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Islamic Sharia Law and Its Compatibility With Democracy

To determine whether Islamic sharia law is basically compatible with democracy and republican government, one must actually read the Koran to see how widely interpretable its doctrine is by over a billion Muslims throughout the world. Washington DC "Examiner" commentarian Gregory Kane has

Being a Witness

Being a witness to your thoughts and to the Here and Now is the method to progress as well as the goal of Eastern meditation practices. This article explains how best we can progress and live fully and with awareness through the act of witnessing.

How to Tell If Someone Died in My House

If you're wondering if someone died in your house, it might be the result of healthy curiosity or a need for peace of mind. Every house has a history, some of which are longer and more complicated than others. As the present owner, you have every right in the world to inform yourself of your house's

Curse of English Speaking People

Sa 19th kag 20th century duha ka mga pungsod ang pinaka powerful sa kalibutan ang Amerika kag ang British. Ma amaze ka sa duha nga ini sila ang pinaka damo kwarta, dako nga pwersa in terms of military

The Ritual & Practice of Judaism & Matzah Unleavened Bread

Matzah is an unleavened bread. This means it has nothing in it, such as yeast or baking powder, that could cause it to rise like other breads. Matzah used in the Judaic tradition known as the Passover Seder is symbolic of the Exodus from Egypt.

Church Audit Checklist

Churches are required by law to maintain accurate image by pearlguy from Fotolia.comChurch administrators and pastors know that churches have two sets of obligations: to God and to the civil authorities of the society in which they exist. To meet those obligations, churches...

Casket Making

Different methods and materials are used to make caskets around the world. Caskets are used to bury the dead or to hold a body's remains before cremation. Depending on the wishes and religious beliefs of a family, caskets can be plain and simple or exotic and decorated.

What Will God Do When He Sees You In Heaven?

What will God do when He sees you in Heaven? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about the grace of God. (2 Corinthians 5:21, Revelation 21:4)

Manifest Anything With The Power Of Gemstones

Learn how buying the right gemstone for you can help you dramatically improve your spiritual growth and attract the life you desire. All its takes is just a few mental shifts.

The Seals of Revelations, 1900 Years

We can see by these words John was a participant in the tribulation, a time of great distress, oppression and affliction which I believe has been continuing for almost 1900+ years. I also believe John was not only writing these words for the churches of Asia minor but as a continuum of time over the

Children's Activities on the Shunammite Woman

The Bible describes the Shunammite woman as a wealthy and well-respected person in the society. Three qualities that the Shunammite woman possessed and that are said to be essential in every woman of God were contentment, a kind heart/compassion and persistence. Children's activities on the Shunammi

Muslim Baby Girl Names

When choosing a Muslim name for your baby girl, consult this list of Muslim baby girl names that start with the letter J. The list includes the meaning of each name.

The Beginning Of Christianity

Since the beginning of time, man has questioned God's existence. While there are groups of people who believe that God exists, there are others who deny the presence of such a being. While the majority ...

What Makes Men Ineffective In the Black Church?

You may ask the question, what makes men ineffective in the black church? There are several provocative answers to this query. First, let's examine the individual man.

Obituary Guidelines

Writing an obituary can be a difficult task for some and a therapeutic one for others. Every publication has its own specific guidelines and templates, but there is basic information you should include in an obituary.

Has God Given You an Assignment

All of us have been sent to this world to accomplish a particular assignment. We usually do not get to know it until we give our lives to Christ. When God reveals it to as, do we chose to go ahead and

Islamic Sorority: Gamma Gamma Chi

Gamma Gamma Chi is the first Muslim sorority in the United States. University Greek life may seem to be the polar opposite of an Islamic lifestyle. But to the founders of Gamma Gamma Chi, the organization is a return to the original purposes of Greek life: sisterhood and service to the community.