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Jail Guard Misconduct Cost Taxpayers $55 Million

Illinois taxpayers will bear the brunt of a settlement approved by Cook County Board Commissioners resulting from a lawsuit over the rough treatment of incoming male inmates by jail guards. The lawsui

Biography of Peter I, King of Serbia

Peter I of Serbia, also known as King Peter the Liberator, was born in Belgrade to Prince Alexander and his consort Princess Persida Nenadovi. In 1858, Prince Alexander went into exile along with his son.

Learn from Katie Couric - What Happens When You Target the Wrong Audience

Reporter and news anchor Katie Couric is targeting the wrong audience and how solo-practitioners can learn from her lessons.Katie Couric has been receiving a lot of flack in her new position as CBS Evening News Anchor and Editing Manager. The former NBC Today Show Host and early morning corresponden

National Universal Health Care - Could it Work in the USA?

The United States is the only nation in the industrialized world without a universal health care system. The oldest universal health care system is in Germany, which had its inception in 1883 under Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.

The Only Way to Save Social Security

I remember way back in 2004, when George W. Bush wanted to reform social security. All the democrats practically swore on a bible that social security was sound and it was having no financial problems. Any moron should have known they were lying.

Successful Event Planning In Australia

An event, however exciting it sounds or easy it seems, takes a lot of preparation and last minute touchups. There are always unexpected and overlooked issues and costs.

Eric Levine Success And Ethics

Just about everybody knows of California Fitness Yoga master, Eric Levine. His philosophy that every thing may be solved through meditation and yoga puts him at the top in the the yoga charts. He started his California Fitness in Hong Kong with a objective to make fitness fun and refreshing.

The Use Of Motorhomes In Modern Life

Much like a snail, motorhomes provide a little home that we can take around with us - and not just take it anywhere - but take it on holiday.

Wedding Speeches - Make A Wedding Toast In 3 Steps

If you are not used to speaking in public, being asked to make a wedding toast can cause real concern. In some people it can create feelings of panic - the fight or flight reaction. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to run so you have to stay and fight - make a speech, that is.

Memories are Made of This: Christmas Number Ones

Ever since the number one singles chart began in 1952 we - and our parents and grandparents before us - have looked forward with great anticipation to the Christmas Number One being announced before t

Credit Cards Helping School Funding Crisis!

It is an unfortunate fact that many children are missing out on important courses in school because of budget cuts. Learn what the owner of is doing to create a growing trend of help!

Who Might Lead America in the Future?

America is faced with a very important decision come this November and both major political parties agree that this may in fact be the most important Presidential election of our time. The two major candidates are of course, Senator John McCain with Governor Sarah Palin and Junior Senator Barrack Ob