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10 Ways To Cope With Holiday Depression

We generally think of the holiday season as a joyous, happy period. The end of the year is a time of much celebration in western culture. However, there is an increasing awareness that for some folks, the end of the year holidays is not the happy time of cheer and goodwill that it is supposed to be,

Shoebox Float Crafts

Shoebox floats are created by using an empty shoebox, a string and decorations. They can be as elaborate as a real Mardi Gras float or decorated simply with materials already on hand. Shoebox floats are often created for float decorating contests, school projects or to celebrate a holiday.

The Easter Lily

In 1777 an explorer named Carl Peter Thunberg discovered the Lillium longiflorum which is native to the Ryukyu islands but the plant that we now call the Easter Lily did not arrive in England until 1819.Until the 1940s North America imported the bulbs from these islands near Japan.Then the bombing o

How to Send a Jade Plant as a Gift

A jade plant is a succulent plant in the Crassula genus that tolerates periods of drought. Usually grown as a houseplant, it is hard to kill, making it an ideal gift for someone who doesn't have a green thumb. Sending it yourself instead of ordering from a nationwide flower delivery company or flowe

1930s Themed Birthday Ideas

A vintage gangster look is ideal for a 1930s ImagesThe 1930s were a time that many people needed an escape from their daily lives and ended up spending much of their time in front of the television and in movie houses. The characters of the era were...

Irish Catholic Gifts

The shamrock is a part of the legendary tales of Saint Patrick.shamrock image by Olga Khoroshunova from Fotolia.comIrish Catholicism, while not a denomination in itself, has its roots in history and symbolism, with images such as the shamrock and Celtic cross representing the Catholic...

How to Fold Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving

When decorating the Thanksgiving dinner table, consider adding an elegant touch with cloth napkins folded into the shape of a turkey. Cloth napkins provide a stronger medium than flimsy paper napkins. Cotton, cotton blends and linen work beautifully for special occasions. Various price points, color

Gifts for Law School Graduates

Deciding upon a gift for a law school graduate can be tough. The field changes so quickly it can be hard to find a gift that will be useful and treasured for years after you celebrate your law student's graduation. From traditional to high tech, there are many useful gifts that will stand...

Ideas on How to Plan a Sweet 16 Party

Allow your teen to decide if she wants a formal or casual birthday party.Birthday No.1 image by Martina Taylor from Fotolia.comHaving a sweet 16 birthday party is a major milestone in the life of your teenager. Often, it brings about new feelings of independence; the teen is typically...

Italian Baby Gifts

It is easy to buy an Italian baby image by Diane Stamatelatos from Fotolia.comIf you have a friend who has Italian heritage and has had a baby recently, then give the baby an Italian-related baby gift. Many baby gifts are available that can be customized to the gender and...

How to Make a Miniature Spool Reindeer Christmas Ornament

This miniature spool reindeer Christmas ornament is a delicate ornament, perfect for a small Christmas tree or the small ends of the branches. This is a project that requires some fine finger work and careful control. Make a few of them and give them as tiny gifts. The natural wood gives these tiny

How to Make Home Decorations From Pine Cones

Home decorations made with pine cones can accent a rustic, country or primitive style, as well as provide decor for the winter holidays. Pine cones may be used in their entirety for more dimensional decorations, while the petals of the cones can be removed to create flat, textured projects. Keep you

How to Choose Good Colors for a Holiday Picture

The holidays are a busy time, full of friends, family and traditional holiday activities. Caroling, decorating the Christmas tree, exchanging gifts and large holiday feasts are common festivities that most families enjoy year after year. Many family traditions include an annual holiday photo. This p

True Story, Santa LettersChanged A Little Girls Life

You should have seen her eyes sparkle when we received the mail today.A letter with candy cane images and Santa’s all over it, just for her.She was eight now and getting older.We were not sure how long her Christmas magic would last, but with this, it could be one more year.

Create Your Own Christmas Flower Arrangements

Christmas is a wonderful time for flower arrangers. We can really let our hair down in the festive season with glitter, sparkle, gold and silver spray. Colourful fruit can be put on skewers and added as well.

Irish Wedding Shower Ideas

Planning a wedding shower is a big undertaking. You want to make the guests feel welcome and the bride happy. If possible, follow the themes of the wedding and apply them to the wedding shower. For example, if the bride and groom or Irish and are planning on integrating an Irish theme...

Decorating For Halloween

Decorating for Halloween doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, it doesn't have to cost more than an everyday dinner-you just need to add the right twist.

Scary Halloween Characters

Halloween is a time of superstitious fun. People dressing up as characters that are based on scary characters in nature. Although these characters have evolved over the years to be a constant companio

Is Christmas Really Christmas Anymore?

Does anyone even know what Christmas is anymore? Do children see beyond the glitter, sparkle and the Christmas presents or does the latest must have gadget blur the reality of what Christmas really is?