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Dubai Tops Global List For Hotel Occupancy

Having dropped down the list of the world's favourite destinations for hotel stays since 2008, Dubai has bounced back right to the number one position

Sugar Daddys Dating Tips To Attract Men

Ladies, you have to face the inescapable fact that men approach romance in ways far more different from ours. Men are more visually stimulated, while women prefer those who can charm through verbal skills. The male species of human beings are usually attracted first to those who are visually pleasin

Swimming Mammoth corpses found in California

Swimming mammoths are not uncommon, nor are a strange specie these days. We all know that these are the actual mammoth descendents and are known to swim for food. Recently, a fossil tusk had been reco

Report the News

Is it me? I thought that news organisations were supposed to report the news, no create or manipulate it. Channel 5 News recently ran a VT about the proposed changes to the Drink Drive limits.

The Secret of being Miserable

Adventures in Awesome Living. It is not just the simple philosophy and practical advice that it contains but that is true.

Purport of being MF Hussain- An Indian

Indianism has been a tradition- entrenched in the mind of populace of this land irrespective of race,religion,language,region,caste.creed or class. MF belived that-is quite a probability. Depiction of

Homeland Security To Keep Out The Undesirables

Due to rising awareness on threats to national security, radical steps are taken to promote safety. From longer check-in hours at airports to imposing restrictions on contents of carry-on luggage, this is just the tip of the iceberg on actions taken to date.

Learn How Ethylene Gas Ripening Hormone Works

Ethylene is produced naturally by plants and affects fruits and vegetables when it builds up in the air. Even in trace quantities ( 0.1 parts per million of air), ethylene is able the kick-start the r

The Urgency to Donate

We need to do our part to help because more financial and organizational help is needed to coordinate with NGOs and Government institutions to help solve these issues. We can all help by donating to charities or volunteering to support such causes. It is urgent that we do something now, not tomorrow

Refuse Derived Fuel Process: Production

The implementation of clean and efficient generation of electricity has been continuously growing for over the years. Individuals all over the globe are asking themselves on how to prevent harming the


Like it or not we are a multilingual society. Have been since the beginning.

Israel In The Wringer Of Chaos

Even in the events of the Last days, during the tribulation, Israel will face many harsh things with the whole world against her, even in that opposition, we will side with Israel

How to Download the King James Bible online

The King James Version Bible or the KJV Bible as it is popularly known is one of the most read books in the world. It is also one of the most popular versions of the Bible and has been the basis for m

Two Million Children in India Die because of Hunger

It is truly frightening that two million children in India die because of hunger and add to our hunger statistics every year. This implies that in India 6000 children dies every single day because of

Guildelines for Decision Making Conversations

Every decision-making conversation has three hidden conversations lurking just out of sight. One is about what we're trying to accomplish by even bothering to make a decision. After all, we c

Pants on the Ground - Brett Favre Sings It!

Brett Favre sang "Pants on the Ground" by General Larry Platt after the Vikings victory over Dallas and people have been talking about it ever since. Where did this song come from? Larry Platt sang his song on American Idol recently and it has become a bit of an Internet sensation as well