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Ten Commandment Conundrum

In this article, Pastor Michael clarifies what he believes to be a major struggle within the hearts of multitudes of Believers across the planet: What role do the Ten Commandments play in my life? What chance to I have for receiving anything from God when I know my secret thoughts and deeds?

Catholic Prayers for Sinners

In the Catholic faith, a sinner is someone who breaks one of the Ten Commandments as laid out by God in the Bible. These commandments say that a person shall not lie, steal, covet thy neighbor's goods and other dishonorable actions. Catholics do, however, realize that as humans, we are all sinners a

Vashikaran Mantra to Attract Love a Girl, Boy, Man

The Vashikaran Mantra is extraordinarily powerful technique for attract a woman as a result of this mantra provides an ideal resolution for varied styles of girl connected troubles in your common life

Argument from Miracles

When assessing claims about miracles, it is important to first consider how we judge the likelihood of any reported event. When someone tells us that something happened, we need to weigh three general possibilities against each other: that the event happened exactly as reported; that some event happ

Acting on the Conviction to Trust God

Sometimes trusting God means acting on a conviction that seems a little radical, a little scary. But if we feel that it's God's will, moving forward in trust can be one of the greatest adventures of your life.

Six Degrees of the Soul

The Kena Upanishad says that there are many layers of spirits and goes on to describe the six stages: Guru, deva, yaksha, gandharva, kinnara and pitr.

Jobs For Veteran

I was reading how a certain organization currently offers over 300,000 jobs for veteran applicants and another one created approximately 30 additional jobs for veteran and non-veteran community members. On one hand I feel that ...


HOW DOES FREEDOM OF RELIGION MEAN CHRISTIANITY? (20 June 2009, Carl A. Patton) FREEDOM OF RELIGION: A GOD GIVEN RIGHT Editors Note: We are still unable to Post the On-Line FreedomJournal. See our web pages: ...

How to Make Church Banners for Children

Church banners are used for decorative purposes or to bring in new people or groups to the church. Banners for a church are often ordered, custom made or made by the adults of the church for a professional appearance. Children in the church can make banners to decorate the Sunday school room, inform

How to Cleanse a Room From Negative Energies

Negative energy can come from negative people or experiences. This energy can accumulate over time and affect the atmosphere of a room. Cleansing a room of negative energy is a fulfilling activity that can make a room and the person doing the cleansing feel lighter. All that is required is clear in

Psychic Chat Rooms - Connect, Discuss and Share

Whether or not you have ever used one, most of us have heard of online chat rooms. There are chat rooms for literally every kind of interest, hobby and topic. So it makes since that ...

When Is Corpus Christi 2015?

Corpus Christi falls on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday,which is one week after Pentecost Sunday.But in the U.S,it will be celebrated Sunday,June 7,2015.

How Can You Know Your Lucky Number?

The Number Numerology is the best process to determine the features related to you. You can easily know about your qualities. This will help you to maintain good health, relations and happiness in your life.

Resolve Your Bless With Horoscopes Predictions

Horoscopes are predictions based on your sun signs and moon signs. These are the predictions which not always trusted as they keeps on changing according to your abilities and fortune.

Spiritual Books Review

When discussing spiritual books, we're talking self-help books taken on the following level of human transcendence, evolution, or enhancement.

More Powerful Than the Strongest Weapon

Most Christians consider prayer to be an important part of their faith lives, but do we ever think of the magnitude of the power of prayer? Newspapers or magazines oftentimes do stories on the "power ...