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Activities for Children About Jewish Beliefs

Sometimes imparting beliefs to children can be difficult, since they don't necessarily understand complex issues or think abstractly like adults. That's why one of the easiest ways to pass on beliefs to children is to make the complex issue fun or interesting. For those who want their children to un

How to Fast During the Holy Month of Ramadan

Islamic faithfuls fast (sawm) -- they abstain from taking anything into their body cavities -- during the Holy month of Ramadan, the third of the Five Pillars of Islam. Muslims around the world pray, perform acts of charity and restrain from sexual contact from dawn to dusk beginning the day before

25 Days of Christmas 2008 - Day 14

Day 14 in the 25 Days of Christmas offers a lot of afternoon and evening TV specials, holiday trivia about DecembeRadio's lead singer and bassist Josh Reedy and a musical gift idea where rap meets rock.

What If the Lord Jesus Christ is Coming Back Soon?

Jesus' coming is going to be a surprise to most people. They will not be looking for Him. Some will say, "We have heard that from our childhood days and He has not come yet." Some will say, "People are telling us this to scare us into following their teachings." Others will

Where Is The Truth To Be Found

This article serves to make the reader aware of the lack of spiritual growth in American culture due to over-reliance in modern science.

The Significance of Bellevue Baptist Church

Bellevue Baptist is situated on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee. Situated in Cordova, it is hailed as one of the largest churches in the United States. Being the largest church in the mid-south region of ...

Dolores Cannon and Hypnosis

DOLORES CANNON; A DIFFERENT LOOK AT HYPNOSIS In 1964, I was given a spiritual awakening to help the newly dead crossover to their way to astral society while I was asleep and in deep meditation. ...

Majestic Sky with Clouds

Download free Christian desktop wallpaper featuring inspirational Bible verses and pictures for Windows and Macintosh.

When is Ramadan 2011 and What is Ramadan About

Ramadan is met with numerous decorations in the course of the streets. Egypt has manufactured a tradition of hanging lanterns.Lanterns are discovered everywhere in Egypt in the course of Ramadan.Cairo

The Lose Inches Fast 03

Are you currently regarding getting some new-age healthy eating plan? Gday, link up with your pub. I will be willing to help choice the fact that untold numbers of folks in the solely take presctiption ...

About Cross-Dressing Spouses

The phenomenon of cross-dressing spouses extends far beyond the drama of daytime talk shows. The fact is, there are many wives and significant others who have found out that their partner cross-dresses, and the relationship has continued. There is a common assumption that cross-dressers are bisexual


Mathew 22:37-40 €€Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: €Love ...

Surrendering to the Infinite.

Many years ago, as a young man of 22, I worked at a half-way house for juvenile delinquents aged 12-18, boys and girls. I was simultaneously studying psychology at the University of South Africa. These ...

Spirituality and physical reality

Skepticism about God and religion tends to divorce modern human genius from religious wisdom rooted in the ultimate reality and the spiritual world. This article brings out the analogies between spiri