wrong Ones Out

The air Jordan was created by Nike especially for the NBA veteran Michael Jordan but later started adorning every single American teenager's foot. Since these shoes are so exclusive, they are also very costly. At present, a higher end Air Jordan shoes would cost you about $500 a pair. But still

How to Find Good Mountain Bikes

Selecting Good Mountain Bikes begins with selecting the right type of mountain bike (MTB) for you. Yes, it all comes back down to the type of riding you do. My current bike is thirteen years old and still going strong.

Team of the Season 2007

There are a number of players that have excelled throughout the course of the year. Find out those that made it and those that were considered unlucky not to have made it.