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Themed Parties

For many people, it's not enough to have a party; they want their party to have a theme. And why not, themes make planning menu, music, cocktails and decorations much easier. Moreover, guests can get to know each other by mingling over their outfits. Some great party themes are:

Spanish Flu and Bird Flu Similar Scenarios

Many people do not understand why the bird flew is such a huge issue because right now it is only infecting other birds.That is a real bummer for the birds especially those that migrate and for those of us that like to eat chickens.Why is the bird flew such a worry some potential eventuality?

Is Every Rapist A Sex Addict Too?

Addiction to sex is often an extremely volatile topic. Though we all know the symptoms of sex addiction but we are scared to come out in the open and point fingers at others. This is because we too are "sailing in the same boat".

Ramadhan the Month of Blessing for Muslims

The article explains the occasion of Ramadan month in the Muslim faith. Its meaning and practice, the night of destiny (Laylatu al-Qadr) and the important battles occurred in the month of Ramadan. Goo

Lucrezia Borgia, NASA - One Giant Leap From a Lake to a Lapse

Mercury News reported in the San Mateo County News section December 2, 2010 "Arsenic is notoriously poisonous to almost all forms of life. But an organism found in the mud of California's Mono Lake can live and grow entirely off this deadly chemical - raising hope that similar creatures co

Edwards Unveils His Strategy To Fight Against Cancer - Part 2

At the "Live strong Event", organized on Aug 27, 2007, John Edwards declared a policy against cancer. This policy will take care of both who are suffering from cancer, and those who are likely to develop cancer. Some features of this policy were discussed in part 1 of this article.

3 Secrets To Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

There is one thing in life that will always be true no matter where you are on the planet: Break ups suck! They are painful and take a long time to get over. If you are reading this article, chances are that you just broke up with your man, and now you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back.

Pigeon Control for the Big Apple

New York City is home to over 1 million pigeons. They mate for life, nest on windowsills, swoop down for scraps of food, and leave droppings on the shoulders of hapless pedestrians. Here, pigeon contr

There's A Trilogy Of Universes To Pick From

There is a trilogy of possible universes we inhabit - Supernatural, Natural and Simulated. There are also several universal beliefs that nearly all humans, all cultures, over all of history share. Belief in these universals usually extends to the present day. Can the later assist in determining whic

Flame Resistant Dungarees: Explore The Features!

Flame resistant dungarees are the crème de la crème of the safety world. These are superiorly designs bottoms or pants made for the professional career man or woman needing the best FR in the industry provided by Carhartt or EXCEL-FR. This is, in fact, made of the best INDURA in the in

What Can A Private Environmental Management Company Do For You?

We are all affected by our environment: there are toxins in the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, and the foods we eat. Not all toxins are highly hazardous, of course, and a certain amount of exposure will not do any lasting harm.

Islamic Invasion

The worldwide Islamic invasion was envisioned by Nostradamus in the mid-1500s. Among other prophesies, he described Anti-Christian Muslim forces in Iraq and Syria, and persecution in the Muslim countries of Asia, especially Turkey. From Israel the war extends to Western Europe and there will be a Th

Exhibitionism and Systematic Exposure

Ismond Rosen, editor of Sexual Deviation (Oxford University Press, 1979, p145), calls exhibitionism "a complex and fascinating" act, because it is systemic. In other words, exhibitionism is not carried out haphazardly, whenever the mood takes one, but rather it is a carefully planned syste

How important is organization's effectiveness

the organization should be competent for taking the car as donation.Car donation is an act which can bring smiles on the face of poor kids who will be benefited by this donation. This website helps yo

Just Because You Are Articulate, Doesn't Mean You Are Right!

The bumper sticker read: "Voted for Obama - How's That Working Out for You?" And I noted that it was a middle-aged guy with his wife in the car. Apparently, he was making a statement to all those who were duped by the slogan "Hope and Change" spoken by one of the most articu

Are We Turning Into an Oligarchy? (Our Fall From Democracy)

The corruption that is already rampant in politics has essentially become legalized. We already know that congressmen won't stand up to the banks, health insurance companies, oil companies, etc, because of the benefits they receive from them. However, now it just allows these groups even more p