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How to Make an Egyptian Pharaoh Head Piece

The Pharaoh's crown was a symbol of his power over the whole Egyptian empire and has been captured, iconically, in the vivid depictions of court life that decorated Ancient Egyptian buildings. These depictions -- always in profile -- showed the Pharaoh wearing striking head gear which would have ins

How to Start a Birthday Club

According to the book "Birthday Party on a Budget," birthday clubs are a low-cost way to host a celebration. Starting one gets people excited about their birthdays instead of dreading them, and provides an excuse for parties, presents and delicious food.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Yuletide

We often hear Christmas being referred to as the Yule and the Christmas season as Yuletide. Just what is Yuletide? And how is it so intimately associated with Christmas? And when did the tradition of making Yule Log cakes start? Read on to find out everything you wanted to know about Yuletide.

Hand & Footprint Reindeer Crafts

Along with getting cozy next to the fireplace with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a blanket, the Christmas holidays invite families to create crafts. When the outdoors is not so friendly for fun and games, indoor crafting can be a treat for all, especially when painting your hands and feet is invol

Tips For Less Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress? Some Tips For Having Less We all dream of having wonderful holidays. We start each day full of the spirit of the season. We look at the lovely fresh fallen snow, and marvel at the bea...

I Want to Suck Your Blood

Well, not really. But I do want a Vampire Halloween Costume. They are great because the options are endless. There are traditional, gothic, and sexy costumes. Plus, you can pretend to be immortal and join the likes of Edward Cullen.

6 Toy Story Halloween Costume Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

This year one of the block buster movies was Pixar's Toy Story 3. The long awaiting third movie in the franchise was an instant hit at the box office grossing more than almost all other films and beat only by Alice in Wonderland. This Halloween most kids will be dressed up as either Woody, Buzz

Nautical Jewelry Gifts

Sometimes it can be hard to choose a gift for someone unless you know she has specific interests or tastes. If the person loves jewelry and has an in interest in the sea, there are plenty of gift ideas. A wide variety of necklaces, rings, pendants and bracelets are available that would make a perfec

Ultimate Gifts for Men under 25

Shopping for the man under 25 in your life can be a challenge. You want to find him a gift that proves both useful and enjoyable--and suits his interests. Men in their 20s have a variety of interests; some are sports fanatics while others enjoy their video games. The ultimate gift for a man under 25

Christmas - Famous Movies

There are tons of movies we can watch at Christmas time.The following list contains just a few of the best ones.You won't be sorry for checking these out.

How to Reduce Christmas Anxiety

The quest for creating the perfect holiday causes many of us unending amounts of anxiety. Shopping, decorating, cooking and entertaining sometimes seems like more than we can handle. The pressure that we put on ourselves to have a picture-perfect holiday can quickly ruin the Christmas joy. Taking a

How to Make Your Own Railroad Theme Parties

Holding a railroad-themed party offers many possibilities. The type of railroad-themed party you choose to hold will vary. Factors include your budget for the project, the scope of your own and your guests' interests in railroad-related matters. Consider, also, how much effort you want to invest in

How to Make a Dollar Bill Tree

Money does grow on trees; well, more accurately, money can be clipped to trees. Whether it's for housewarming parties, wedding showers, baby showers or farewell parties, dollar-bill trees make good gifts, and they can be made to reflect the decor or theme of the party and, if a silk tree or plant is

How to Make a Balloon Knot on No-Sew Blankets

A balloon knot is an effective way to obtain a finished look on the fringe of no-sew blankets. It is the same knot you would use to tie an inflated balloon so it does not lose air. No-sew blankets are often made of fleece because it is lightweight, machine washable and comes in many seasonal and dec

Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Her

A birthday cake to celebrate her day is thoughtful.happy birthday - cake 2 image by Andrew Brown from Fotolia.comWith advance planning and some preparation, you can give your sweetheart a thoughtful birthday gift. Whether you update a classic gift or give her an experience to share, you...

How to Prepare for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

It's that time of year again--time to gather with friends and family, turn on some football, put away the bathroom scale and eat like you haven't since … well … last Thanksgiving. This year, take a chance on preparing the meal yourself. It's time to tackle hosting a holiday event. After

Make the Evening Special by Ending It With a Specialty Cake

After all of the planning that one puts into an event, celebration, or romantic evening it would be a shame for the night to end on a bland note, with a forgettable dessert. This scenario is easily avoided with a specialty cake tailored for the evening.

Clever Costume Ideas For Your Whole Family

If you happen to have a creative flare, developing a costume from scratch may not be so daunting...perhaps a witch, gypsy or the whole family can go as goblins - but everyone has been there and done that. If you want to find some costumes from an online costume store, has perhaps one of the best sel