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Couch To Running Six Miles and a Thirty-Two Inch Waistline Without Thinking!

With a little persistent mindset, you can transform a forty inch waistline into a thirty-two inch waistline. This is a step-by-step plan that has worked for many and should work for you too. Just concentrate on the mileage and the waistline will take care of itself without even thinking about it!

Running Tips - Preventing And Treating Illiotibial Band Syndrome In Runners

A common running injury is Illiotibial Band Syndrome. The Illiotibial band (IT band) are the tissues that run along the outside of the thigh - from the top of the hip to just below the knee joint. The IT band helps to stabilize the knee. If you are feeling pain on the outside of the knee - this may

Kayaking Drysuits and Splash Pants

If you're going to go kayaking, whether in the freezing wilds of Alaska or the balmy shores of Florida, you need to wear the correct clothing. Choose the former and you'll have to invest in kayaking drysuits and splash pants as well as a warm waterproof jacket and lots of insulated under g

Defensive End Jared Allen

An illustrated profile of the 2008 Minnesota Vikings and defensive end Jared Allen.

An Introduction to Inline Figure Skating

Inline figure skating includes competitive and cross-training activities. Learn about the inline figure skating and what makes this discipline special.

Ballet Toe Shoes - Sizing and How To Buy Ballet Pointe Shoes

Once you have done enough ballet technique classes to need to buy pointe shoes, you need to understand sizing. The variety of shapes, styles and stiffness of ballet toe shoes is almost overwhelming. Although, as you will find out, all of that variety may not be available in your local dance wear sto

How to Fly Fish for Trout

There are many different types of flies an angler can use when trout fishing. The information below will describe and analyze these lures, as well as go over basic casting technique.

Do You Have a Horse Racing Betting System?

Placing horse racing bets can sometimes be hard work and you do not always know which horses to go for on the bet. Studying the form of a horse can take some time and it ...

The Alaska Fishing Resorts- Indeed a Best Place To Stay

Fishing is a type of activity that can be done by every individual either it is individually or with the family. This activity is undoubtedly among the best activities that one person could ever experience ...

History of Ultimate Fighting Championship!

MMA, Mixed Martial Arts abbreviation (Mixed Martial Arts) is a combat sport that involves altering as little as possible while combating respectant bodily integrity of the fighter as in any sport. The key MMA organizations in the world are: - Japan: HERO'S, Shooto, K-1, Pancrase, DEEP, TSZ.

Developing Your Own Volleyball Drills

For all coaches, it is common to look in various places for volleyball drills. Drills can be found on the internet, in books, or even in the heads of other coaches. There are advantages to using drills created by other people.

Which Brand of Skateboard Deck Should I Buy?

I get this question a lot - which brand of skateboard deck is the best, or which brand of skateboard deck should I buy? This is different from the board building questions, like what size and shape of skateboard should I get. The question we're dealing with here is, what brand of skateboard dec

The Dream Makeover

One of the older guys at my club was struggling. He had lost yardage off the tee, and too many of his drives were finding the trees, and his iron shots had morphed into feeble ...

Karate Ki Power, Proof of an Internal Martial Art

Karate Ki Power is the actual proof that Karate is an internal martial arts system. An internal Martial art is one in which the power comes from within, from the generation of Ki power (chi ...

Camp Fortune

Camp Fortune is located outside of Ottawa, Quebec, Canada with 23 ski trails, served by 7 lifts.