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How to Clean Your Prayer Beads

Prayer beads, called rosaries in some cultures, have been used as meditation tools for centuries and can be found in many religions. The wearer typically uses the beads to count repetitions of chants, prayers or mantras. Some people believe the beads have metaphysical properties that can protect the

Anti-American Terrorism and the Middle East: A Documentary Reader

It has often been said that when you want the straight truth about something, it is generally better to try to go to the original sources rather than allowing the authors of secondary literature to tell you what those sources say. Naturally many in the West are intensely interested in learning the t

On the Honor and Invocation of Saints - Lesson Thirty-First

Lesson Thirty-First of the Baltimore Catechism No. 2 explains why the First Commandment does not forbid honoring and invoking saints. Lesson Thirty-First contains 14 questions and answers, numbered consecutively with Lesson Thirtieth, as well as links to other resources.

Taoism: Explanation of Yin & Yang

The yin and yang symbol is one of the most popular and recognizable images in the world, but it also carries depths of meaning. Visually, the symbol represents the concept of duality, depicting light and dark aspects. Spiritually, it represents principles at the heart of the ancient Chinese philosop

The Vow of Prosperity

This is not the time to be selfish and religious. This is the time to be rich as God wants us to be. We are blessed to be a blessing. Are you ready to obey God today? Are you willing to be rich as God

The Importance Of Having Quiet Time Alone With The Lord

The secret of a strong Christian life is his habit of a daily Quiet Time with the Lord. This is the time spent alone with God in the study of His Word, in prayer, in worship and waiting on Him. All Christians must form the habit of a daily Quiet Time with the Lord so that your spiritual life can gro

Guru Amar Das (1479 - 1574)

Did you know that Third Guru requested a King to sit with commoners to eat langar. Find out here about Guru Amar Das and his contributions to Sikhism.

Triumphal Arch of Tyre, Lebanon

The Triumphal Arch of Tyre is one of the city's most impressive archaeological relics. The arch stands over a long avenue which has a necropolis on either side and sarcophagi dating as early as the 2nd century BCE. The Triumphal Arch had fallen apart but was reconstructed in modern times and to

Ankle Holster Advantages

Ankle holsters are advantageous for concealed backup.mounted shooting 2 image by Jim Parkin from Fotolia.comSome holsters enable gun owners to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense situations.. Choosing the correct holster reduces the time needed to draw and provides more comfort...

Worship Seminar That Comes To You!

If you want to be a worship leader then chances are you have already attended a workshop seminar or two in your area. I worship seminar can be an exciting time of being inspired, and exchanging though

Astrology in India

In India different people use astrology for different purposes; some use it to solvetheir everyday life problems, some use it to make their future better, based on solutions given by astrologers, whil

Resources for Children's Church

To be an effective teacher in children's church, also known as Sunday school, it's crucial that you have the appropriate resources. Keeping children entertained while teaching them at the same time can be a challenge even when you only work with them for an hour or two a week. Locating the right res

The Coming by of Spiritual Awakening

For all the bucketloads of spiritual-speak out there, it's still hard to picture spiritual awakening and enlightenment as something outside of the esoteric. The virtues of spirituality hang a great deal on the abundance of ...

Baptism Duties

Baptism is a ceremonial immersion in water, or application of water, as an initiatory rite or sacrament of the Christian church. A baptism can be done on infants, older children or adults. There are many important duties during a baptism that are not limited just to the person being baptized.

Dealing with Pain in our Lives

In watching the way people respond to pain, difficulties and challenges, there is one thing we all have in common - and that is aversion to sitting in an uncomfortable place. When the going gets ...

Who Is a TTY Telephone Used By?

A teletypewriter (TTY) phone allows deaf people to converse over the phone with hearing people by typing their words in to a typewriter device, which gets sent to the person on the line.