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Christmas For The Kids

Christmas should be particularly memorable for children so this year why not make it extra special by bringing back traditional activities? Decorating cookies and a real fir tree can be fun for the wh

How to Make a Homemade Bagger for Your Yard Tractor

Although most modern tractors have attachments made specifically for catching loose grass and other materials, they can be very expensive. In some cases, making your own bagger for your yard tractor can save you quite a bit of money, but this takes more time than installing the easy-to-assemble part

How to Make Hands From Latex Caulk

Most people associate latex caulk with bathroom makeovers and new tubs. Household caulk will solidify to create different forms when applied to molds. Creating a artificial hand using latex caulk will work well for school plays or Halloween fun. It is a home project that takes little effort or money

How to Be a Scary Nun for Halloween

A nun's habit is a fairly straightforward Halloween costume idea, but it can be modified to add a spooky twist to this conservative look. Surprise your friends and fellow Halloween party guests or trick-or-treaters with a spooky, creepy Halloween nun look. Distinguish your costume from other costume

Small Catechism Gifts

Catechism and the first Holy Communion that follows is a rite of admission into the Catholic Church. It completes the sacrament of baptism and welcomes the child as a member of the church. Catechism class prepares a child to receive her first communion and includes an intense period of education. Ca

Christmas Home Decorations - Ideas on How to Use Recycled Christmas Cards

Recycled Christmas Cards have been a holiday craft project for many decades. I am sure some people are thinking, why bother with recycled Christmas cards? Let's first go back in time to where life moved at a slower pace and where Christmas was not so commercialized. Handmade gifts were lovingly

How to Throw a Halloween Party Outside

Celebrate Halloween outside and still enjoy all of the traditions of Halloween, like trick or treating. If the weather's nice and you have a large group of friends, there's no reason to keep the party indoors. To pull together a great outdoor Halloween party, you need some of creativity and a little

Church Events for Halloween

Give kids an alternative to trick-or-treating on Halloween by providing some fun activities at your church. Family Halloween events are a great way for kids of all ages to celebrate Halloween safely and have a good time, too. Don't worry about kids being out in the streets on Halloween; give them a

Christmas Birthday Games

Choose fun games for a Christmas birthday reindeer image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.comWhen your child's birthday falls directly on Christmas day or close to December 25, it's easy for his celebration to be overshadowed. Every child deserves to have fun at his birthday...

Gift Ideas for a Bar Mitzvah

Becoming bar mitzvah, often referred to as "having" a bar mitzvah, occurs in the Jewish faith when a boy turns 13 years old and is considered responsible of observing the Jewish commandments, "mitzvot." As an important marker in his spiritual journey, this event will be very significant to the bar m

How to Make Mouse Sander Refills

Special 80- to 100-pound felt paper is required to make homemade sandpaper refills for mouse sanders. The felt paper is smooth on one side and has a texture on the back that attaches to the Velcro base on the mouse sander. The other two ingredients necessary to make homemade sandpaper refills for a

Express Your Love With Mother's Day Poems

Find out how can you use poems to express how much you love your mom in Mother's day. Learn where you can find Mother's day poems and how to make one for her.

Remembering Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away During the Holidays

The holidays can be very hard on those who are missing a loved one. There is no reason to exclude someone from holiday festivities simply because they have passed away. Remember a loved one during this time is often soothing for those who are grieving.

Children's 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

Many babies have fun ripping into their gifts.Happy baby image by from Fotolia.comSelecting a present for a child's first birthday is often an enjoyable but daunting task, as there are many toys and products available for you to choose from. When purchasing a gift, consider...

Bronze & Pottery Gifts

You can make your gifts unique by giving items made of bronze or pottery items. What's more, gifts created from these materials can be customized for the recipient. Make each gift recipient a "care card" if you're making a bronze piece of art or pottery piece yourself, and include on each card some

How to Make a Superman Belt

Superman's bright yellow belt is a cinch to make, thanks to yellow duct tape that is readily available in hardware and craft stores. Slide clasp belts, the kind usually worn by Boy Scouts, can often be found in resale shops. Accompanying a pair of blue tights and a tight-fitting blue T-shirt, this b

Holiday Decorating is a Breeze With LED Technology

Instead of stringing the Christmas tree with the usual strand of lights, consider an LED lit tree. You can also use LED lights for a variety of other decorative touches in the home, all year long!

Darth Vader Halloween Costume

The Darth Vader official costume, is considered to be one of the wackiest, and one of the most popular costumes to be worn for the occasion of Halloween evening. This costume has enough in it to make you feel that it is right out from a Star Wars Episode, which it is. With Darth Vader costumes you c

How to Make Holiday Invitations

Shopping, cooking and decorating make the holidays a busy time of the year. Enjoy the spirit of the season with a little cheer. Bring together your friends, family and co-workers for a holiday party. Organizing a holiday party begins with selecting the invitations. These set the theme and mood for y