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Benefits of Interactive Communications in Digital Media

A website enables you to communicate with people whenever they want to talk to you irrespective of time or geography. The Henly Centre (Media Futures, 1998) put it this way: 'The aim is increasingly to be at hand for the occasions when the consumer might want your product.'

African Tribes

In this article the economies and lifestyles of such African tribes as the Lele and the Bushong will be discussed. In order to understand the differences between cultural and economic processes of the

6 News Video Clips That We'll Never Forget

News events impact us all, but the power of seeing events in news video clips as they unfold sticks with us long after the drama is over. Even the simplest things can catch our attention, but some footage is so powerful that it can literally shape people's lives and emotions for many years. Som

A Bigger Surf - a Warmer Planet

Across our planet, scientists, businesses, academics and even some politicians and sport enthusiasts are talking about the negative implications of warming temperatures on outdoor recreation and leisure.

Growing Readership of Online Recent News in India

For every recent news update, one cannot wait for a complete day and get it on the next morning. If one wants to know about the recent news in India, than news websites are the place where they will g

Police Technology - Change is Inevitable

As officer's age and gain more experience...they often find themselves in the midst of an ever changing world of technology, laws, training and equipment. I remember when I first started our we were the first real generation that did not even consider carrying a wheel gun as a duty weapon.

Forensic Science - What is Victimology?

Perpetrators choose their particular victims based on their own fantasies and their victim's susceptibility.Some victims are just grabbed as victims of opportunity.

Stars Turned Hermits

While the passing of J.D. Salinger was rightfully noteworthy due to his groundbreaking novel "The Catcher in the Rye," it was also as such because the author had lived in seclusion for several decades. Here are some of the most famous stars-turned-hermits in modern history...

What's Wrong With Truth, Common Sense, and Anti-Socialist Content Online?

Capitalism built America into the greatest nation on Earth. In fact, the greatest country in human history. Still, we find so many that want us to dump what works, for some pie-in-the-sky dream, a way of running a society and civilization that has been proven not to work, over and over again through

Online Shopping Tips - Get The Bang For Your Buck

Many people today prefer shopping on the internet to visiting a conventional store. While shopping online, more often than not, you get better prices and huge discounts compared to stores. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your online shopping experience.

News in States and Their Value

Nowadays people are able to get any kind of news instantly with the help of improved machines and devices. There was a time when people were unable to get any kind of news in their daily lives

Writing a Thank You Letter - A Lost Task of Our Youth

For those close relatives of children and teens, grandparents, aunts, Uncles, cousins, God-parents, and neighbors, the chances of you receiving a "thank you" letter through the mail, are very small. You may get a verbal, email, or a text message offering appreciation of the gifts they rece

Gold Artisans, Filigree Artists of Colombia

“ In the first steps the skillful worker receives the stone which has been reduced to dust,..rubs it over a wide tilted plank pouring water over it all the time; then, the earthly matter in it, disolv

Moving Towards A Sustainable Society

On a broad sense, sustainability meaning differs from society to society. In some parts of the world environmental sustainability is the need of the hour, whereas in other places economic and social sustainability is considered important.